Monday, January 27, 2014

Get me out of this winter craziness!!! (Week 72)

Hello family!!

     How is it already monday?? This week went by super fast, but also slow. It's been weird. It's all just weird now because I'm just on a countdown and I feel like my life is going to be over, and so I don't want it to go so fast!! Maybe I should pray that time will slow down!!
     So, I guess I will just start by talking about last pday. After we emailed we then had a nerf gun war with all of us missionaries in the gym. We were trying to find something fun to do and that's what we came up with. Oh the life of a missionary! :) The elders set up tables all around in the gym for different barricades and then we started running around, shooting each other, and trying to get the other team's flag. It was so much fun and so crazy! Then I decided to run to the other side and get a teammate out of jail. I was on a dead run to get them and someone was behind me who was going to shoot me. I was kind of falling too and so I tried to do a dive thing, hit the ground, did a flip thing, and then my head slammed into the rack of chairs...and then I stopped!! It was awesome!! The only thing I got annoyed at though was I didn't even get my teammate!! I got shot right before I got there! lame! It was so cool though! All of the elders were impressed but super worried about me and immediately came over. It was ok though. I just sat there for a minute and then I was ok. Then later that night when we were out working I had a really big headache from hitting my head. Sister Searle demanded we call the mission nurse to see if it was a concussion. I didn't think it was though because I didn't hit it hard enough. We called and it was so funny. Sister Searle was like, 'well, my companion has a headache cause she ran into some chairs.' ha! Then I had to talk to her and it was so funny. Yes, I ran into some chairs with my head and now it hurts! haha We decided it wasn't a concussion, but she was like 'I bet you have a headache' and just laughed at me! Yep, I'm cool! I got a blessing from the elders and that was really good, just to help me feel better! I just love the power of the priesthood and knowing that it is the power of God on earth today! We went home and I just had to sit there with a pack of frozen peas on my head and not go out and work. It was terrible but so funny! Every time I laughed my head, be careful of chairs out there! They can be hazardous! :p
     Basically this week has been just one huge storm of TONS of snow, super HARD wind, and COLD weather... it has been awesome!!! haha Tuesday, we were advised to not go out at all because it was going to be so bad. We were not supposed to go out unless we had an appointment that we had to be at. All of our appointments called and canceled on us, so we just hunkered down and studied! I studied so much that my brain hurt so we just took some breaks and watched the snow going crazy outside! That night we still weren't able to go out and I was so tired of studying, so we decided to do something on my bucket list and see if sledding on trash bags really does work. We found out that it does not work at all on the grass! We got stuck every time! We tried it on the cement of the parking lot in the funeral home and we found one spot where it actually worked quite well!! It was awesome and we did it until I slid right into a huge pile of snow and got super cold! Then we ran inside to warm up because it was so cold outside. It was super fun though and a good way to end the day! I hate being stuck inside though because I just wanted to get out and find people to teach them the gospel!! Maybe I should get a dog sled team out here! That would be good so then I could go out on the roads and not have to worry about the car when we start sliding all over the place! That's one thing that has been crazy this week. We have been sliding all over the place and it is crazy! Sister Searle has been scared a lot and doesn't want to go out on the roads sometimes because the roads are so bad. But, I kind of am just like, 'let's go.' I just want to go out and find people and teach them! I wouldn't be so frustrated with all this snow and it slowing down our progress, but it's my last transfer and I'm on a countdown here. I only have a limited time and I just want to go out and do all I can right now and it's killing me to have all this snow! I guess the Lord is just throwing me one more big piece of humble pie before I go home! I need to learn patience and humility and know that it all goes how He needs it to go! Church was canceled again and I was so sad!! I was so excited for church because I love learning, feeling the spirit, and seeing all of the members! You get to renew your baptismal covenants and remember all that Christ has done for each of us! I just love church so much and was sad to miss it again! Next week!! My last fast and testimony meeting out here. So sad!!
     I love it out here so much and am grateful to be serving!! I love you all and hope that you have a wonderful week!!! I love you!!!
                                           Love, Sister Higgins

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