Monday, January 13, 2014

Hi!! (Week 70)

Hello again!

     Mom- I don't need any more foot warmers right now. Thanks though. I want to see Saratov (movie) sometime. Yes, we got an email from president talking about how there will be a new president and a little about them. But they won't give us more details until like june so I won't really hear any of it. Dad- Sister Searle is on her outbound. Sisters that go to a visitors center have an outbound mission where they go to a stateside mission and learn how to do missionary work more out in the field. With her, they send all the sisters out for the winter cause like noone comes to Nauvoo during that time so they send them out here for four transfers. She didn't know about it until she left a little before to go to Nauvoo.

     So this week was a crazy week and I feel like we got a lot done but at the same time not a ton because the days just flew by. It was weird! On tuesday it was soooo cold!!! We went out for a district meeting that morning and it was -4!!! I wanted to go curl up in my bed again! ha Our pipes luckily didn't freeze so that was good. A couple people had their pipes freeze so I'm glad that we didn't have ours. Our landlord said we didn't have to have a faucet drip but I did it anyway cause it took a minute and then went. Crazy! Our car almost didn't start either because it was so cold. That was a very fun day but we survived it. Sister Pitt had called us and said to not sacrifice our bodies for the work..aka don't be outside all day. We couldn't be out longer than like 20 minutes or else it would harm our skin. What a crazy day! ha 
      Our meeting with Elder Neilsen was soooo amazing!! Holy moly, it was so overwhelming because I had answers coming at me right and left and answers to things that I wasn't even thinking about. We had a wonderful meeting with him and he talked all about missionary work, but also about keeping covenants and how they all work together. I learned so much and the spirit was there so strongly!! I had so many moments where it was just tangible to me. It was crazy because I ended up reflecting a lot on my mission and all that I have gone through and experienced and all that I have learned. It was so amazing and I just really felt like the Lord is proud of me and that He is watching out for me!! It was a neat experience! I also saw a couple different members from past areas and that was so fun to see them. I loved talking to them and they were so excited to talk to me too! :p I love how I've made so many wonderful relationships out here. Hopefully I have been able to touch the lives of people around and influenced them in a positive way! I saw all my missionary friends and that was fun and then I was able to have a meeting with him for MLC with just a few of us and that was really cool! With the water chemical thing (water supply contaminated due to chemical spill) we couldn't wash our hands and couldn't drink from the water fountains either. Everything was blocked off with signs and stuff. It was crazy! We got one water bottle for lunch and that was it!

     So, for a funny experience we were going to see a less active and it was really windy out and I was wearing a skirt that liked to blow in the wind. As we were on the porch of a less active's house he opened up the door and right then the wind blew up and my skirt flew up. We were laughing so hard and trying to get my skirt down so we could talk to our less active! It was so funny but embarassing! Got to love all those wonderful moments out here! haha Sister Searle couldn't laugh too hard though cause her skirt got stuck in the door on saturday

     Well that's it for now because we are going bowling with the elders and they are all standing over me waiting for me to finish. So, I love you and hope that you are doing well!! I am loving it here and know that the church is true!!! Have a wonderful day!

                                 Love, Sister Higgins

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