Monday, February 25, 2013

Always in three's as the EMT says :P (Week 24)

AHHHHH! I feel like I haven't talked to you all in a while even though this week seemed to go by really fast! At least I actually felt like I was at church for three hours yesterday instead of it flying by! You'll understand my subject title later on but I wanted to respond to some of the things that you wrote to me. By the way, I was laughing at both of your emails and this old lady across from me was kind of annoyed I think. What a grump! I don't like mean old ladies and am not going to become one when I get older! Why can't all the old women just be so happy and friendly, and like cookies and waving! haha Anyways, dad- it's probably that you are just too old that you didn't teach me to change a tire cause I don't ever remember being taught that. Sis VanOrman has not driven at all on the mission so I'm still driving. I don't want to hear your complainings about not having another holiday until May 31st! Try not having one for another year!! haha Sorry about your cholesterol going up. Just keep working at it, but way to drown your sorrows in the chocolate cookie! :) I heard yesterday about the 58 new missions! So crazy and exciting! I have no clue what is going to happen with our mission, but I have a feeling that we will lose parts of our mission because it is so big!! (although we just don't have a ton of people in it!) Maybe that's why the apostle is coming...oh speaking of apostle- Elder Oaks will be coming!!! I'm so excited!!!! Although I was hoping for Holland just cause I love him so much! Oaks is coming with Elder Hallstrom of the presidency of the 70 and a french guy in the presiding bishopric. It should be awesome! All of the missionaries will be invading Charleston! Mom- thanks so much for all the facebook news! I know you're busy and have all your stuff to do as well, so I appreciate what you are doing for me on there. I love hearing the news, but I don't want you to feel overwhelmed or obligated to do it all the time! Please tell Emily congrats and that I'm so excited for her! That's so sad and exciting for Kaitlin Schramm! It's also really interesting too. She was engaged last year, but called it off because she didn't feel right about it. I have a friend in that mission already. Interesting about Lexi too. And, ahhh I'm so excited for Sarah Overson!! Tell her congrats as well and that I hope everything goes well and I wish I could be there! :) I will probably end up returning the shampoo, sorry! I would like the miracle leave in product though. Thanks! As for the oscars, I've never even heard of Argo, but I'm glad Anne Hathaway won! Amazing how out of touch you get with the world when you're out here. I didn't know the Peterson's moved either!! I'm sad! Hopefully the new family is good. I've heard of President Benson's book (A Witness and a Warning) and I guess it's supposed to be amazing, but have never read it. It's on my list to read sometime!
Ok, now on to the happenings in good old Dublin! This transfer is going by so quickly that it's worrying me because I feel like I'm running out of time to do and help all that I want too! Hopefully I'm doing what I need to though :) Our numbers are slow going, but we see little increases in different areas each week so that's good. We're trying though. We found a family this past week through a member referral and I am so excited for them! The mom is so prepared and was wanting to read everything that we gave her. There is definite potential with them, but now we just have to do all that we can to help and teach them and listen for the Holy Ghost to prompt us. (easier said than done at times for me, but I'm learning to recognize it better) Saturday was an interesting experience. We went to the park because it was a warmer day so we were hoping that we could find people that we could talk to as we walked the walking trails. We found success! We were passing this one couple on the grass (the girl had just stood up) and I just said 'hi, can I give you a card? We're missionaries' and the guy just said 'oh, gosh' (better language though) turned his head and wouldn't even look at us. I gave it to the girl and we walked away, but I did see the girl talking to the guy kind of scolding him. It was like excuse me for walking on this pathway. We went on and I got over my ill feelings toward him for being rude, and prayed silently for Heavenly Father to help me see others in a new light and that this guy would be able to feel of His love somehow. On our way back as we got closer to where they had been I had a thought that I should talk to him, but brushed it aside...then I saw they were still sitting there. Great. A couple was walking their dog and we were going to pass them almost when we were going to pass the couple on the ground so I just focused myself on the dog couple. As we passed the grass couple he said some awesome things to us as he was coughing which didn't help his standing with me. (sis VanOrman was oblivious to what he did though) We talked to the dog couple for a bit, and then tried to go on our way, but I literally could not keep walking. I felt so weighed down and the only thoughts I had were about this guy and that I needed to talk to him somehow. Then I had another thought come that was just like 'He's a child of God too and deserves this message just as much.' So I flipped around and marched right up to him, and started talking. I apoligized to him, but explained that this is what we do. We've found a greater happiness through Jesus Christ, our Savior, and we just want everyone to have that as well. I said some other things but I can't even remember exactly what, wished them a wonderful day and walked away. They both had big eyes, and were faces were riveted on mine. They had tattooes and piercings, but I saw their potential and love from the Lord for them. Walking away I felt so happy, elated, strong, successful, and knew that I had needed to talk to him to help him. Even if I never see him again I know that I helped him and acted on the Spirit!
So for the title, we were at the church wednesday night and were walking out to our car, and watched as one of the members backed into our car with his truck!!! haha Seriously!! We went over and looked at the car and now we have a nice hole in our bumper from the trailer hook and our grate is broken! This is the third thing with this car while I have been here, and I don't think the car likes me. I've decided they just need to put me in a walking area, although my zone leader joked with me that then I would probably lose my shoes! So, we have been having to take pictures of it and try to get some paperwork and stuff figured out for it. I've learned even more that you never know what life is going to throw at you, so just laugh at the moment. No matter what happens you can't really control it, but you can enjoy the moment and learn from it. Just laugh because worrying and stressing with do you no good!
Welp, I've got to get off here (D*** language(most recent convert)) but I love you all so much! I am doing super well and am so happy and am just trying to do all that I can! :) Thanks for all your love and support! Hopefully I'm making the Lord and you guys proud by what I'm doing! Love you all!
Love, Sister Higgins

Monday, February 18, 2013

Hello again! (Week 23)

Well hello family!!
I feel like it has been a while since last pday! Yesterday was a struggle to get out of bed because I was just so exhausted and today was the same day! At least it's getting lighter when we wake up so that makes it a bit more pleasant to wake up, but I still don't like getting up so early, but oh well. I'm getting used to it and you just keep going along. So, last tuesday I clicked 5 months!!! Can you believe that?! Wow, so crazy! I feel like those first couple of months went on forever and seemed to never end, but once I hit 4 months it got a little faster, and then this 5th one just came so fast. Time is definitely speeding up even though some days seem to still go on forever. Church flew by yesterday. I felt like I was just sitting down for sacrament and then bam it was time to go home! Anywho, I'm doing well. Dad- I got your letter last monday, and loved it. Thanks! Mom- thanks for the facebook info! Tell Jaclyn and Shannon congrats, and if you can I want to see a picture of Jaclyn's man :P Thanks for the shampoo! That's not what I was expecting but I've never tried the shampoo, so I'm excited to try it when I'm done with my other shampoo! :) I still haven't found the it's a ten miracle leave in product but that's ok, hopefully the shampoo will do the same thing! :) Thanks for the package! I really loved it!! Also, did you say you got all those cute notecards at walmart? I'm going to look for those today!
Dublin's doing fairly well I'd say. We don't have the best numbers each week cause none of our investigators are progressing but we're trying. We're just getting out there and trying to help people in anyway we can. Even if people don't want to listen to us I still feel like I am helping their day be better because I smile and wave at them and try to talk to them. If I can't help them any other way than just making their day a little brighter then that's what I will do. We're trying to just build and uplift the area and help others realize that they are loved and valued. Sis. Davis and I were talking when she was here and she told me that sometimes she heart attacks people's houses (active, LA(less active), and investigators) with notes and scriptures. I absolutely loved that idea and have started to do that and it is awesome! People love finding it on their door and I just think it's fun to serve in that kind of way. One woman said that her day hadn't been the best but she came home with her husband and they found all of our sticky notes on the door and it just made their day! She said none of the stuff (compliments) on the door were true but it really brightened her day and made her feel loved. That made me happy because it's a different way to serve others and it helps them remember that they are needed. 
We moved D*** into her new apartment on saturday so that was good cause she is finally out of the shelter and away from some of the women who don't like the church. We went to check up on her yesterday cause she and her son were sick and we heard this noise at the bottom of the steps and we didn't know what it was. As we walked to the third floor it got louder and louder and more clear as well. As we came to the foot of the last staircase to the floor we stopped, listened, and smiled because coming from her apartment was the song "I am a Child of God" with two voices singing along with it. That made me so happy and I almost started crying because she is really trying and is becoming more converted to the gospel. I feel so blessed to have been/am being a part of her baptism and learning more about the gospel. She had such a light about her yesterday even though she was sick and felt miserable. Sis. VanOrman wasn't so affected by it but for me it was just a wonderful experience!
Let's see, I've come to the conclusion that either I don't have a good relationship with my car right now or that I should just be put in a walking area. Friday night we were driving back home and there was this noise that we kept hearing that I knew was not right. I was just trying to drive carefully though to get home. Then we heard a popping noise and on our car screen there was a countdown from 4 to 0. When it hit 0 all of a sudden the car jerked to the right and then we heard this weird noise and felt like we were off balance. I pulled to the side and we inspected the car and found that the front right tire was really flat, so I guess we blew a tire somehow. haha We tried to call a member cause it was 9:25 and we were still 2 miles out from our apartment, but they didn't answer. So we decided that we were just going to have to walk home! Yay! We were getting all of our stuff ready and were just getting out of the car when a van pulled up in front of us and an older couple got out and offered to give us a ride home. They were super nice! So, then the next morning we went with a member and his daughter and he showed us all how to change a tire!! So, I now know how to change a tire! It was crazy and scary, but the Lord definitely was watching out for us and kept us safe! Other than that, not too much else is happening around here. haha We are working together though and trying to help each other improve and trying to be on the same page, and have success. It's a struggle, but I've found that when you love people no matter who they are and what they do that annoys you, you see them in a greater light and can get past all the other stuff. It's definitely a learning process and a humbling journey right now with its ups and down's for me as I keep learning about myself, but it's all good! :) I'm surviving! haha I love you all lots! Happy Presidents Day!
                                                                                  Love, Sister Higgins

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hi (Week 22)

Well, this may not be the longest email today cause we have a lot to do today and we are running behind cause the maintinence man finally came and fixed our sink! Yay! We couldn't use our bathroom sink at all because both of the handles had fallen off and didn't work. So we were using the tub as our sink! So Sis Vanorman is here! Right now I am in a trio though, so that has been a good breaking in process for me. Sis Davis is here with us from Bedford, VA cause she is supposed to be training but her baby (junior companion) was sick with the stomach flu or appendicitis in the library (MTC??). She should be flying out to Charleston today and when we go to Pembroke tomorrow she will pick her up. I love Sis Davis cause she is so fun and we connect really well. She is a great missionary and has taught me so much since thursday. It has been great cause Sis Davis has helped a lot and she doesn't even know the area. I will be sad to see her go, but at the same time it will then be time to really get down to business cause it will just be me and Sis Vanorman. Dad- did you ever get that letter from stake conference sent out? Hopefully it will come this week! :) Oops, sorry I missed your bday Isaac!! Totally blanked that. Hope it was great though! Also, Lindsey thank you for your email last week. I will try to write you guys a letter soon! Mom- will you tell camille congrats! That's the same mission that Boyd Monson is in. Thanks for the tips about the yogurt. I have actually been eating chobani when I can! Sis Tuckett thinks I'm to addicted to it! ha I've also been eating an apple almost every day!
Nothing too exciting really happened this week at all except that I was kind of astonished at how much of a leader I am already. Sis. Tuckett left and in the car I had already switched into like a leader mode. I am really trying to figure everything out and build up our area. I am trying to take charge and get what needs to be done and make sure that Sis. Vanorman is getting what we say and that we're not going too fast for her. It's amazing how the Lord is blessing me with more patience and is helping me with how to be a leader and confidence. I feel so great right now. I feel like when I will be asked to really train I can do it. haha  I feel so much more confident in myself though and who I am, and that in turn is helping me just go out and be more bold with others. Our area is still kind of coming to a standstill and is frustrating me cause we've lost a couple of investigators, and some of them are not really getting back to us or making progress at all, but I'm trying. I feel like though as long as I am trying to just help make someone's day be better then I'm doing my job and the rest of the blessings will come! I'm learning so much and can feel the prayers! Sorry this is so short. I will try to send pictures next week! Love ya!
Love, Sister Higgins

*Words in italics are inserted by Jenna's mom for clarification.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I survived! :) (Week 21)

Hello Family!!
Wow, I have never been so excited for a p-day I don't think! It seemed like such a long haul between last pday and today, and we are both so exhausted. That's probably also because we have been super busy with so many different things. I will try to get it all in the email but we'll see if I can remember it all! ha First though, mom- you can check off already me speaking at my mission conferences. I did that at week 3 out here! ha Yeah buddy! :P I didn't know Courtney was engaged- please tell her congrats! Also, where is Libby Jensen going? That's so sad about Andi Allred! Crazy things are happening! No, I don't need any more doterra but I may need you to send me some more It's-a-10 (shampoo). I will look again today, but so far I haven't been able to find any of it out here which stinks cause I love it. As far as sending print-outs of missionary emails - I can't remember who all is even sending them to me, but I would say if you do want to, then the top one would be Becca Allen, and maybe Jordan Hastings. Or just send me Becca's Address. I'm writing Jasmine, Jessica, and Lori so I don't think I need their emails. If you could find Whitney Dawe's address I would love that though. Thank you!!!!
So, as for this week I don't even know where to begin. D*** was baptized!!! We started the program late but oh my goodness it was so good. There were a lot of members there supporting her so that was neat to see our ward rallying around her. Seriously, this ward is the best!!! I love it! The talks were so wonderful and really just brought a powerful spirit into the room. D*** was just beaming from ear to ear from the moment she walked into the building to the moment she walked out. She also brought three of her non-member friends because they wanted to support her. One of them is really sweet and wants to come to church and improve her life. I felt like I needed to talk to her so that was cool. Another friend though was trying to just spew anti to us missionaries. ha Oh my, she was crazy, but it's ok. We took it in stride and just talked to her nicely and gave her the correct facts of what we believe :) It wasn't that bad though. When she was actually baptized though was so neat. The spirit was very powerful the whole time but especially there because this was an example of following Christ and we all were witnesses to it. We had some other non-members there as well so it was great to have them all there and experience the power and feeling of the spirit. I was so excited and happy the whole time and couldn't stop smiling either. I had been a part of helping her gain a relationship with her Savior Jesus Christ and the feeling that you have knowing that you helped change their life for the better is so amazing! I am so glad that I was able to help her along in her conversion because it also helped me in my conversion. 
Also, I guess you could say that maybe some of these eastern roads don't like me that much or maybe it's just the cars that don't! ha We had a little mishap with our car and may or may not have gotten thoroughly stuck in the mud last week! :P We had a lot of miles left for the month so we decided to go out to Draper which is close to the end of our area and tract there since we could. We got out there and it was beautiful, but then as we were on a street we realized we may have gone out of our area. So we turned around and were just going to pull off and look at a map. Sis Tuckett said to pull off at a place so I did, and immediately we just started sliding down the little slope. We both freaked out! We tried to drive out of it but we couldn't. A sweet old man stopped with his wife to help but we weren't going anywhere so he left. We had to call the elders to have them come out and see if they could help us and then wait like an hour for them to get there. While waiting no one stopped to help because they all saw we were in skirts and figured it was probably Mormons or Jehovah's witnesses and kept going. (our speculation on that, not doctrine! ;) ) Finally they got there, and then like out of nowhere 5 other men stopped and came over to help including a man with a tractor! So, they all pushed and the tractor pulled us out! It was so funny! We were both so flustered after that and couldn't focus on the work, but we both did agree that the day was pretty fun! With all the rain and snow the ground was already soft, and they had dug in that same spot a few days earlier, and covered it with hay. So pretty much right as we pulled off we were goners! 
Let's see, oh transfers are this week, and I'm still not going to be momma! No training this transfer, which means that I will probably be training next transfer.  Sis Tuckett is leaving and going to open a new area in Buena Vista in the SVU student wards. I'm staying in Dublin and Sister Vanorman is going to be my new companion here! haha Yep.  She was my companion in the MTC so we will be back together again.

I will try to send pictures of stuff soon, maybe today if time. Kind of crazy with getting Sis Tuckett ready to go. I'm doing well though! Lots of love!                       Love, Jenna