Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I survived! :) (Week 21)

Hello Family!!
Wow, I have never been so excited for a p-day I don't think! It seemed like such a long haul between last pday and today, and we are both so exhausted. That's probably also because we have been super busy with so many different things. I will try to get it all in the email but we'll see if I can remember it all! ha First though, mom- you can check off already me speaking at my mission conferences. I did that at week 3 out here! ha Yeah buddy! :P I didn't know Courtney was engaged- please tell her congrats! Also, where is Libby Jensen going? That's so sad about Andi Allred! Crazy things are happening! No, I don't need any more doterra but I may need you to send me some more It's-a-10 (shampoo). I will look again today, but so far I haven't been able to find any of it out here which stinks cause I love it. As far as sending print-outs of missionary emails - I can't remember who all is even sending them to me, but I would say if you do want to, then the top one would be Becca Allen, and maybe Jordan Hastings. Or just send me Becca's Address. I'm writing Jasmine, Jessica, and Lori so I don't think I need their emails. If you could find Whitney Dawe's address I would love that though. Thank you!!!!
So, as for this week I don't even know where to begin. D*** was baptized!!! We started the program late but oh my goodness it was so good. There were a lot of members there supporting her so that was neat to see our ward rallying around her. Seriously, this ward is the best!!! I love it! The talks were so wonderful and really just brought a powerful spirit into the room. D*** was just beaming from ear to ear from the moment she walked into the building to the moment she walked out. She also brought three of her non-member friends because they wanted to support her. One of them is really sweet and wants to come to church and improve her life. I felt like I needed to talk to her so that was cool. Another friend though was trying to just spew anti to us missionaries. ha Oh my, she was crazy, but it's ok. We took it in stride and just talked to her nicely and gave her the correct facts of what we believe :) It wasn't that bad though. When she was actually baptized though was so neat. The spirit was very powerful the whole time but especially there because this was an example of following Christ and we all were witnesses to it. We had some other non-members there as well so it was great to have them all there and experience the power and feeling of the spirit. I was so excited and happy the whole time and couldn't stop smiling either. I had been a part of helping her gain a relationship with her Savior Jesus Christ and the feeling that you have knowing that you helped change their life for the better is so amazing! I am so glad that I was able to help her along in her conversion because it also helped me in my conversion. 
Also, I guess you could say that maybe some of these eastern roads don't like me that much or maybe it's just the cars that don't! ha We had a little mishap with our car and may or may not have gotten thoroughly stuck in the mud last week! :P We had a lot of miles left for the month so we decided to go out to Draper which is close to the end of our area and tract there since we could. We got out there and it was beautiful, but then as we were on a street we realized we may have gone out of our area. So we turned around and were just going to pull off and look at a map. Sis Tuckett said to pull off at a place so I did, and immediately we just started sliding down the little slope. We both freaked out! We tried to drive out of it but we couldn't. A sweet old man stopped with his wife to help but we weren't going anywhere so he left. We had to call the elders to have them come out and see if they could help us and then wait like an hour for them to get there. While waiting no one stopped to help because they all saw we were in skirts and figured it was probably Mormons or Jehovah's witnesses and kept going. (our speculation on that, not doctrine! ;) ) Finally they got there, and then like out of nowhere 5 other men stopped and came over to help including a man with a tractor! So, they all pushed and the tractor pulled us out! It was so funny! We were both so flustered after that and couldn't focus on the work, but we both did agree that the day was pretty fun! With all the rain and snow the ground was already soft, and they had dug in that same spot a few days earlier, and covered it with hay. So pretty much right as we pulled off we were goners! 
Let's see, oh transfers are this week, and I'm still not going to be momma! No training this transfer, which means that I will probably be training next transfer.  Sis Tuckett is leaving and going to open a new area in Buena Vista in the SVU student wards. I'm staying in Dublin and Sister Vanorman is going to be my new companion here! haha Yep.  She was my companion in the MTC so we will be back together again.

I will try to send pictures of stuff soon, maybe today if time. Kind of crazy with getting Sis Tuckett ready to go. I'm doing well though! Lots of love!                       Love, Jenna

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