Saturday, December 29, 2012

Merry Christmas!!! (week 15)

Dec. 21, 2012  (mid week post)
Alright so I'm in Dublin safe and sound finally! I will tell you more about how long it took when I call, but it is so cold! Ahhhh! Anyways, Christmas is on Tuesday! We are using our cell phone so we can only call one at a time. So with our schedule I will be calling it looks about 1 pm my time, so I think that's 10 am your time? (Family celebrated Christmas in Oregon.) I know that's pretty early and you'll be doing presents probably, but that's what works for us, so yeah. I am going to call mom's phone first and if that doesn't have the best reception then I can call back on dad's. I hope that time works for you all though. Sorry it's early, but I figured you guys might want to hear from me so you'd make it work! :P I'm so excited to talk to you all. I feel like it's been soooo long! For Sis Tuckett though she hasn't talked to them since she left in May, so that's crazy! We think it's definitely time to talk! ha I'm off to do time and then tract in the snow and freezing wind! Yay! I can't wait! Love you all!
Love, Jenna
Dec. 24, 2012
Hello Family!!!
Can you believe that it is Christmas Eve tonight?? Crazy!! Good thing we have pday today! It was good that the 23rd was a sunday, today is pday, and tomorrow we can't really do anything. It's been pretty hard here because everyone is just like come back after the holidays. Well, that makes it hard to do our work so it's been, and is going to be, a long holiday for us with lots of trying to tract and just visiting members. But oh well. It's definitely a different Christmas than I've ever had before! haha But it's definitely a privilege to be out here serving the Lord and representing Him even if it is really hard. He never said it would be easy though and what I'm experiencing is nothing compared to what He went through for each one of us. I am learning so much. I miss Sis Little a lot, but know that I need to be here with Sis Tuckett cause she has already taught me so much and is a great missionary! More on that tomorrow when we get to talk!! This experience has been the most amazing experience ever and something that I will never forget!! Looking back on my decision making process I am soooooo glad that I pushed myself, got out of my comfort zone, and listened to the promptings I received that I needed to go. I know that this is going to affect my life for the better and is teaching me so much about myself! Ahhh! I can't even describe how I am growing in so many different ways. I feel more confident in myself and in what I know. I feel like I just got here, but in reality I'm coming up on 4 months!! Crazy!! Dublin is quite the uh, exotic destination to be. haha There is like nothing here! It is quite a shock coming from Morgantown to here, but that's ok. I need to be here :) But, Dublin is located about half an hour from the quiet little school Kellie likes to talk about named Virginia Tech! It's campus is beautiful!! I don't know what else to talk about right now, so I guess I'll close. It's been quite the eventful week but we're here, we're trying our best, and we're just enjoying being out here spreading what has changed our lives! I hope you all are having a wonderful time together! I loved all the pictures dad! I still can't believe Emry is so big! She is so cute! Also, make a list of things of things you want to know and I will probably cry tomorrow! haha Have a wonderful Christmas Eve and be safe in all that snow!! Spread the Christmas cheer because it can change lives! Talk to you tomorrow!!!!! Love, Sister Jenna Higgins

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hi!! (Week 14)

Hi Family!!
So I completely forgot to tell you guys that p day was moved again to tuesday because of transfers this week, so sorry you were expecting an email yesterday and didn't get it.
This week has been another crazy week that has gone by all too quickly but has been so much fun and also a learning experience. I learned how to pull up carpet and staples because we helped a single woman who is a member tear up a lot of carpet. It was hard, but I am now a pro at taking staples out of the floor, and I only stabbed myself a couple of times! Yesterday, there was like a freak rainstorm because it was just dumping and dumping rain. At one point you couldn't see much beyond the car. We got soaking wet and it was crazy, but luckily we were inside for most of the time so that was good. We went to a member's house for dinner and because of the rain we ended up getting royally stuck in the mud!! I may or may not have been driving at the time. So, after we pushed and slid even more into the grass and mud, and were soaking wet we weren't sure what to do. We got the help of some of the neighbors and they put a massive cardboard box in front of the car and we pushed the car and it eventually came out. It was crazy! But now our car is all speckled with mud! With our luck though that would happen! Also, there was a family who moved into the old apartment that we moved out of and we were trying to help them how we could. But last week the basement caught fire in that apartment! One of the guys got third degree burns all over his arms, chest, head, and face. He looked really bad. So we helped move them out and smelled all like smoke. It was so sad to see the damage though. We were just really grateful but at the same time in a state of shock because what if that would have happened to us while we lived there? We were very blessed and watched over and we are so grateful for that. There just always seems to be something happening that is so exciting and keeps us on our toes.
For example, transfers. There are no new sisters coming out this transfer (19th), and only one going home, so we figured that we would most likely be ok until the february transfer when we start to see the first wave of the age change. Well we were wrong. We got the phone call on Saturday night that we needed to find a ride because one of us was getting transferred. boo! We didn't like that very much because we are finally breaking through and making headway and finding some people, and getting used to the area. I'm getting familliar with the area and trying to direct us because the university elders needed their gps back. So that has been an adventure. Sis. Little is terrible with directions and gets all confused. haha But we got the phone call on monday night about what would happen. Turns out...I'm moving...again!! hahaha What the heck! This will start the 3rd transfer of being here and I will have moved at each one. I'm getting to be a pro packer! But we just barely moved into our new and awesome apartment so I'm sad to leave that one already. But, I'm now heading to Dublin, Virginia to serve with Sister Tuckett. Anyone know where the heck Dublin is? ha I'm so sad to be leaving Morgantown because I love it here! But I guess the Lord needs me elsewhere to help more of His children. I didn't want to be transferred but once we found out somebody was leaving I had a feeling it would be me. There are certain people that we are teaching or just met that we will teach that Sis Little just has a connection with. I tried to brace myself for it cause I figured that would happen, but still I wasn't all the way prepared for it. So, Christmas will be interesting. ha I have no clue what the heck will happen that day or anything. Maybe I can email you monday, but you may just get a phone call at a random time. It's going to suck cause I'm not going to know anyone there at Christmas so it will just be weird and I will have a new companion. yay! I hate change and sis little likes change so of course it would happen like this! ha But neither one of us are happy about this though. I will have to tell you more about that later. As for Christmas though I don't know when you guys (mom and dad) left for oregon, but check the mail. You should have gotten something monday or tuesday in the mail. If you can't get it maybe kellie could get it? I just don't want it to be left out or rained/snowed on because that would not be good for it. So hopefully you got it before you left.
So much more has happened but I don't have the time to write it and I can't remember it all, but I love it here and am learning so much! It is definitely an experience but it is so much fun! It is amazing! I hope you guys are all doing well and that you have a wonderful time together! But not too great cause I won't be there! ha Be safe in all your travels and don't do anything I wouldn't do, ok?! I love you all so much and hope you have a great week! Merry Christmas!!!! Talk to you in a week!!! :) And check the mail mom!!
Lots of Love, Jenna
PS. if you or anyone sends anything right now, send it to the mission office. I have no clue what my address will be. Thanks!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hello!!! (Week 13)

Hi, hi!!

So first, lindsey- why are your children so adorable??? It's not even funny!! They are so cute! Thanks for the pictures! Also, I'm glad I'm doing something for you all and helping you get jobs and all that good stuff! Congrats mom and kellie! That's so exciting! Last week I got the dreaded flu that has been spreading like wildfire around Mo-town so we were out of commission for a few days. We watched all of our church videos we had, played lots of games, did puzzles, wrote, and studied. I feel like this transfer has been crazy because there has been one set back after another. I'm convinced that there are a lot of people here who need to hear us and we are getting so close to them, so Satan has to take us out in every way we can be taken out. We are persevering though and are going to get through all this! If the Lord amps it up so does Satan. Anyways, people have been telling us that it gets cold here cause it's way the heck up here and we were just like oh ok. No, no, no...we almost turned into icicle pops last night and it was snowing! It was crazy! We will have to change our game plan and dress a lot warmer. ha Mom- thank you so much for all the news from facebook! I love hearing about what everyone is doing! It helps me know what all is happening! I decided too that I actually would like another of the same journal as I currently have. I can't find any good journals here and I think it would be neat to have the same one. I didn't think you would have a package on the way yet, but if possible could you please send me that journal when you get back? I have a bout 12 pages left so I should make it! I decided for this journal I would like either the pink or purple one. Whichever is cuter :) Also, did i ever get a daughters in my kingdom book? I don't think I did and if possible I would love to read it. And, kellie or anyone could I get some family pictures to hang up? Sorry, I just remember things at random times and should have told you this stuff earlier. Thanks though!
Specialized training was good yesterday and I learned so much! It's amazing how much you can learn there and apply to yourself. President taught as well as the assistants and zone leaders, and they all were amazing! They also taught us about being a trainer because so many of us will have to train in the coming year (mostly it will be up to us sisters though.) We will be getting 60 new sisters by the end of next year pushing our number of 18 sisters up to about 80! How crazy!! It is going to be awesome, but a big responsibility! I'm excited though and actually am pretty calm about it. Last transfer was so funny. I thought I was going to have to train so I was freaking out. Sister Little always teases me now because of that. But I just feel so much better about what I'm doing out here that I'm ok with it. Transfers are next week (19th) so we'll see what happens. There are no sisters coming in so I won't be training this transfer. The next one is Feb. 1. So now the question is if we get to stay together one more transfer or if someone else needs me. Right now we are really both hoping that neither of us get transferred. It's amazing what the Christlike attributes can do and how it can strengthen the relationships that you have. We have grown close and don't want to be split up yet, because we finally are getting to know the area and ward, and we have a great relationship with each other now. I still give her reasons to pick on me though because I say things I don't mean to or I'm just a clutz. For example, we were out tracting saturday in the pouring rain (if you haven't tried it you should because it is oh so much fun) and we had to go up a flight of stairs to get to some doors. No one answered so we were heading back down. I was going first, but when the stairs are rubber and the bottom of your boots are rubber too and it's wet then it makes for some fun to happen. I went to take a step and my foot completely lost its footing and I slid/fell down like 7 stairs! I was trying to stop myself with my hand so my thumb is all battle scarred now, but my thigh was the thing that caught me before I plowed the wall. It hurts so bad now! But, oh my goodness it was so funny! Sis. Little was trying to see if I was ok in between all of her laughs, and I was just sitting there in shock but was laughing! So I make for a good show, but it was so funny!
Um, let's see, basically missionary work is amazing! I am learning so much and can tell that I am changing so much for the better! It's so neat to see things in myself start to improve and become perfected because I'm focusing on the gospel and helping others. When I do that you forget about yourself and serve them, and that in turn changes you! I love this work! This was the best decision for me because it changes you in ways that you didn't know you could change. I feel more happy (shocking I know, cause I was already so happy!), and I feel like I know myself better. I'm not saying I'm perfect but I'm growing and seeing just how much I can take and handle, and how much good I actually am giving to people. Everyone loves me! :P I don't want to get transferred yet because I don't feel like I'm done here yet or with Sis. Little yet. We'll see though. We will find out saturday night. As for christmas and calling, when is good for you? If I get to stay here we will be at a family's and I think the early afternoon may be better or just whenever. If I get transferred then I have no clue until later. I guess we'll keep in touch. I haven't seen a package here yet but will look out for one. I'm so excited to talk to you all!! I hope you guys are all doing well and that you are staying healthy and safe. I love you and miss you! I'm doing well though and am loving it here!! Tomorrow will be three months! Crazy!!!
Lots of love, Sister Higgins!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hi! (Mid-week)

Just a quick email today cause we had to do some area reports online today so we're at the library. We just found out that we have specialized training (like zone conference) on monday as well as our zone christmas party. We'll see how that goes ;) Anyways, since that is on monday, pday is not until tuesday, so I wanted to let you all know so none of you *cough* mom *cough* would have a heart attack about why there was not an email in their inbox on monday! ha So yep. Also, if I remember right, Emry's bday is tomorrow? (niece turning one) Happy Birthday!! :) I'm doing well! Love you all lots!! Jenna

Monday, December 3, 2012

Hi!!! (Week 12)

Hi Family!!!
Wow, this week has been a crazy week and has gone by so quickly!! Dad, thank you for sending all the pictures. I love it! I love the one of kellie's and mom's heads peeping in the picture of the Temple and you just say 'self explanatory!' ha  Mom, our RS was on forgiveness as well and I remember that clip of that man (Chris Williams). So sad but so cool as well. You can send the package before the 19th or send it to the mission office and they can send it straight to me if I get transferred because they have all our addresses. They are getting christmas packages and aren't sending them out yet to missionaries cause they want them to get them right before christmas. ha I'm fine with either one. We haven't had that much time to teach or tract this week, but I'm thinking that will change this week.
Also, my new address is 205 Western Avenue Westover, WV 26501.  So our move was quite eventful, but we are out of our apartment and into a wonderful, clean, and NEWER apartment. It was crazy though because this week our motto was pretty much service. We helped the Brumley Family (RC)(Recent Convert) a lot this week because she had the surgery and couldn't bend down, lift things, get up by herself. She was helpless, so we did a lot for her by just spending a lot of last p-day with her to help her move around, getting things for her, and cleaning her house because it was messy. We kind of went OCD on the house and spent a day just cleaning their house. They were both so appreciative and don't even know how to thank us enough. Our ward mission leader was a little skeptical at first about doing that cause he thought we were just going to baby sit, but we never watched the kids and just cleaned. When he saw it and when he heard from the Brumley's of how grateful they were he called us and couldn't say enough good things about us. haha We also helped another family clean their house because they have health problems but are putting their house on the market. So we helped clean their house as well. We both agree that if a ward member is in need we need to do what we can to help them and make their load lighter. We also need to have service hours each week too, so that was good. Then we had to clean our entire apartment for when we moved out and that took a lot of work. We had to pack and just de-junk the entire place. So that was fun. We have reached a new level of physical exhaustion, but at the same time I feel so good inside. Doing cleaning things I hate, for these people was so easy! I was doing anything I could and asking for more because when you see how it makes them feel you want to do more for them. I love serving others and seeing the happiness and joy that simple things can bring them. It was so cool and a great experience. So even though we really didn't tract and teach much at all this week I still know that I made a difference in people's lives. Also, Sister Little was reading an email and said that a lady we were really helping in Covington who was progressing so much bore her testimony yesterday. She talked about healing and specifically thanked both of us because we helped her so much! I feel like I didn't even know her or help her as much as I could, but hearing that made me so happy. Even though I didn't get to hear it or help her more, hearing that I had made an impact on her was awesome. I forget sometimes how small and simple things can help someone so much even when you don't realize it. You're always watched so always strive to live a good life.
I had a great experience when we were teaching a member family the 1st discussion for practice. I was reciting the 1st vision and the spirit just hit me like a brick wall. It was so strong when and I was overwhelmed because I finally got so many answers to questions that I had when I was reciting that. Of course I started crying, but it was amazing. I knew that what I was doing was right, what I believed in was true, and that the Book of Mormon is completely true and that the 1st vision did happen. It was so cool. Then it happened again and I knew that I did have importance and worth, and that I was a daughter of God and that I just need to believe in myself because He believes in me! I can't even describe it, but it was so neat. Sis. Little said that she had been praying for a miracle for me to know/realize certain things, and this was not what she or I were expecting at all, but it happened, it was there, and it helped me grow so much! AHHH! I love it! We got two new investigators this week (mom/daughter) and the mom is like a spirit roller or something different like that, so our lesson was interesting, but the daughter was so interested. Sis. Little bore a powerful testimony about the atonement and changing her life and the girl said she felt a little something when she was talking! It will take time I think, but I know we can help them both.
Times can get really hard and trying here and can test you in every way, especially when you are with someone 24/7. You have to really talk things out and work through things. Neither of us are perfect and we have to work together and figure it out, but I'm learning. I'm getting more confident in speaking up about what we should do, etc.  Because when we are obedient, then the blessings come. So, it's definitely a challenge, but it's good. I know we can do so much more together and neither of us want to get transferred cause we are finally in a new apartment, and getting to know the ward and area. We just need to tighten up things in our companionship and following the rules. It's like we're married! ha Anyways, I have to write President though but I just want to say that I love you all and miss you! Thank you for being so helpful, insightful, supporting, and praying for me. I can feel your love! Oh, it's rainging outside. Boo! We rode our bikes here and I'm still wet from the sprinkling. Good exercise though. K, Love you!
Love, Sister Higgins
P.S. Kellie, thanks for the letter. A dvd of the videos would be better for me. I was going to say something else but I forgot. Sorry.