Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hi!! (Week 14)

Hi Family!!
So I completely forgot to tell you guys that p day was moved again to tuesday because of transfers this week, so sorry you were expecting an email yesterday and didn't get it.
This week has been another crazy week that has gone by all too quickly but has been so much fun and also a learning experience. I learned how to pull up carpet and staples because we helped a single woman who is a member tear up a lot of carpet. It was hard, but I am now a pro at taking staples out of the floor, and I only stabbed myself a couple of times! Yesterday, there was like a freak rainstorm because it was just dumping and dumping rain. At one point you couldn't see much beyond the car. We got soaking wet and it was crazy, but luckily we were inside for most of the time so that was good. We went to a member's house for dinner and because of the rain we ended up getting royally stuck in the mud!! I may or may not have been driving at the time. So, after we pushed and slid even more into the grass and mud, and were soaking wet we weren't sure what to do. We got the help of some of the neighbors and they put a massive cardboard box in front of the car and we pushed the car and it eventually came out. It was crazy! But now our car is all speckled with mud! With our luck though that would happen! Also, there was a family who moved into the old apartment that we moved out of and we were trying to help them how we could. But last week the basement caught fire in that apartment! One of the guys got third degree burns all over his arms, chest, head, and face. He looked really bad. So we helped move them out and smelled all like smoke. It was so sad to see the damage though. We were just really grateful but at the same time in a state of shock because what if that would have happened to us while we lived there? We were very blessed and watched over and we are so grateful for that. There just always seems to be something happening that is so exciting and keeps us on our toes.
For example, transfers. There are no new sisters coming out this transfer (19th), and only one going home, so we figured that we would most likely be ok until the february transfer when we start to see the first wave of the age change. Well we were wrong. We got the phone call on Saturday night that we needed to find a ride because one of us was getting transferred. boo! We didn't like that very much because we are finally breaking through and making headway and finding some people, and getting used to the area. I'm getting familliar with the area and trying to direct us because the university elders needed their gps back. So that has been an adventure. Sis. Little is terrible with directions and gets all confused. haha But we got the phone call on monday night about what would happen. Turns out...I'm moving...again!! hahaha What the heck! This will start the 3rd transfer of being here and I will have moved at each one. I'm getting to be a pro packer! But we just barely moved into our new and awesome apartment so I'm sad to leave that one already. But, I'm now heading to Dublin, Virginia to serve with Sister Tuckett. Anyone know where the heck Dublin is? ha I'm so sad to be leaving Morgantown because I love it here! But I guess the Lord needs me elsewhere to help more of His children. I didn't want to be transferred but once we found out somebody was leaving I had a feeling it would be me. There are certain people that we are teaching or just met that we will teach that Sis Little just has a connection with. I tried to brace myself for it cause I figured that would happen, but still I wasn't all the way prepared for it. So, Christmas will be interesting. ha I have no clue what the heck will happen that day or anything. Maybe I can email you monday, but you may just get a phone call at a random time. It's going to suck cause I'm not going to know anyone there at Christmas so it will just be weird and I will have a new companion. yay! I hate change and sis little likes change so of course it would happen like this! ha But neither one of us are happy about this though. I will have to tell you more about that later. As for Christmas though I don't know when you guys (mom and dad) left for oregon, but check the mail. You should have gotten something monday or tuesday in the mail. If you can't get it maybe kellie could get it? I just don't want it to be left out or rained/snowed on because that would not be good for it. So hopefully you got it before you left.
So much more has happened but I don't have the time to write it and I can't remember it all, but I love it here and am learning so much! It is definitely an experience but it is so much fun! It is amazing! I hope you guys are all doing well and that you have a wonderful time together! But not too great cause I won't be there! ha Be safe in all your travels and don't do anything I wouldn't do, ok?! I love you all so much and hope you have a great week! Merry Christmas!!!! Talk to you in a week!!! :) And check the mail mom!!
Lots of Love, Jenna
PS. if you or anyone sends anything right now, send it to the mission office. I have no clue what my address will be. Thanks!

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