Monday, October 29, 2012

What storm?! (Week 7)

(comments inserted in italics are from Mom)  Also, here's a blip that she included with an email last week that contained photos:      Yep. People love food here, but not vegetables! Lots of biscuits, gravy, rice, potatoes, and more biscuits...yum! I love it here though! It's fun! :)
Geez, mom, forget surviving the storm I survived your e-mail!! haha jk I loved reading yours and dads emails! Ok, getting right into all the questions and stuff to say. Crazy that you have snow already! I bought a black winter coat with the $37, so everyone can calm down. I might use some more money today too to buy some stuff for some people ;) I have a support card but it's for food. We get fed so much here- lunch and dinner. I think instead of feeding the missionaries it should be like how much can we feed them til they explode! I feel like no one here likes veggies that much either!'s hard but I'm trying, but I know I've gained some weight :/ Stupid! Thanks for all the feedback on the pictures. Glad I still look ok!  That's great about the Oliver's (neighbor who had twins)- nate and kate- not a tongue twister at all. Tell her congrats..i like morning cookies too...and pear fruit leathers. :p I will try to write bro. coats sometime and will pray for him; tell shea aldana I'm so excited for her if you see her, and finally BYU wins a game! Also, I'm not surprised that the response time is slower for making mission calls. They're getting slammed and there's only 2 apostles! Yes, I got both packages and thanks so much!! I loved the belvitas, and I will be wearing the scarf! We had our primary program yesterday and it was good, but definitely not like the one at home. Not very many kids. Ha dad- that backing up picture is so ugly! Sis. Little took it when I was changing faces and about peed her pants - er skirt! Glad I entertain her all the time! Mom- I still have vitamin c that I brought but no vitamin d. If you want you can send some or I can buy some here. I don't really care. That's interesting about the meeting with Elder Holland and Nelson (they visited with leaders in the Mapleton area). I'm not jealous or anything- I never got to see an apostle at the MTC and I'm a missionary for goodness sake! haha Times are definintely going to get worse, so it's cool to see everything just being like prepare yourself for everything! Conference just seemed urgent this year. haha I laughed about the name of Frankenstorm!! (Nickname for Hurricane Sandy and cold front collision)  Right now there's just rain. It started last night and rained all night I think. Now it's just cold, windy (supposed to get up to 50-60 mph winds), and drizzly. People are preparing for the apocolypse here though. No school, get tons of food/gas/water etc., basically just sitting inside waiting for the power to go out. Maybe it will get worse later on but right now it doesn't seem that bad. I'll be fine mom- I've got extra protection ;) I don't want you having a heart attack about me being safe. Just pray and we'll make good decisions here! Emry sounds so cute, and I laughed out loud in the library about her legs shaking like a seizure in the crib.(She is just learning to stand up and doesn't know how to get back down). I miss those kids! How's Isaac surviving? Also, I would love to see Brandi!! Yeah, if Tammy is in Roanoke it's not that far away. That stuff I accidently left at the MTC had her # though, so could you get it from her again? Just send it with your letter you write tomorrow if you can. I may need to clear it with Pres. Pitt but it's non members so I'm assuming it would be ok. I'll see what's up and get a hold of her and we'll get together soon hopefully! Ok, sorry for being so random and just spewing out words!
This week has seemed to be an emotional roller coaster for me. I forget to mention that last sunday I had to say the closing prayer in sacrament and I had to teach gospel principles. I was so nervous and didn't want to do it especially when I saw that we had like 14 people there! It seemed to go well though and people participated. It was on family responsibilities. People said that I did a really good job, and that I'm an amazing teacher. Um, ok ;) Also, I have to give a talk on Nov. 25 on please!! Any good talks, thoughts, anything about it? We had a mission tour (meeting) with the southern half of the mission on wednesday with Elder Whiting and it was amazing!! I gave myself tendonitis from writing so much- I think it was like 12 pages overall! He just has a way with words and answered so many questions and concerns that I was having. Whether by what he said or a thought that I had it made me feel comforted and learn so much more about teaching, and becoming a better missionary. He had asked everyone to write a 5 minute talk on the doctrine of christ (faith, repentance, baptism, holy ghost, enduring to the end), and to prepare with your companion how to invite someone to church in a role play. He talked for a while then had 4 missionaries come up and give their talk. President didn't have anyone specifically in mind, so Elder Whiting just 'randomly' (yeah right) chose missionaries to speak. And what do you know...with my luck I was one of the 4 missionaries picked to speak. I was looking down and writing actual things, but he was like 'this sister in the yellow sweater. Looking down and trying to avoid eye contact is not going to help you cause you're still coming up here!' Hah! Everyone laughed at that, but I really was having to write something and I may or may not have also tried to be just avoiding eye contact with him as well! I was the only sister up there and was the 3rd to speak, so I had about 10 minutes to pretty much die of heart failure! I was soooo nervous because I had to speak in front of half the mission, President and Sister Pitt, and a seventy!!! Ahhhh!! What was I going to say? What would they think of it? I don't want to do this. Breathe. Are they going to judge me? What in the heck do I even say in front of a seventy? Breathe. That's basically what I was thinking, and the talk I had prepared did not feel right at all. So, my heart was pounding so much, and I had the overwhelming sense that I needed to change my talk and it was a powerful feeling. With both of those things happening I thought I was going to literally pass out. So, I was just praying for help and was frantically trying to find scriptures that seemed right. I got up there and of course right off the bat I started crying! (Thanks mom! :P) And, then what happened next was amazing because I just talked. There were things I wanted to say that I said and I read my scriptures, but I don't know. It was like words were just coming and I was just able to speak non stop for my allotted time. I actually went over a few minutes because I was just talking. And even though I was crying I was able to get my words out audibly I think! That experience was just so neat because a lot of those words I wasn't thinking and they weren't my words, but I needed to say them. After I sat down, I saw Elder Whitning lean over to President Pitt and ask something and President responded. Then Elder Whiting glanced back at me and just made that 'woah face.' When he got back to the pulpit He said that He hadn't realized that he had called on such young missionaries. It was awesome! So many people said that my talk was so good, so I guess it was good! :) Elder Whiting said that happened to him on his mission and he didn't want to be called on, but in reality it was exactly what he needed. That statement is true, because I learned so much from just going up there and talking. The Lord works in crazy and wonderful ways! Also, Elder Whiting had a grandma who was born and raised in Mapleton, but I didn't get to ask who it was. He shook all of our hands.
Yesterday, Sister Little and I both received blessings from President Pitt because we both really needed them. We need help here in Covington to find the 'elect' the people that are ready for the gospel because right now it's not going to well. And especially me, I need some help with me and some guidance about some struggles I'm having. So with Sister Pitt there as well we received our blessings one after the other and it was wonderful. His blessing was just...I don't know how to explain it..powerful. I wrote down everything that I could remember from it when we got back into the car and have been looking at that list ever since. At the same time though he said things that made me just question some things about myself and really take a step back. I'm trying to do a self evaluation thing now and really figure out how I can change some things because that part in the blessing troubled me. I'm sure I'll figure it out in time though and learn from it, but yeah. Question though- What does conversion mean to you? How are you converted? Is it just one specific time? I thought it was a process? If you find any talks or quotes on that too let me know what they are :) Sorry, if I was just babbling that whole time. Sometimes writing it out helps me figure things out for myself. Missions are definitely tough and really test you and push you at some points, but they are also wonderful because they build you and strengthen you. You can learn so much from them if you are open to it and submissive to being in the Lord's hands and letting Him shape you! I'm definitely in one of those times right now and it is no fun, but I'm learning, trusting, studying, pondering, and trying to see how I can become better from this. It also helps too when you just let it all out- frustrations, words, thoughts, tears to a companion who will listen and try to make you laugh and give you advice. Keep praying for me please. I can feel them!
Also, we went tracting saturday and at one house noone was home, and the next four we got rejected royally! One man had a long driveway and even before we were half way down it he came out and yelled 'I saw you coming and we already go to our own church, so we don't need anything.' His back was already turned away from us as he was finishing yelling. Then the next house we hadn't even gotten on the driveway and a man yelled 'we're not interested, thanks.' Ouch! But it's ok. We just have to keep our heads up and keep going. I know what I stand for, what I believe in, what I know to be true, and why I am doing this for a year and a half of my life! They can't change that or take that away from me because it's mine. Anyways, sorry if this email seemed more depressing than most or too deep. I don't know. That's just what's on my mind right now and the happenings here in Covington. Don't worry about me cause I'll get through all this and know more about myself and the gospel! I love you all and hope that life is treating all of you well! You're in my prayers!
Love, Sister Higgins!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Lord is in the details!! (Week 6)

Hello Family!!
Oh my goodness, what a crazy few days I've had! It never slows down but seems to be picking up in speed! When the heck did it get to be Oct. 23?! You really do lose track of time out here when you're not focusing on it. So, I opened up my email today and was soo happy and surprised cause I had 5 emails from you guys!! It was so great to hear from all of you and to hear about what's happening with you all! And, as I said in my subject "the Lord is in the details," He really is. Each one of you said something that really stuck out to me today and helped/comforted me because I've been struggling these past few days. It's interesting to see how the Lord takes care of you though because answers are coming slowly, surely, simplify that are helping me, but it's such a learning process that is hard to go through. Lately I've been feeling like I'm not as in tune with the Spirit as I need/want to be and it's frustrating me because I want to have that constant guidance. In the MTC, the Spirit is there all the time and I think I was expecting something like that out here, but here you really have to work for it and be working hard because there are so many distractions here in the 'real world.' Saturday Sis. Little was just like 'I want you to assign where we need to go and who we need to talk to because you have a lot of inspiration and faith.' ...What?! I freaked out, but she sent me to our room for 15 minutes and I've never prayed that hard in my whole life! I put everything out on the line-every feeling, thought, intent out there and just said 'ok, Heavenly Father- Help me!' I've been really trying hard to pray harder, listen!, ponder, and know what we need to do. Faith doesn't just come. We have to have action and put in our work before we start seeing the rewards. In my journal, it has quotes on it each day and the past few pages have been like 'trust in the Lord and His power, don't be afraid, listen to the Spirit,...just exact things I need to hear. So even though I'm still far from perfect (none of us are anyways) I can tell I'm learning to really have more faith in the Lord and go with what He wants and what He will tell me. He knows what we need, when we need it, and will help us overcome every single obstacle that we have placed in front of us. Lindsey- I'm extending a committment to you right now- read Faith in the Bible Dictionary, Alma 5 (good chapter on faith), and when you have the time Ether (especially ch. 12). Ether is an amazing book with lots of faith in it. The Lord gives us what we need not what we want, and will help make our weaknesses become strong, but you just have to trust in Him. Be the clay in His hands that is moldable, so He can shape you into something even more amazing than you already are. *He's in the Details!*
We had President Interviews yesterday and it was awesome! He is truely inspired by the Lord even though sometimes He says things that I do not want to hear. He was talking to all of us and said right now I think there are about 57,000 missionaries worldwide. It is projected that in the next year or two there will be an influx of missionaries numbering at 100,000!! Crazy!!! Then after the initial influx it will level off to around 80,000-90,000 missionaries. How exciting and amazing is that?? The work is truely moving forward whether we're ready for it or not. He said that no matter how 'young' we are on our missions right now, we are now old! We are the pioneers of missionary work at this time because never before has there been a time as great as this to be a missionary. We are setting the standard, the example for all the incoming missionaries and need to be spreading the Lord's gospel as much as we can. Many people are jealous and wish they could be a part of this movement right now because it is so important that it happens right now! AHHH! Do you know how exciting, awesome, scary, nerve racking, inspiring, and pressured I am feeling!! I'm so happy but so nervous for what is going to happen! We have around 160 or 170 right now and should be prepared to get up to 250 in the coming times- mainly sisters though!! We all have to be prepared to train even though it will be hard. We have 18 sisters right now in the whole mission, but could get up to 20 new ones! He was saying one time a sister had to train 3 other sisters at one time- that's not stressful to think about at all! We will most likely be starting to see growth in late December, but more of January. One sister here, who is polynesian, has a really big family and 43 family members who are all girls are working on their papers! Amazing! Someone said that the missionary department usually has 600 applications a week, but were having like 1,700 a week. And that only the 1st Presidency and 12 Apostles knew about the announcement (you can find that in the deseret news) along with the MTC needed to hire more people. Pres Pitt said 8 weeks goes to 6 weeks, 4 to 3, etc. They still want everyone to have the experience of the MTC, but they have to move people through faster. When I met with him individually it was great, but when he said the opening prayer he said something to the affect of 'please help her as she goes through this time, and as she trains so much.' Something like that. I knew I would train on my mission, but I didn't think it would be so soon, and it sounds like so many, but it's in the Lord's hands. Also, another fun fact...I may be losing my mom 6 weeks earlier than we both expected! Pres. Pitt told Sis. Little 'you know, you can't stay in Covington forever, and something about the November transfer, but it wasn't confirmed with the Lord yet.' Sooo, what that means is that she may be getting transferred mid-November and I will be the senior missionary in this area. I will either have another sister with me here or I will start training a sister............. She said that doesn't happen a lot, but sometimes a missionary will be trained for only 6 weeks, so with my luck that will happen to me. That tried my faith yesterday, but again the Lord put quotes, scriptures, and words in people's mouths that comforted me. I just have to remember that with the Lord I can do all things, and I can do it no matter if they are hard, take me out of my comfort zone, or really try who I am and what I know. He knows what is best. We'll just see what happens, but please keep praying for me!! :)
Also, could you please pray for Brittany and Isabell? Brittany just got baptized on the 30th, and is 15. She loves the gospel, but her family is really giving her a hard time, but she really wants them to have the gospel as well. We're teaching her and trying to keep her strong, and find ways to soften her parents hearts. Isabell who is 50ish was baptized in June, I think, and has been really sick. She's getting better, but her family is really mean to her and just ignore her or dump things on her. They both need strength! Thanks!
What else...Oh I started driving the car yesterday and it took a bit to get used to since I haven't driven in over a month!
   But it was exciting though and I love driving. We drive everywhere, but then just park and go tracting down different streets. I really wish we could walk everywhere cause I feel so lazy and blah, but things are just so spread out here. Lots of hills and gnats! The whole time that I've been here it really has not been humid at all which has surprised me, but I love it!! I'm slowly dying of the second hand smoke that is here because so many people smoke! And my clothes smell like smoke a lot, but oh well! The computers here have card readers, but are tempermental, so I'm going to try to send some pictures to you, but I forgot paper, so I may not be able to remember all the ones that I include. So you may have to figure out what it is by yourselves! Sorry!
I hope you all are doing well and survivinglife!! I'm doing well! :) Good luck to you Isaac with everything you have to do! You are strong though and can do it! Just take it one step at a time and keep pushing through. You and Lindsey are especially in my prayers during this time of craziness! I'll try to channel my missionary blessings and send them your way!! :) Nice job of the door prizes mom and dad! And Kellie, good luck with work and trying to figure everything out with school! Hope the Apple Crisp was good! I love you all so very much and miss you!!
                     Love, Jenna
P.S. What's happening in the world? I heard some girl was shot in the head in Pakistan, and everyone knows Romney is a Mormon and are always talking about the debates. Pretty much everyone loves him here and wants him to win. Oh, and we got off someone's list of being a cult! Yay! haha Love you guys!
First ApartmentMakeshift drying rack
 Sister Little and me!
  Sister Little and me on P-day

Monday, October 15, 2012

Hello! (Week 5)

Hi, hi, hi!!
I can't believe another week has gone by! Time seems to be going so quickly these days because a few days ago I hit my 'click day!' That is the day that marks you've been here another month and I guess some missionaries really get into it, but for me it was just like yay...back to work. It's true what they say though, that the days are foreverly long, but the weeks fly by! There are some days that I think are never going to end because they go on and on and on. Life is good here though and all the trees are changing now which makes everything so colorful! I love it because it's so beautiful, and there are so many trees!!!  It's so cool to hear that so many kids are answering the call of the new mission age. In PEC yesterday, (yes, church is at 9:30) one man was saying his daughter was at BYU-I, and that 6,000 people were putting their papers in because of the change! 6,000!!! AHHH, it gives me the chills, and that's just from one school! Crazy! (I think that was elders and sisters.)
The shift key on my keyboard is slow and it's really annoying me. Anyways, yes, I've gone tracting and it's awesome! I have a love/hate relationship with it, but I also love doing it just to see all the different people we'll encounter! ha It's hard because yes, people aren't as nice here, but they also just don't really like mormons. Some of them see our nametags and book of mormons and go running the other way, or shut that door faster than you can say anything! It's sad because so many people see us and they already have a preconceived notion of who we are, what we believe, and what we do, and they don't want any part of it. The problem is that everything they know that we believe is outlandish and just funny sometimes, so it's hard to get over that when they're already judging us, shutting the door, and saying they're a Presbyterian. They try and tell me what I believe and say it's not for them, and it's like well actually, that's not what I believe- do you believe that? Someone was saying we should try the tactic of saying "if you're so rooted in your faith then why should you be so afraid to listen to what I believe? I'm not going to convert you if you have such a hold to your church." haha I thought that was awesome! Some of the best ones I've heard so far- we still believe in Polygamy and Mitt Romney probably has like 5 wives that he's just hiding from us, and his dad and grandpa do it too. We worship the sun, and believe that we are going to live on it some day in actual castles that we build. I'm assuming that was the plan of salvation, and the lady just didn't understand it very well?!? And we worship Joseph Smith as our Savior and don't even believe in Christ or, what? Did you see what is written on my nametag? I felt bad for that lady cause she was trying to be really nice while closing the door, but we stopped her and cleared that up cause she thought we only believed in him and what not. It's quite interesting and sad because they don't know us. We had an interesting and long discussion with a Jehovah's Witness who said we just need to stick with the Bible and we'd be fine. She wouldn't tell us her religion, but we figured it out by how she talked about God and Christ. Another older lady who goes to Grace Brethern Church (?) tried to pick a fight with us and tell us we were wrong, and needed a Savior, and what not, and Sister Little was awesome with her! I just nodded and smiled because I was nervous, but on some things I was like oh heck no, and talked about what we believed. She shut the door in our faces then proceeded to watch us through the door while we went down the whole street, then opened the door and yelled at us when we were farther down. I love being a missionary! People know us but either don't want to talk to us or are just too scared to. Sister Little hates tracting because of stuff like that, but one reason why I know I'm with her is because I just say we have to give everyone an equal chance to hear the gospel and expose them to it. Let's go to the next house, yay! Sis. Little was going to skip this one house and I was following and then just stopped, and said we need to knock this house. I did the door approach, and the couple who is retired let us in and we had an awesome conversation. They live across from the church and know missionaries, but have never learned about it before. They are Methodist. While we were talking 3 things popped into my head- we have the true priesthood, eternal families, and the 2nd coming. I couldn't decide if it was me or the Spirit, and I was afraid I would offend them so I didn't say any of those outright, but just skirted around it. When we left I was so mad at myself, because we needed to talk to them and I didn't say what I should have. We are going back though and I'm going to listen a lot more to the Spirit. I think they have potential though!
At church we had two high councilors speak and one did a short talk, and felt prompted that the elders and I (all new) needed to bear our testimonies. He said that when he got to Covington and the church building he had a distinct expression that this area was going to start exploding sometime soon and that there would be more than one church building here! Ahhh! I got chills to think that I would lend a hand in helping that come to pass!! People do receive inspiration because why would Pres. Pitt send a pair of elders to join a branch that had sisters already, and is pretty small? People are ready here to receive the gospel they just don't know it yet. It's my job to go out and find them though. So, I was first for the testimonies and obviously started crying (thanks mom), and then the elders went (one of them cried too. It was so sweet.) After sacrament, one of the high councilors came up to me and said thank you so much for your testimony. I really enjoyed it! That was cool. The elders are already finding people and we are pretty booked this week to visit LA's (mom's edit: Less Actives) and to go tracting all over our area. It's a huge area for the branch. We're excited. Mom, thanks for at the end of your email saying to not stress- I really needed that! I think I've been too uptight about everything and that Sis. Little doesn't follow every rule to the T, but I don't need to worry about that. Don't stress because we're doing missionary work and we need to have a tri companionship with the Spirit! We learn things every day and I'm grateful for that! I love being a missionary and seeing the happiness that people have when they follow it. It is hard work, and I'm exhausted every day but it's so worth it. I love studying the scriptures, standing up for what I believe, and being a witness and representative of Christ!
Oh, are we by chance related to a Mike Higgins who is married to a Barbara Higgins, and they live in Clifton Forge, Virginia? She's a member, but he's not and I want to know if we're related because I will find him if we are!!! :) Also, I'm not sure what's happening next week because we have President Interviews next monday in Buena Vista. Then tuesday is p-day, but that night and the next day we will be in Roanoke because Pres. Whiting, who spoke at conference, is coming to do a mission tour or something like that. I guess he speaks and does interviews? So, look for an email probably next tuesday.
Lots of love, Jenna

Monday, October 8, 2012

I'm a survivor (Week 3 & 4)

I'm alive!!!! haha Oh my goodness, what a crazy but awesome week!! I'm sorry if my thoughts are all over the place but I have so much to say right now! I hope I answer all the questions, but if not be patient with me please.
So we flew to chicago and I didn't really sleep much :/ Oh, I've finally met the mysterious Elder Kliman! I hadn't found him in the morning so on the plane I turned around and asked the two missionaries if they knew who he was. The one behind me just smiled real slowly and pointed to his nametag. It was a perfect match! ha I felt so stupid! He's awesome! We got to know each other better and we're pertty much best friends now! During the layover I've never been stared at so much in my life! It probably was due to the fact that we had 16 missionaries all in suits, skirts, and nametags invading the terminal! :p I was going to call Lindsey and Kellie because there were a few phones available, but my dumb card wouldn't work! Apparently it thinks that if we don't have enough on the card then it just won't make the call at all. All of us had the same problem so we could only make one call! It was so frustrating! Sorry guys!! We got on the tiny plane for Charleston and waited there for an hour!! Like everything had to go underneath and when you have 88 pieces of luggage from all the passengers to fit then it becomes a problem! The workers had to try and figure it all out and were working so hard! It was because of us because we all had 2 big ones and a little one. Oops ;) They stuffed some up with us in cupboards, but ended up having to leave 4 bags there. 1 of the bags was an elders, but thanks for a persistant Pres. Pitt he got it the next day! When we were flying over Charleston and it was just hills /trees and like 3 houses I honestly got the feeling of what am I doing here?? I want to go home right now! I don't need to go on a mission! (Satan is so sneaky) So I just sucked it up, put a smile on my face and walked off the plane. Pres/Sis Pitt and the AP's met us and are so awesome!! They are really nice, caring, and just so great! I was a little worried before I got there. We went to the mission office, got info thrown at us, then went to the mission home where we all talked then ate dinner. We each had an interview with the president and it took forever cause we had 16. Girls went first though! Then we went to bed and I sleep so great!! We ate breakfast there, had a devotional, took pictures, then headed to the church for transfers. Us greenies had to sit in the front and be looked over by everyone who came in. ha I was so nervous for everything and it didn't help because Sis. Kimber started freaking out about her new companion too, so we just panicked together :) We had to introduce ourselves, say where we're from, something about us and then we got our companion and area. And girls had to go last.
So....I'm with Sister Little in Covington, Virginia!!! It's about three hours south (?) of Charleston.(Mom's edit: SE) Welcome to the Heart of the Highlands and a massive paper making plant!! It's a beautiful little town, but is very old. We got half our area taken away because there are elders in Clifton Forge (not too far away) and they're in our branch. We have a lot of work to do apparently! There's enough members to be a ward, but only about 80-90 come every week I guess. We were going through the roster a few days ago, and I have never seen so many in-active/less-active people before!!! I would get excited when we came across an active member! The hard thing though is these people don't have the same phone #, don't live here anymore, we can't find their house, or they just don't want to be a member anymore. Yay!? Pretty much I have never felt so much hate and dislike towards me ever before than what I feel now!! At the store when you smile/say hi they purposely look over/around you and ignore you. Or they are nice, then find out who you are, and then they do a 180 flip. It's grand! I kind of got in one lady's way at the store, then said hi, so she had to look at me and say hi!! It's hard but definitely eye opening and a learning experience. These past few days have just been getting stuff figured out with the elders, conference, etc. This week we are going to go tracting a lot cause we don't really have any investigators! I have never been so excited to just get out and go even if I get ignored or the door shut on me!! Sister Little has been here in Covington since the end of May, so she's helping a lot. She's been out for 11 months, is from Morgan, UT, and her first name is Jessica. (Just in case you want to fb stalk her mom! :P Ha) I was a little worried at first, but we've opened up to each other a lot and now it's awesome! She is great and brings out my sillier side. She may think I'm weird, but she loves it! She's stuck with me til at least around Christmas! haha But really though, I think she's really happy that I'm her companion! I'll talk a little more about this later on. The members here absolutely love the missionaries though and want to help us so much! They feed us so much sometimes I just want to be like Stop feeding the missionaries for once! They're going to make me fat! There's too much love going on here! ;) Oh, the paper plant. Well that's just interesting. They have to use like 120,000 trees each day and make like either 30,000 or 3,000 lbs of paper each day! Something crazy like that! The worst part about this though is like it stinks so bad!! There are days (like today) that are just terrible!! Bleh! Oh well though! Our ward mission leader works there and was telling me the process of it and it was awesome!
Next, GENERAL CONFERENCE!!! Holy cow, that was amazing!! I absolutely looooved it!!! :D We watched it at the church with the elders! It was really different than home, but it was still so good. I think I gave myself tendonitis from taking so many notes! I don't know if I was just paying more attention, if there's was just so much said, or what but like each session I took like 6 pages of notes! I was so astonished with the mission call ages!!! What the heck!!!???? AHHHHHH!!! Why did they make me wait for like 3 more years!!! GAH!! That's so exciting though, but the boys will need to be more mature though! Someone wrote and said they may do 2 weeks for english speaking (too short I think), but it all makes sense now. When I was at the MTC studying with some of my district a worker came and talked to us and asked us about what we thought of the time length (too short/good/too long?) We said 3 weeks was perfect. He said they were just trying to figure things out because they wanted to get more missionaries through there faster. Crazy! Conference was absolutely amazing!!! Each talk and session was so powerful, thought out, and was exactly what we needed to hear. My favorite talks were Pres. Uchtdorf, Packer, Anderson, Holland, and Monson!! So amazing! Did you notice the theme? Keep/strengthen your faith, pray and know your prayers are answered, God is there watching over you, deciding now who you will follow, and fully converting yourself to the Lord and helping others become converted as well. We've been talking with all those themes and the new mission rules- the time is now to prepare! The 2nd Coming is not that far off, and we need to fully prepare ourselves and everyone that we come in contact with to stay or come to the Lord's side! So Cool! As a missionary I was just getting chills and feeling so excited and honored to be serving right now, but pressure at the same time. I have to do all I can do to find those who are ready for the Gospel now because time is getting shorter! I absolutely love missionary work!!!  God is in the DETAILS, and knows exactly what we need to take us through the refiners fire and shape us into who we need to be!! I know that to be true, so I'm not questioning anything anymore and am just looking forward and looking for how I can help those around me. Also, if you have not watched 17 Miracles watch it!!! It is amazing! Too often we take for granted what the pioneers sacrificed for us and how much they went through to give us what we have now. They went through so many trials and kept their focus and faith in the Lord. We need to be like that as well, especially in these times!
Mom, can you send me a copy of my setting apart blessing sometime? Also, I have a short sleeve black old navy shirt that I would like, and if you can maybe either my black long sleeve under armour shirt or my bluish exercise jacket from gap that is like under armour. Other than that I think that's it. Just sometime would be great. Thanks!
My address is 202 Rosedale Ave. #6 Covington, Virginia 24426.
That's crazy about Robin Ballard!! A month!? Hope all goes well though with it! Sorry about the deaths :( I remember both of those ladies. Way to help out mom. You should work at the MTC!! That'd be awesome!!!! I love it there!! I'll look at coats. It's getting cold and the leaves are changing! Also, I'm trying to figure out how to do the google chat thing. Will be next week though. I completely forgot my camera...Sorry!!! Next week I will have pictures for you though!! :) Thanks for all your pictures!
Um, I think that's it for right now! I love it here though and am doing well and learning so much!! I miss you all so much but am so happy to be here. When you truly try to only serve others it makes you so happy! The gospel is true and on the earth today! Our prophet and apostles are divinely inspired and know that what they say is true! I love this work and serving my Savior with all I have!! :) Much love!!
Sister Higgins
P.S. I have more I didn't tell you but will tell you next time!