Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hi! (Week 11)

Ok, so these past few days have just been insane and I don't really have much time to write, but I'll tell you what I can. First, Congrats Isaac!!! That's so exciting and great!(brother-in-law interviewed on TV) Kellie- sorry about your head, but you looked great in the picture with mom and dad!(Sister took a tumble on Thanksgiving Day) Sorry about Shelby, that sucks! (Cousin diagnosed with mono) My stomach has usually been fine. There are days when it hurts but then it will be ok. No more peppermint. (Has been fighting an infection since before she left on mission) Yes, a gps would be great if you can find a cheap one. We are using a garmin nutri or something like that and it's good. But whatever you want. They doubled elders into Covington so there are 4 elders in there which is not the best because there are people there that need sisters, but whatever. Sister little has about 6 months left.  Thanks for the jasmine update! (former roommate - also on a mission) Do you have her address I can have?! Also, did you know there's a Village at Harvest Pointe or Park? It looks like grandma's continuing care center but maybe not as big. Also, do you know a Jim and Beverly Call? Their daughter is in my ward and they live in mapleton.
I was sick this entire week with a stuffy nose, sore throat, and headache. It was awesome. Thanksgiving was good. Different but fun. Um, mainly though, a member was in the hospital these past few days and had to have immediate surgery. They took a lot of cysts and polyps out and had to go through her belly button and all this stuff. It has been crazy and she is in a lot of pain. We have been taking care of her, but today sister little had something wrong with her back. She like couldn't even move and it was really scary. So I don't know. It's been rough with her but whatever. I'll get through it. We move in saturday as well. I wish I could tell you about an amazing lesson we had with a member family, but I don't have time to.  :(   I definitely got answers that I needed though and the spirit was so strong. I am learning so much! I love it! Oh, an old man got mad at me cause I wore my Virginia Tech sweatshirt here. haha I was trying so hard not to laugh! It was awesome. Anyways, that's all the time I have. I love you guys so much and I'm sorry this is so short!! Love you!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Hello!!!!! (Week 10)

Hi Family!!!!!!
Goodness it seems like it has been forever since I have talked to you all!! Mom, there were things you said in your email that I was like "what? When did I write that?" haha So, first, I can just get my own journal here since it's so expensive. Thanks for looking! Yes, I'll get a haircut sometime too. I have no idea on when I will call on Christmas. I don't even know where I will be yet, so I will just keep you updated. For Thanksgiving, we will be eating at a family named the Lewis's at 5, and there is an institute dinner at 2 if we want to go to that. Also, we are going to a family on wednesday night and they are having thanksgiving then so we'll be fat! ha As for winter coats, I have no clue if I need a warmer one. Winter last year wasn't that bad so people don't know how this year will be. I think I'll be ok, but if not I can get something here cause there are stores here!
You may be asking where here is, well.......welcome to Morgantown, West Virginia! Home of the #1 party school in the country!!! Hola!! haha It's very close to the Pennsylvania border. And to those *cough dad cough* that said Pennsylvania was not in my mission, it is!! Ha Morgantown 2 elders have it in their area. As we were driving in both of us were just in awe because there were so many people and cars, and stores, and everything. It was crazy! Like entering a new world. So our area here is massive but it's all good. We are in Westover which is across some river from Morgantown, but still very close to everything. Our apartment was pretty bad when we got there even though the elders said they cleaned it. We have been cleaning it, but they are moving us into a better apartment on Dec. 1, so that should be good. Right now we are in a nice sketchy neighborhood, but no need to worry cause I've got good protection! :) I won't give you my address cause it will change soon, so if you do want to send me anything before dec. 1 just send it to the mission home. Ah! I don't like this computer here cause there is a time limit of an hour, and there is a big box on the top letting me know how much time I have! It's stressing me out! Um, as for investigators I guess we kind of have one. He is this massive guy who is a sex offender, but is really trying to change his life and be better. He loves mormons so we're making progress I guess. He loves to talk so it's hard to teach him cause he'll just go into stories. The elders before us were really bad at keeping up their area book, so as if doubling in is not hard enough we have nothing to go off of. It's really frustrating cause we're starting from scratch cause the only other investigator they had is this guy that likes to bible bash. So, what we have to do is now just go out and start finding people in anyway we can to build our teaching pool. I really think we can make a difference here, but it is going to be a lot of hard work, but we can do it. Faith,obedience, and prayers! Pres. Pitt wrote an email saying some general authorities were talking to him and saying that the Lord is hastening His work and is putting people directly in our paths to help them come to the gospel. We have to be doing all we can though to find them as well. It's hard getting to know a whole new ward and everything, but everyone seems really nice. Both wards in the building were so excited to get sister missionaries cause they hven't had sisters in a long time. We have meals with members every day this week! Crazy! The last elders were not the best at all, but they did baptize this awesome family the sunday before we came. Our bishop is crazy, but is great and really cares about the ward and progressing the work.
Um, let's see- I guess it gets pretty cold here, there was something in our bushes last night that freaked both of us out and we couln't get in the door fast enough, there are sirens all the time, and everyone loves to stare at us. It's great though and I'm learning so much! I miss being at home right now especially since so many things are triggering stuff that make me miss home, but it's a sacrifice and is worth it. Thanks for all your love, support, emails, and prayers. Sorry I can't write one to each right now, but I have to write president and I'm running out of time. I love each of you very much and am so thankful for you!! Have a wonderful thanksgiving and I hope all is going well!!!
Love, Jenna
P.S. Mom- that's cool that you fed the missionaries. People do that to us too and we sing our west virginia mission song to them (basically called to serve).

Monday, November 12, 2012

Say What?!? (Week 9)

Ahhhh, hi!! It was good to read emails today! I think seeing Brandi and Tammy (cousins) made me really want to hear from you guys! But it was so good seeing them and talking to them! I was a little worried cause I didn't know if it would be awkward or what, but it was really fun.  Tammy said that a few days before some Jehovah Witnesses came to her door and she decided to be extra nice and talk to them cause she knew that I do that. So maybe I'm helping in some way :)  It was really fun to see them though and they gave socks and candles to both of us, and a hat and scarf to me! So nice! Brandi pretty much covers the whole mission (with her work travels) so she wants to see me again and was like maybe I can bring Aunt Barbie and I can bring you treats. haha
Um, I have a lot to say so I'm just going to say lots of random stuff. A member gave us their old treadmill so now we have one! Did a lady named Cheryl Gibson tag me in facebook pictures? We raked leaves for them Saturday and she had pictures that she was going to tag us in on facebook. If she didn't tag me then maybe she requested to be my friend first? I don't know. People may ask to be my friend so just accept it and then I'll look at it when I get home I guess. So yes, we do service mom :) We had huge piles of leaves and did a running jump into it which may not have been the smartest thing, but we don't have any bruises so we're ok! Dad, or someone, just let me know where to call for Christmas (since you may be traveling) . It's weird not being there. We set up someone's Christmas decorations and it made me miss being at home at this time of year :(  Sounds like you guys had a busy day at the polls. Last week our district went to Lewisburg which is close to white sulphur, and talked with our district and zone leaders, then had lunch and went bowling. It was fun! We played skittles bowling and on my lane I won!! One elder who is really competitive was not happy that I beat him in both games! ha! I had to recite D & C 4 at zone conference and only messed up once so that was exciting! I joined the ward choir yesterday even though I can't sing, but the song we're singing is really pretty! :)
Um, let's see there are lots of happenings this week! First off, I killed a squirrel!! It was so sad, but technically it was his fault. He's the one that ran into the road and then kept going. We've now each killed one.
Did you know that China is opening up in the next few months for missionaries!!!! AHHHH! So exciting! A lot of the missionaries in Taiwain will be going over to China. And a lot of kids getting their calls are going to be serving three year missions!!! Isn't that crazy!? A girl that lives here but is in Utah at school right now said he got his with the date that he was leaving in march and a number to call to see where he was going. He called church headquarters and said his name, then got transferred and the next person to answer was President Monson (our prophet)! He wanted to tell him personally that they were a extending a three year call to him. The first year in Taiwain and the next 2 in China! Crazy! The work is moving forward.
We had just finished choir practice yeasterday when this guy just felt really sick and couldn't walk and was like falling to the ground. He finally said we could call the ambulance, so we were all just in the church hallway waiting for the ambulance to come. And oh my goodness, they have the slowest response time ever! It took so long, and then they had 5 people jump out of the ambulance. It was a good thing they got there when they did because as they were putting him on the stretcher he passed out. I guess his heart is missing beats and is under alot of stress, but he's out of the hospital now! It was crazy though! His bp was 160/110 and oxygen was 97 if you wanted to know!
Also, please don't send anything to me this week because I won't get it because...I'm getting transferred! hahaha! Oh my! We got a text on Saturday night saying we were both staying and we were both excited. Then this morning we got a call from President Pitt wanting to talk to each one of us personally, and then he explained that they were doubling out, so both of us are getting transferred. Um...what? ha  It's crazy!  President Pitt was like I know you have a lot of things change here, and so I'm throwing another change at you. ah Thanks President! So, we have to pack everything and clean the whole apartment today and tomorrow, cause we are now going to transfers on Wednesday in Charleston. We don't know where we're going or if we'll be together cause it's a transfer that they didn't know would happen. Since they have to double us out and double some in it might be harder to keep us together, but who knows. Needless to say we've had a crazy morning so far! So, just don't send anything to me yet, and be ready to change my address so nothing comes here that is meant for me.  Everyone thought we were staying and now we're just packing up and being like see ya. It's sad and I'm nervous and stressed again. I still think I have a lot to learn from Sister Little and don't want to be split up. But I know the Lord knows what I need and will put us where we need to go, but just pray for us! :) Yeah, so that's the news that I have for today! haha Nothing too exciting or anything like that. I just hope that I'm put somewhere that I like and that I can help the people there. I'm actually really sad to be leaving here because I was really learning to love it a lot here because there are so many people that I really love. It's sad to say goodbye to them. It's weird too, cause I just feel that I'm not supposed to be leaving here. I feel like I still have work to do and people to help serve. So who knows what will happen. Only the Lord knows that and so I just have to trust that everything will work out! So, farewell from Covington and next week I will be somewhere else with maybe a new companion. I hope that you all are doing great and keeping busy, healthy, and safe! I love you all and miss you!!!
Love, Jenna


Monday, November 5, 2012

Hi! (Week 8)

Hello family!!
So this week was great with so many things happening that I really needed! I loved all the pictures dad! Although most were sideways so I now have a kink in my neck...thanks! That shed is nice and blue! haha Kellie-I loved your outfit at the temple and you looked so good!! Mom is that a new jacket? I loved the picture of you guys with shelby too, although um, mom...who said you could wear my shirt huh??? ;) Glad you got lots of shopping done for Lindsey's kids as usual! Dad- don't deny it. You loved it instead of just tagging along! And ya, as for the storm we just got some rain but that's about it. A member showed us some pictures on her phone of some of the damage and it's crazy! Didn't like 40 people die or something? Some of our mission got hit. President Pitt lost power for a few days and stuff. Our phone was constantly going from district leader, zone leader, AP's, and sister Pitt. Is there snow, is it snowing, raining, windy, etc. We were always like no, no, no...it's not even wet here.  :P  Thanks for the morning cookies and fruit leathers!! I love it! Also, if you get a prompting to do something for your Visiting Teachers's just do it. You can't just sit around and wait for things to happen. That reminds me of Pres. Eyring's talk at the RS broadcast about VT's. You don't really need to send the weather report cause it's just cold here. Thanks though! We don't really have a time limit on the computer  although I do have to leave in just a few minutes though cause we have to meet our district up in white sulphur springs, WV soon. I was writing other emails and I had a lot of emails in my inbox! That's so exciting for Nathan and Liz (mission calls of friends)! Ahhh! Tell them and Matt Erickson congrats!! And let me know of other calls!
This week has been such a growing experience and so many little things have stuck out to me that have really helped me grow!! First, 2 Nephi 4:16-35. I don't need to doubt myself at all!! I have the ability and gifts to succeed and I don't need to worry!! I can do it! Also, I was in a lesson when someone prayed for the first time ever. It was simple yet from them, and it was such an amazing experience! We have been given so much and can always rely and communicate with the Lord through prayer! Also, sis. little and I watched the testaments this morning and it hit me so hard! The Savior gave so much for me and suffered so much!! We are soooo blessed to have this gospel and a knowledge of Him! He knows each one of us and can heal all of us in different ways!! Church is the hospital for sinners!! Faith is a wonderful thing as well as scriptures and preach my gospel!! I am learning so much and am loving it! Shoot, um I have to go. I'm so sorry that this is so short. I will make up for it next week I promise!! Just know that I am doing great and am learning so much!! Each day is a new experience and oppportunity to learn so much!! I love it!! Take care and I hope all is going well!! I love you so much!!!!!! Love, Jenna