Monday, November 19, 2012

Hello!!!!! (Week 10)

Hi Family!!!!!!
Goodness it seems like it has been forever since I have talked to you all!! Mom, there were things you said in your email that I was like "what? When did I write that?" haha So, first, I can just get my own journal here since it's so expensive. Thanks for looking! Yes, I'll get a haircut sometime too. I have no idea on when I will call on Christmas. I don't even know where I will be yet, so I will just keep you updated. For Thanksgiving, we will be eating at a family named the Lewis's at 5, and there is an institute dinner at 2 if we want to go to that. Also, we are going to a family on wednesday night and they are having thanksgiving then so we'll be fat! ha As for winter coats, I have no clue if I need a warmer one. Winter last year wasn't that bad so people don't know how this year will be. I think I'll be ok, but if not I can get something here cause there are stores here!
You may be asking where here is, well.......welcome to Morgantown, West Virginia! Home of the #1 party school in the country!!! Hola!! haha It's very close to the Pennsylvania border. And to those *cough dad cough* that said Pennsylvania was not in my mission, it is!! Ha Morgantown 2 elders have it in their area. As we were driving in both of us were just in awe because there were so many people and cars, and stores, and everything. It was crazy! Like entering a new world. So our area here is massive but it's all good. We are in Westover which is across some river from Morgantown, but still very close to everything. Our apartment was pretty bad when we got there even though the elders said they cleaned it. We have been cleaning it, but they are moving us into a better apartment on Dec. 1, so that should be good. Right now we are in a nice sketchy neighborhood, but no need to worry cause I've got good protection! :) I won't give you my address cause it will change soon, so if you do want to send me anything before dec. 1 just send it to the mission home. Ah! I don't like this computer here cause there is a time limit of an hour, and there is a big box on the top letting me know how much time I have! It's stressing me out! Um, as for investigators I guess we kind of have one. He is this massive guy who is a sex offender, but is really trying to change his life and be better. He loves mormons so we're making progress I guess. He loves to talk so it's hard to teach him cause he'll just go into stories. The elders before us were really bad at keeping up their area book, so as if doubling in is not hard enough we have nothing to go off of. It's really frustrating cause we're starting from scratch cause the only other investigator they had is this guy that likes to bible bash. So, what we have to do is now just go out and start finding people in anyway we can to build our teaching pool. I really think we can make a difference here, but it is going to be a lot of hard work, but we can do it. Faith,obedience, and prayers! Pres. Pitt wrote an email saying some general authorities were talking to him and saying that the Lord is hastening His work and is putting people directly in our paths to help them come to the gospel. We have to be doing all we can though to find them as well. It's hard getting to know a whole new ward and everything, but everyone seems really nice. Both wards in the building were so excited to get sister missionaries cause they hven't had sisters in a long time. We have meals with members every day this week! Crazy! The last elders were not the best at all, but they did baptize this awesome family the sunday before we came. Our bishop is crazy, but is great and really cares about the ward and progressing the work.
Um, let's see- I guess it gets pretty cold here, there was something in our bushes last night that freaked both of us out and we couln't get in the door fast enough, there are sirens all the time, and everyone loves to stare at us. It's great though and I'm learning so much! I miss being at home right now especially since so many things are triggering stuff that make me miss home, but it's a sacrifice and is worth it. Thanks for all your love, support, emails, and prayers. Sorry I can't write one to each right now, but I have to write president and I'm running out of time. I love each of you very much and am so thankful for you!! Have a wonderful thanksgiving and I hope all is going well!!!
Love, Jenna
P.S. Mom- that's cool that you fed the missionaries. People do that to us too and we sing our west virginia mission song to them (basically called to serve).

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