Friday, November 29, 2013


Jenna sent some photos with her last email.  Here they are:

I decided that I will write a shorter email today and send you lots of crazy pictures of cold missionaries in Wild and Wonderful West Virginia!!!

                                                    this sign just killed me! really??

                                       just playing a little princess jewelry with a member!

                              It was pouring rain but we raked leaves so it turned our hands all orange so our hands were stained.  My hands became like an oompa loompa!  We got away with this secret act of service though! :)

                            This is one of the best church signs I've seen out here! I love it!

                                                  I just thought this was cool!

Yay!!! 1- we did a little deer stalking/deer hunting with our cameras at the church!! There were so many and this doesn't do it justice!

               All eight of us missionaries in the ward before some got transferred! They are so fun!

 We did a little more leaf raking...this time in the cold and wind for a part member family! It was great!

Snow!!?!?! We came out of dinner and the wind was blowing completely horizontally with snow! Lame!
I just love her!  (Sister Richards)

Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!!! (Week 63)

Hello again!!
      It has been just a short week but it seems like it has been a long time since I emailed last! Weird! My sense of time out here is so warped except for the fact that I only have 12 weeks left! That is a scary thought and one that I don't like too much about being reminded of!! Thanks for the emails although they both seemed really scattered and short! Thanks for writing me though! I don't get like any mail at all anymore so it's nice to get emails! That's cool that you tried to find Sister Fisher! I can't believe that she is done tomorrow!! Crazy but so exciting for her! Will you send me pictures of her that are put up on facebook? I would like that! Thanks for the one of Kylie! It was cute! It sounds like you all are going to have a great family reunion this week and that you will have lots of fun without me! I am sad that I am going to miss all of that time that you have together but at least I will be in there in spirit! ha Oh, dad. I don't like saying this but do you know when my homecoming will be? I would really like for Lindsey and Kellie to be there for it this time! The sunday before the wedding?? Want to see if that can happen! :) Thanks! Mom- thanks for the info about Christmas and when you will be traveling and stuff. I will talk with Sister Richards and we will try to figure out what we will do. We have no idea what our plans will be this far out so I will keep you posted when it gets sooner about when I will call. Also, can we go to the blue lemon when I get back sometime? That sounds really good! :)
      So, it has been a short week but we were able to get soooo much done and have so many amazing experiences!!! Since my first transfer here we have been trying to get a hold of a less active woman and her non-member husband to help them to come to church and become converted to the gospel. They are super hard to get a hold of because they never answer their phone and they very seldomly answer their door. We have been able to talk to them a couple times on their front porch which has been good but nothing else. It has been funny because it's always been me when they open the door with a different companion! haha Their yard has a lot of big trees in it so it was absolutely covered in leaves everywhere! We asked them if we could rake their leaves but they always said no. So, we just decided that we were going to do service for them anyway by raking their leaves one day and hopefully get to them in that way. We came by one day and raked all of their leaves into piles and started putting them in huge bags. Our piles were never ending though!! We eventually ran out of bags and sunlight so we had to stop for the day. Later that night we got a phone call from a number we didn't know but it ended up being the husband saying that he had gotten home from work and all of their leaves were raked up. He asked if we knew anything about that at all?! haha You could tell that he was so appreciative and in a way at a loss for words. He said that they wanted to take us out to dinner because of what we did, so we planned that. On Saturday we got more bags and recruited our zone leaders to come help us, so we finally finished getting the leaves and it was just crazy because we had soooo many bags of leaves that we had lined up for the garbage man. I felt so accomplished!! That night we met them for dinner and they were just so excited and happy to be there with us. They said that no one has ever done that for them and it made them feel so loved. They said the least they could do was to take us out for dinner because we had slaved away at raking up their leaves. They then said that they would love us to come by whenever and talk to them and share a spiritual message with them, so we are so excited!! That experience strengthened my testimony so much about the power of service!!! I had seen things throughout my mission like that, but this one was just a wonderful experience to be a part of. Their hearts were truly softened and opened up to us because we did service for them. They are more apt to talk to us because we took time to show them that we love and care about them! Service really does open doors and I love it!!!
      One other really cool experience pertains to a woman I briefly talked about last email. Remember that day that we were in Flemington and the first woman on the phone was like 'I can't talk now but please come back'...we went to go see her yesterday. She is just the sweetest thing and was in desperate need because we were there for an hour and a half while she just talked to us, and told us her struggles. She has gone through soooooo much and I feel so badly for her because of all that she has gone and is going through but I know that the Lord sent us there because she needed us and the love that we showed to her. She just started crying immediantly when we got in there and she said she didn't know why but she felt like she needed to share all of this with us. She was having terrible days both days that we came by and she recognizes that it's a sign from God that we were sent to her to help her and uplift her. She loved everything we were saying, said she was going to start reading a lot of the book of Mormon that night, and is determined to come to church on sunday. It was just so cool because she was saying that she knows we are from God because she was so happy and smiling last night and felt at peace because of what we did. As we were saying a prayer with her we were holding hands and I felt like I just needed to squeeze her hand during a specific part of the prayer, so I did. She squeezed it back and immediantly started crying. It was a really neat small moment to show her that she is loved and cared about by us and her Heavenly Father as well. That whole experience has just made me even more grateful for having the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my life because it is such a huge blessing that we have!!!! Do we really stop and think about how much of a blessing it is to us?? Being out here has opened my eyes up to soooo much and has taught me that there is so much sadness, trials, and no peace because we don't have the gospel in our lives. I am so grateful for it and for the love that our Savior has for each one of us no matter who we are or what situation we are in right now! We are all children of our Heavenly Father and He wants us to be happy and come to Him and partake of all of the blessings that He has for each one of us!!!!
      Friday was a very miserable day filled with pouring rain all day long which was so annoying, but we got a lot done that day because we were able to have a lot of lessons. I love the investigators that we have and for the members that take such good care of us and help us in anyway! Yesterday I was soooo cold and wanted to just go curl up in a warm blanket and not do anything, but instead we were outside so much trying to find people to teach. We were in the wonderful coldness that 17 degrees brings! By the time we were done I really couldn't feel my legs anymore and I thought Sister Richards was going to have hypothermia or something. She was shivering and shaking so much!! It is going to be a fun winter up here!!! haha Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of true! We are seeing so many blessings and miracles, but we are having to give up things that we are comfortable with to help those around us who are in need! I love it though and couldn't be happier serving those around me! I love being a missionary even if it is hard sometimes!
           I love you all!! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!
                                                              Love, Sister Higgins

Thursday, November 21, 2013

You owe me a frosty!!! (Week 62)

Hello, hello family!!
      This email is going to be short because today is just crazy and we have so much to do today, so I'm sorry in advance!! First, kellie, I emailed you already but I love your dress!!! It is gorgeous and you look beautiful in it!!! I am so excited to see it in person!!! AHHH!! Mom- I was just joking about you being a slacker of sunday school. The way it was worded made it sound like you didn't go. I'm sorry!! Please forgive me!! :) Kylie Moore is getting married?!?! That's a new one!! Pictures? :P Tell Sister Scharffs hello for me! And your going to Grandma's too?! I'm jealous! Why are you going on christmas day though? That seems weird. Thanks for telling me the times so we can figure out a time that I should call.
      So, dad, you owe me a frosty when I get home and I'm holding you to it!!! :) (He bet Jenna a frosty that she was getting transferred to the southern part of her mission).  We got the call on Saturday night and I am staying here in Bridgeport for another transfer!!! hahaha Crazy!! Mom and dad, you guys were both wrong! I have never been in an area for longer than three transfers so it should be fun!! Then we got a call from President on monday night and we were freaking out because we didn't want anything to change. He talked to us and said that we would both be staying in Bridgeport together and that both of us with be Sister Training Leaders (STL)!!!!! WHAT!?!?! Holy moly, I was so excited but nervous!! I had thought that I wouldn't be an STL on my mission because there are so many sisters better qualified than I am and I just didn't see it. It was when I least expected it that it happened, but i am so excited for this transfer and for this opportunity!! I am going to do all I can to help the sisters that I am over and to be a better companion for Sister Richards!! President is wanting to eventually try and put a companionship of STL's in each zone (like zone leaders) but right now we don't have that. I guess in some zones there will be a companionship of STL sisters so that we have experience with it and then we can spread out to more zones in a transfer or two. So, these last two transfers (AHHHH!!!!) will be crazy, but awesome!! It's still weird to me to say that I am a sister trainer leader and that now I have to be a good example to the other sisters! :P I am so excited about it but also very grateful and humbled by it too! I am grateful that Heavenly Father trusts me enough to have me serve in this calling and to do what I can! He always knows what is best for us and knows exactly when things need to happen in our lives that will help us to bring the most good about and so that we can reach our full potential! I know Heavenly Father loves me!! :D Anyways, on wednesday we are going to have a big STL meeting and then all the sisters will come after that and we will have a meeting together down in Charleston!! I am so excited for that and to learn more about how I can help the sisters and how I can do my best in this calling! Have I mentioned how excited I am though to be staying here in Bridgeport with Sister Richards as an STL!!!! It's going to be awesome!!! I feel like the Lord is blessing me so much and I feel like I need to work even harder now to try and pay Him back a little!! It just amazes me how much He blesses us everyday and how He is so aware of us. He blesses us everyday but we have to be looking for it- big and small!! 
      Since I am staying here that will mean I will be here through the holidays and I am so excited about that!! We are having a turkey bowl next week and we are going to dominate! :) There are lots of really cool things that are going to happen around here for the holidays and I am excited to be able to be here for it and to be able to go out and share the gospel with everyone! Sister Richards has a blow up Christmas tree from her mom so we are going to try to put that up today! Yay! Let's see, yesterday we played basketball at the church (aka Sister Higgins did and Sister Richards decided not to because it was too compeititve so she watched! :p ). It was so much fun and it was a great way to end the night! I had some really great baskets too and some awesome steals!! I was proud of myself!! :) Tonight we are playing volleyball and it is going to be so much fun and a great way to end the transfer! 
      We have seen so many miracles lately and have found so many people who are interested in learning about the gospel. It has just been blowing my mind because they are popping up everywhere and we have experiences where you know that you needed to be in that spot at that exact time to help someone feel the love of their Savior and to teach them more! It gets me everytime and it just makes me so happy, grateful, and humbled to know that Heavenly Father is using me to be an instrument in His hand to help His struggling children. I love it!!!!! You can definitely tell that the Lord is hastening His work and that the time to really find the elect and to spread the gospel even more is now!! It really is the work of salvation and we need to do all we can to help it because we were saved for this time because the Lord knew that He could trust us to be successful in this work. He knew that we could be used by Him if we submit to His will and then try to help those around us. I hope that you all recognize how important this work is and that we all need to be a part of it whether big or small. We all make the differnence!! So, one quick miracle that happened yesterday. We went out farther in our area to a town called Flemington cause we had some appointments, referals to contact, and we just wanted to work in that area more. We went out there and our first appointment the woman didn't answer. We walked and found our referal to contact and she was fairly nice but wouldn't let us in and didn't really want to talk to us. We still had two hours before our next appointment (investigators who love us and who would've let us come early but they weren't home yet.). Then we realized the great missionaries we are because we had forgotten our area book and ward roster so we couldn't find any formers or less actives!! So, it was 37 degrees, we didn't know the area that much, and we had two hours to tract and find someone. We started praying really hard cause I already couldn't feel my feet or nose. The first door we knocked on the woman was on the phone and couldn't talk but was begging us to come back another day though. That was cool! The next trailer had lots of ferocious looking dogs that were barking their heads off and looked like they wanted to eat us...we skipped that house. The next trailer had a sun room so we knocked on that but had no answer. I felt like we needed to go in and knock on the inside door so we knocked and a woman came to the door on the phone. She told the person on the phone she had company, hung up, and let us in. We then were able to talk for an hour with her and give her a book of mormon to read. She also broke down crying and said that her nephew had died that morning from pancreatic cancer and she was feeling so down, depressed, sad, and hadn't known what to do. We came by and she said she immediantly felt better and by the time we left she was laughing, smiling, and was so happy. She said that we will never know how much we brightened her day and how we cheered her up because she was feeling so bad. She said to come back anytime and that she will be waiting for us to come because she loves us! Miracle #1. We were walking back to the car which was parked across from our first appointment and as we got there we looked over and saw our investigator outside with her dog. She said we could come in and we then had an hour long lesson with her which went super well. She loved everything we said and said it all makes sense and she really likes it!!! Miracle #2. By the time we finished it was time to go to our next appointment which was good too. It's just amazing though how the Lord knew exactly where we were and is so in the details!! He knew we needed to talk to this woman and help her feel loved and uplifted and then talk to our investigator and everything worked out, so we were able to. The Lord really is there and knows that we need to be in specific places at specific times for things to happen! 
      Well, I hope that you all are doing just wonderful and that you have a wonderful week!! I love you all and will talk to you on monday again!! Thank you for all of the support and love that you give me!! It truly helps!! Love you!!                   
                                                                                               Love, Sister Higgins
P.S. Happy 42 Birthday Daddy!!! :)  (nice joke from Jenna - he's not really 42!)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sister Higgins is not ready for snow yet!!!!! :(

Hello, hello!!

      Happy belated veteran's day to you guys!! The library was closed yesterday so we didn't get to email, but I figured you would figure that out. I completely forgot to tell you last week. Sorry! Thanks for the emails!! It was great to see lots of emails and pictures from you guys!! Yay! I love hearing how you guys are doing! The sunday school class (focused on missionary work, including spotlighting the 10 missionaries serving from the ward) sounds so wonderful! That must have been just awesome cause missionary work is awesome!!  Hopefully there were some good pictures of me and not crazy ones! ha So I hear that Kellie has found the wedding dress eh?? I think her little sister should be able to see a picture of it right? :P That's so exciting though! Yay!! Mom- that's exciting for Kenzie Whitham but wasn't she on a mission? Did she already come back that fast? Weird! And Rachel McCloskey?? I didn't even realize that she was 19!! That is so exciting for her!!! Awesome! Is Claire Larson still engaged? That is so sad about Tom! I was hoping that he would be on the uphill more! Sounds like life is just crazy for him now. I need to write him a letter. I just haven't done it and I need to because I've had the prompting to. I will probably just mail a letter to you guys and have his letter in an envelope in there and then you can get it to him if that's alright. He deserves so much more. Dad- I love that you make mom go hide in the bathroom when she wants chocolate so you can get a little for her from your secret stash ! haha I laughed out loud in the library at that!

      Alright, so I will try to remember all that has happened this week but I am sure that I will miss a lot of it because we have so much happen! This transfer has just been crazy and we have been so busy and running around! We were planning out sunday on saturday night and we looked at our day and realized that we hadn't planned dinner in at all because we had so much to do! ha It's kind of crazy seeing that your day is so full that you can't get food. That's ok though cause we are happy and so much is happening here, and we didn't starve! We got lunch from a member and it was good! Mom- what you said at the end of your email, "hope you have lots of teaching appointments and the days are flying by and you are dead tired! Grow weary in the service of your Lord and you will be happy."  Yeah, are you praying for that? -  because that is what is happening and it's just crazy! I cannot believe that it is already November 12 (14 months out here) and that they days are just going so fast! It is going too fast now! And don't worry, I am so tired! On sunday I couldn't stop yawning all day but especially in church. Everyone probably thought that their lessons were bad becasue I was yawning all the time! ha Oh well though. We are having success and fun and I love it! I wouldn't have it any other way and I am just so grateful for this experience because I have been so happy lately! I love being a missionary! 

      As you saw from the title you may have guessed what is happening here in Bridgeport....NOOOO!!!! We woke up this morning to a couple of inches of snow on the ground and it is still snowing now! Driving over to the library it was a whopping 31 degrees out! I am not ready for winter and snow yet! But, since I am up in the northern part of the mission I guess it is inevitable cause it is worse here than in other parts of the mission. Everyone around here is saying that it is supposed to be a really bad winter this year as well with lots of snow and cold weather...I'm so excited for that!! :'( Oh well though, maybe more people will let us into their homes because they will see that we are freezing cold and that we need to thaw out a little. There's always a good in the situation and you just have to find it! Oh yeah, as we were leaving, our Landlord kept throwing snowballs at us! haha Good thing we have an awesome relationship with him! Bad thing is that I am going to peg him when he least expects it! I love our landlord!!

      I feel like I am jumping all around in the email today so I'm sorry, but I'm just trying to write things down as I remember them so bear with me! So, we had some amazing things that happened this week with some investigators and with Angela! I forgot to mention it last week but right after Angela was baptized she received a calling! Saturday she was baptized, Sunday she was confirmed as a member of the church (along with Corey!) and then after that she was sustained as a Family History Consultant for the ward!!!! Sister Richards and I were so surprised but so excited to see that she has a calling and everything already!! We just love them so much and think that they are amazing!! She loves her calling and is truly magnifying it because she is doing all she can to improve, learn, and do the best she can!! This past Sunday (so the 10th) was just a wonderful Sunday at church! We ended up having three investigators come to church...three!!!! AHH!! Needless to say we were excited that they were all there and to have Angela and Corey there as new members was just awesome! Angela is just doing so great and actually gave a talk on sunday as well!! Bishop wanted her to tell her conversion story, so she explained it and bore her testimony about it in sacrament. She talked about how she was drawn to this church and why we are so happy here, and that she wanted that. She said that she has found so much peace and happiness through this church and she is so grateful that she is member because she loves it and knows it's true! How wonderful is that?? To hear her give such a genuine and powerful testimony that this church, the gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives and brings us peace!! Sister Richards and I wanted to start crying during it! We felt like very happy and proud missionaries! :) We sang 'The Spirit of God' as the intermediate hymn and we all stood to sing it and I had an epiphany during one of the verses. I think it's the third verse and it says something like as we stay faithful and true then we will begin to inherit the visions and blessings and glories of God  As I read that through I realized that the Lord has always been blessing me and is really blessing me right now! In the back of the chapel was an investigator who loves institute and the book of mormon and is learning so much, on my left was an investigator couple who loves us sisters and need to be sealed in the temple because their marriage is amazing! Behind me were Angela and Corey, our recent converts who are just amazing and are learning so much and who I learned so much from as we taught them. And, on my right is my wonderful companion who has taught me so much and who I love so much!! In that moment I realized that as I've gone through my mission I've tried to be faithful in what I do, to continue to work hard even when we have adversity, and to stay true to my testimony and what I do know is true. I know I haven't been perfect but that's the point of this life-to learn and to grow from it. So, since I've gone through all that and tried hard, I am now in Bridgeport and on this sunday was surrounded by people that I truly love and care about and who have helped me a lot, and hopefully I have helped them in some way as well. But, to know that the Lord has seen what I have done and is blessing me now in physical ways was just amazing to me! I love the spirit and having things make sense and to realize that the Lord really does have a plan for each one of us. I love being a missionary and I love knowing that the atonement is there to help me in all I do! I know I haven't been perfect out here and that I have made mistakes, complained about struggles and other things, and that I have gotten down at times. Thinking on that now I'm not proud of all that but I know that I have learned from it and that it has taught me lessons that I needed to learn, so it has helped shape me into someone better! When we truly try to become like Christ we don't look inward even when those times get tough or things don't work out how we want them to. We look outward to see how we can help those around us and to see how we can lift those who are struggling more than we are. When we do that our problems are lightened and we don't realize that we are struggling because we are helping that person become happier and to feel their Savior's love. I hope that all made sense. But, I'm just grateful that I have learned so much and that I have changed to become a little more like the Savior! :)

      Alright, so the last big thing that I forgot to mention was that Elder Sitati of the seventy came and spoke to us last friday as a part of our mission tour. We went down to Sissonville, which is right outside of Charleston, and he spoke to the north half of the mission on friday. It was sooooo good!!! He broke down our purpose as missionaries and we talked about different parts individually so that we could understand it better!! Holy moly it was wonderful and I learned so much from him!!! The spirit there was so strong and I just loved hearing him speak. I love having general authorities come and speak to us because they truly are called of God. One amazing thing that happened while we were there was that during lunch I was given the opportunity to talk to him individually for a couple of minutes. President came in and introduced me to him and said some things about me that started making him and me cry and that I deserved this chance to talk to him. Oh my goodness, I just love President so, so much!!! That experience was amazing and I loved it!! I was able to ask him any questions that I had and then he gave me answers to them and then went on and talked about other gospel things that just blew my mind!!! I hadn't even thought of some of the things that he said and he just put it into a completely new perspective for me and I loved it!!! :) I scribbled everything down after I came out of that meeting with him! ha It's just amazing how much we can learn in this gospel because there is just knowledge that is never ending!! I love it!!! He thanked me at the end for my service, for helping Angela and Corey, and said that I am a great missionary, and that the Lord still has a lot in store for me as a missionary!! That made me feel so happy and just helped me know even more that the Lord is proud of me for serving Him!! 

      Really fast, we played Corn Hole yesterday at our zone p-day and I dominated! haha I had never played it before but I was so good at it. You are on a team and have to throw bean bags at a board and you want it to go in the hole cause you get more points but it can just land on the wood as well. If the other team gets the same amount of bean bags as you on the wood or in the hole then your score gets canceled out. The scoring gets confusing but you go to 21. It was so fun cause I was frustrating some of the elders because I could not miss and I kept getting it in the hole on like every shot!! It was great!! I like that game now! ha :) 

      So, that in a nutshell was our week! Super crazy busy, but so much fun!! I absolutely love serving with Sister Richards and am learning a lot from her!! We have way too much fun together and always seem to be laughing. We've had times where the spirit between us is so strong and then we go to say our bed time prayer and we just start laughing so it makes it impossible to pray. I love it! We're hoping that this coming transfer we will both stay here in Bridgeport! We'll see though! Emails are next wednesday! I love you guys so much and hope that you have a wonderful week! 

                                             Love, Sister Jenna Higgins

This is our bishop at our halloween party! Maybe you shouldn't put this one up on the blog! ha 

Brother Haws (ward mission leader) and corey. Bro. Haws said since he's short Corey had to bend down! 
                                                                   Angela and Corey!!

                                                                    I love baptisms!  

                                              Bro. Haws baptized them! :) He felt so honored!

                              The Sunday they got confirmed we all wore braids without realizing it! ha

                                                                        Braids again! 

                                                       Sister Bass' cats....

                                                                  ...and grandson! ha

                                                Our sad little dying pumpkins from halloween! 

                                                I think I need to get one of these things! haha :) 

                                                             Blurry picture of corn hole!

                                                            Me dominating our first game! 

                                                     This is what we woke up to today! :( 

                        Our awesome companionship in the snow before we got attacked by our landlord! ha

                                                    Sad Sister Higgins because of the snow! 

Monday, November 4, 2013

I'm way too happy right now! : ) (Week 60)

Well hello again!

      I feel like I just emailed you, but at the same time I was so ready to hear from you all again! Thanks for the pictures and emails! It's always wonderful to hear what is going on with you guys and to see pictures! :) I hope all continues to go well and that you get all that you need to done! Kellie- how was Texas and the apartment hunting? Did you find one you liked? Hope so! That's terrible about the snow in Utah! haha We haven't gotten anything too bad yet. One day it was spitting snow but that's all that happened. Apparently it is supposed to be a really cold and bad winter here...yay! Good thing I leave in February then! 

      So, let's see if I can get through everything in this email that I want to! So, this week was Halloween which just seems so weird and I can't believe that it is already November!! Where is the time going?? (Hey, you should send me a picture of how far along I am on my mission chart! I bet it is getting filled up) So, we had dinner at a members house on Halloween and we had gotten there a little later than we were supposed to because we ended up having a great lesson when we were 2x2ing so then we had to race over there, but it was ok. We were sharing a message with them before we left and we kept getting interrupted because they had trick or treaters come to the door! ha We would be talking and then have to pause and then talk again and then repeat that process! One time there was a kid that came and then fell down the stairs :( It was so sad but so funny cause we were just sitting and listening to it all happen in the other room. I guess that's what you get when it is a rainy and cold Halloween night. After that we decided that we would try to go see some potentials, referrals, and less actives who never answer for us. It's Halloween so whenever someone comes to the door you have to answer it right?! It's like a sneak attack cause then they can't ignore you...wrong-o!! We were out for like an hour going to all these different places in the rain and not one person answered!!! Lame! ha We were so confused because they should be answering their door since it's Halloween and then they can't say no to us! I am convinced that some people have a missionary radar or something and then they know when we are coming, but we will get them some time! :) We still had fun though and I just said that I was building an even greater mansion in heaven because of it! We had a Ward Halloween party/trunk or treat the next night and that was really fun! I think you would have liked my costume...I dressed up as a mormon missionary! :p We had a huge turnout though and it was awesome to see so many investigators, less actives, and part member families there!! It was a success because we hadn't seen some less actives in a while and then they showed up to the party so we were super happy about that! It was crazy cause they had a ton of food there, and some of the leftovers they tried to pawn off the food on us but we escaped without it! :p It was super fun though and we were able to go around and talk to a lot of people! 

      We also had President Interviews this week and that was really good!! I was so excited for it because I had things that I wanted to talk to him about and because I was just so happy about Axxxx and Cxxxx! :) I ended up going first and as soon as we got in the hall he linked his arm in mine and just started talking about how the Lord has such a specific plan for me and that it is perfect. We got in there and it was the best President Interview I have ever had and I just loved it so much! President makes you feel so comfortable and you feel like you can just talk to him about anything in there because he loves you so much! We were talking about so much and I just started crying in there not because anything was upsetting or because I was frustrated with anything, but because I was just so happy!!! I was so happy and I just felt the love of President Pitt and the Lord so much that it just added on to everything else I was feeling and I just cried because I was happy! :) Got to love emotions right?! I loved that interview because it was an answer to many of my prayers and I just know even more that I have helped so many people out here and that the Lord has been using me as an instrument in many ways!!! I just love President!! The Lord knows exactly who our mission president needs to be because they help us with exactly what we need! :)

      Alright, so on to the exciting event of the week...Axxxx and Cxxxx Jxxxx were baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on saturday!!!! Wohoooooooo!!!!!!!! Oh my heavens I can't even describe to you how happy I was/am and how amazing that was!! It was so wonderful and they were so excited and ready for it!! I was just so overwhelmed with gratitude, happiness, excitement, love etc because I was privileged to be a part of their conversion process. I was thinking about it this morning and I was the first missionary that talked to Axxxx on the phone for the first time and was able to go through this with them and then I was able to be at their baptisms!!! That is amazing!!! I said earlier in my mission that I wanted to help someone from the very beginning and see them all the way through til baptism, but I didn't know if that would happen. That wasn't the best attitude though because I just saw that happen... with two people!!! Gah..I just can't even tell you how wonderful it was and how good I felt. The spirit was there so strongly and it was so neat to see Axxxx and Cxxxx so excited about it and so ready for it. At the Halloween party the night before Axxxx was saying 'less than 24 hours til I'm baptized' and was so excited!! I just love her and Cxxxx so much!!! We were able to watch their baptisms from the font and it was just so great! Axxxx was baptized first and before she we went out into the font we just had a little moment in the bathroom by the font door with Axxxx, Sister Richards and me and we were able to talk a minute and have a group hug. It was so neat and the spirit was so strong!! Watching her come up out of the water she looked so happy, smiled, and just breathed a sigh of relief as she just closed her eyes and took a moment to feel the peace with her. To see that made me want to start crying because she just looked so happy and peaceful!! I just felt like on Saturday and Sunday I was on a little cloud and have been so happy, peaceful, and I just love it!! Sister Richards said that I was just radiating so much light and joy all day yesterday which made her so happy! haha I absolutely love serving with her!! We didn't just have two baptisms...we had Axxxx and Cxxxx's baptism and that made me so happy because I know that the Lord is watching out for me!! I've learned so much over the past little while, and I know even more that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ know EXACTLY who we are and what we need!! We don't go through anything that is not for our benefit even if it's hard at the time!! I know that I have been shaped this whole time by Him so that I could learn all that I needed to, so that I could contribute what I needed to contribute to Axxxx! The Lord never forgets us and will ALWAYS bless us for our efforts and will always answer our prayers, in His time though!! I am just so grateful for this experience that I have had and am so humbled by it! I love missionary work and I love this gospel!!! Thank you for all that you do and for the support that you give me!! I love you!!!

                                                    Love, Sister Jenna Higgins
P.S. I have pictures but my cord is not working! :( We are going to the store later on and I am going to get a card reader which I think will work better! Will send pictures either today or a bit later!! Sorry!!! Love you!!!