Friday, November 29, 2013


Jenna sent some photos with her last email.  Here they are:

I decided that I will write a shorter email today and send you lots of crazy pictures of cold missionaries in Wild and Wonderful West Virginia!!!

                                                    this sign just killed me! really??

                                       just playing a little princess jewelry with a member!

                              It was pouring rain but we raked leaves so it turned our hands all orange so our hands were stained.  My hands became like an oompa loompa!  We got away with this secret act of service though! :)

                            This is one of the best church signs I've seen out here! I love it!

                                                  I just thought this was cool!

Yay!!! 1- we did a little deer stalking/deer hunting with our cameras at the church!! There were so many and this doesn't do it justice!

               All eight of us missionaries in the ward before some got transferred! They are so fun!

 We did a little more leaf raking...this time in the cold and wind for a part member family! It was great!

Snow!!?!?! We came out of dinner and the wind was blowing completely horizontally with snow! Lame!
I just love her!  (Sister Richards)

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