Monday, November 4, 2013

I'm way too happy right now! : ) (Week 60)

Well hello again!

      I feel like I just emailed you, but at the same time I was so ready to hear from you all again! Thanks for the pictures and emails! It's always wonderful to hear what is going on with you guys and to see pictures! :) I hope all continues to go well and that you get all that you need to done! Kellie- how was Texas and the apartment hunting? Did you find one you liked? Hope so! That's terrible about the snow in Utah! haha We haven't gotten anything too bad yet. One day it was spitting snow but that's all that happened. Apparently it is supposed to be a really cold and bad winter here...yay! Good thing I leave in February then! 

      So, let's see if I can get through everything in this email that I want to! So, this week was Halloween which just seems so weird and I can't believe that it is already November!! Where is the time going?? (Hey, you should send me a picture of how far along I am on my mission chart! I bet it is getting filled up) So, we had dinner at a members house on Halloween and we had gotten there a little later than we were supposed to because we ended up having a great lesson when we were 2x2ing so then we had to race over there, but it was ok. We were sharing a message with them before we left and we kept getting interrupted because they had trick or treaters come to the door! ha We would be talking and then have to pause and then talk again and then repeat that process! One time there was a kid that came and then fell down the stairs :( It was so sad but so funny cause we were just sitting and listening to it all happen in the other room. I guess that's what you get when it is a rainy and cold Halloween night. After that we decided that we would try to go see some potentials, referrals, and less actives who never answer for us. It's Halloween so whenever someone comes to the door you have to answer it right?! It's like a sneak attack cause then they can't ignore you...wrong-o!! We were out for like an hour going to all these different places in the rain and not one person answered!!! Lame! ha We were so confused because they should be answering their door since it's Halloween and then they can't say no to us! I am convinced that some people have a missionary radar or something and then they know when we are coming, but we will get them some time! :) We still had fun though and I just said that I was building an even greater mansion in heaven because of it! We had a Ward Halloween party/trunk or treat the next night and that was really fun! I think you would have liked my costume...I dressed up as a mormon missionary! :p We had a huge turnout though and it was awesome to see so many investigators, less actives, and part member families there!! It was a success because we hadn't seen some less actives in a while and then they showed up to the party so we were super happy about that! It was crazy cause they had a ton of food there, and some of the leftovers they tried to pawn off the food on us but we escaped without it! :p It was super fun though and we were able to go around and talk to a lot of people! 

      We also had President Interviews this week and that was really good!! I was so excited for it because I had things that I wanted to talk to him about and because I was just so happy about Axxxx and Cxxxx! :) I ended up going first and as soon as we got in the hall he linked his arm in mine and just started talking about how the Lord has such a specific plan for me and that it is perfect. We got in there and it was the best President Interview I have ever had and I just loved it so much! President makes you feel so comfortable and you feel like you can just talk to him about anything in there because he loves you so much! We were talking about so much and I just started crying in there not because anything was upsetting or because I was frustrated with anything, but because I was just so happy!!! I was so happy and I just felt the love of President Pitt and the Lord so much that it just added on to everything else I was feeling and I just cried because I was happy! :) Got to love emotions right?! I loved that interview because it was an answer to many of my prayers and I just know even more that I have helped so many people out here and that the Lord has been using me as an instrument in many ways!!! I just love President!! The Lord knows exactly who our mission president needs to be because they help us with exactly what we need! :)

      Alright, so on to the exciting event of the week...Axxxx and Cxxxx Jxxxx were baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on saturday!!!! Wohoooooooo!!!!!!!! Oh my heavens I can't even describe to you how happy I was/am and how amazing that was!! It was so wonderful and they were so excited and ready for it!! I was just so overwhelmed with gratitude, happiness, excitement, love etc because I was privileged to be a part of their conversion process. I was thinking about it this morning and I was the first missionary that talked to Axxxx on the phone for the first time and was able to go through this with them and then I was able to be at their baptisms!!! That is amazing!!! I said earlier in my mission that I wanted to help someone from the very beginning and see them all the way through til baptism, but I didn't know if that would happen. That wasn't the best attitude though because I just saw that happen... with two people!!! Gah..I just can't even tell you how wonderful it was and how good I felt. The spirit was there so strongly and it was so neat to see Axxxx and Cxxxx so excited about it and so ready for it. At the Halloween party the night before Axxxx was saying 'less than 24 hours til I'm baptized' and was so excited!! I just love her and Cxxxx so much!!! We were able to watch their baptisms from the font and it was just so great! Axxxx was baptized first and before she we went out into the font we just had a little moment in the bathroom by the font door with Axxxx, Sister Richards and me and we were able to talk a minute and have a group hug. It was so neat and the spirit was so strong!! Watching her come up out of the water she looked so happy, smiled, and just breathed a sigh of relief as she just closed her eyes and took a moment to feel the peace with her. To see that made me want to start crying because she just looked so happy and peaceful!! I just felt like on Saturday and Sunday I was on a little cloud and have been so happy, peaceful, and I just love it!! Sister Richards said that I was just radiating so much light and joy all day yesterday which made her so happy! haha I absolutely love serving with her!! We didn't just have two baptisms...we had Axxxx and Cxxxx's baptism and that made me so happy because I know that the Lord is watching out for me!! I've learned so much over the past little while, and I know even more that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ know EXACTLY who we are and what we need!! We don't go through anything that is not for our benefit even if it's hard at the time!! I know that I have been shaped this whole time by Him so that I could learn all that I needed to, so that I could contribute what I needed to contribute to Axxxx! The Lord never forgets us and will ALWAYS bless us for our efforts and will always answer our prayers, in His time though!! I am just so grateful for this experience that I have had and am so humbled by it! I love missionary work and I love this gospel!!! Thank you for all that you do and for the support that you give me!! I love you!!!

                                                    Love, Sister Jenna Higgins
P.S. I have pictures but my cord is not working! :( We are going to the store later on and I am going to get a card reader which I think will work better! Will send pictures either today or a bit later!! Sorry!!! Love you!!!

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