Thursday, November 21, 2013

You owe me a frosty!!! (Week 62)

Hello, hello family!!
      This email is going to be short because today is just crazy and we have so much to do today, so I'm sorry in advance!! First, kellie, I emailed you already but I love your dress!!! It is gorgeous and you look beautiful in it!!! I am so excited to see it in person!!! AHHH!! Mom- I was just joking about you being a slacker of sunday school. The way it was worded made it sound like you didn't go. I'm sorry!! Please forgive me!! :) Kylie Moore is getting married?!?! That's a new one!! Pictures? :P Tell Sister Scharffs hello for me! And your going to Grandma's too?! I'm jealous! Why are you going on christmas day though? That seems weird. Thanks for telling me the times so we can figure out a time that I should call.
      So, dad, you owe me a frosty when I get home and I'm holding you to it!!! :) (He bet Jenna a frosty that she was getting transferred to the southern part of her mission).  We got the call on Saturday night and I am staying here in Bridgeport for another transfer!!! hahaha Crazy!! Mom and dad, you guys were both wrong! I have never been in an area for longer than three transfers so it should be fun!! Then we got a call from President on monday night and we were freaking out because we didn't want anything to change. He talked to us and said that we would both be staying in Bridgeport together and that both of us with be Sister Training Leaders (STL)!!!!! WHAT!?!?! Holy moly, I was so excited but nervous!! I had thought that I wouldn't be an STL on my mission because there are so many sisters better qualified than I am and I just didn't see it. It was when I least expected it that it happened, but i am so excited for this transfer and for this opportunity!! I am going to do all I can to help the sisters that I am over and to be a better companion for Sister Richards!! President is wanting to eventually try and put a companionship of STL's in each zone (like zone leaders) but right now we don't have that. I guess in some zones there will be a companionship of STL sisters so that we have experience with it and then we can spread out to more zones in a transfer or two. So, these last two transfers (AHHHH!!!!) will be crazy, but awesome!! It's still weird to me to say that I am a sister trainer leader and that now I have to be a good example to the other sisters! :P I am so excited about it but also very grateful and humbled by it too! I am grateful that Heavenly Father trusts me enough to have me serve in this calling and to do what I can! He always knows what is best for us and knows exactly when things need to happen in our lives that will help us to bring the most good about and so that we can reach our full potential! I know Heavenly Father loves me!! :D Anyways, on wednesday we are going to have a big STL meeting and then all the sisters will come after that and we will have a meeting together down in Charleston!! I am so excited for that and to learn more about how I can help the sisters and how I can do my best in this calling! Have I mentioned how excited I am though to be staying here in Bridgeport with Sister Richards as an STL!!!! It's going to be awesome!!! I feel like the Lord is blessing me so much and I feel like I need to work even harder now to try and pay Him back a little!! It just amazes me how much He blesses us everyday and how He is so aware of us. He blesses us everyday but we have to be looking for it- big and small!! 
      Since I am staying here that will mean I will be here through the holidays and I am so excited about that!! We are having a turkey bowl next week and we are going to dominate! :) There are lots of really cool things that are going to happen around here for the holidays and I am excited to be able to be here for it and to be able to go out and share the gospel with everyone! Sister Richards has a blow up Christmas tree from her mom so we are going to try to put that up today! Yay! Let's see, yesterday we played basketball at the church (aka Sister Higgins did and Sister Richards decided not to because it was too compeititve so she watched! :p ). It was so much fun and it was a great way to end the night! I had some really great baskets too and some awesome steals!! I was proud of myself!! :) Tonight we are playing volleyball and it is going to be so much fun and a great way to end the transfer! 
      We have seen so many miracles lately and have found so many people who are interested in learning about the gospel. It has just been blowing my mind because they are popping up everywhere and we have experiences where you know that you needed to be in that spot at that exact time to help someone feel the love of their Savior and to teach them more! It gets me everytime and it just makes me so happy, grateful, and humbled to know that Heavenly Father is using me to be an instrument in His hand to help His struggling children. I love it!!!!! You can definitely tell that the Lord is hastening His work and that the time to really find the elect and to spread the gospel even more is now!! It really is the work of salvation and we need to do all we can to help it because we were saved for this time because the Lord knew that He could trust us to be successful in this work. He knew that we could be used by Him if we submit to His will and then try to help those around us. I hope that you all recognize how important this work is and that we all need to be a part of it whether big or small. We all make the differnence!! So, one quick miracle that happened yesterday. We went out farther in our area to a town called Flemington cause we had some appointments, referals to contact, and we just wanted to work in that area more. We went out there and our first appointment the woman didn't answer. We walked and found our referal to contact and she was fairly nice but wouldn't let us in and didn't really want to talk to us. We still had two hours before our next appointment (investigators who love us and who would've let us come early but they weren't home yet.). Then we realized the great missionaries we are because we had forgotten our area book and ward roster so we couldn't find any formers or less actives!! So, it was 37 degrees, we didn't know the area that much, and we had two hours to tract and find someone. We started praying really hard cause I already couldn't feel my feet or nose. The first door we knocked on the woman was on the phone and couldn't talk but was begging us to come back another day though. That was cool! The next trailer had lots of ferocious looking dogs that were barking their heads off and looked like they wanted to eat us...we skipped that house. The next trailer had a sun room so we knocked on that but had no answer. I felt like we needed to go in and knock on the inside door so we knocked and a woman came to the door on the phone. She told the person on the phone she had company, hung up, and let us in. We then were able to talk for an hour with her and give her a book of mormon to read. She also broke down crying and said that her nephew had died that morning from pancreatic cancer and she was feeling so down, depressed, sad, and hadn't known what to do. We came by and she said she immediantly felt better and by the time we left she was laughing, smiling, and was so happy. She said that we will never know how much we brightened her day and how we cheered her up because she was feeling so bad. She said to come back anytime and that she will be waiting for us to come because she loves us! Miracle #1. We were walking back to the car which was parked across from our first appointment and as we got there we looked over and saw our investigator outside with her dog. She said we could come in and we then had an hour long lesson with her which went super well. She loved everything we said and said it all makes sense and she really likes it!!! Miracle #2. By the time we finished it was time to go to our next appointment which was good too. It's just amazing though how the Lord knew exactly where we were and is so in the details!! He knew we needed to talk to this woman and help her feel loved and uplifted and then talk to our investigator and everything worked out, so we were able to. The Lord really is there and knows that we need to be in specific places at specific times for things to happen! 
      Well, I hope that you all are doing just wonderful and that you have a wonderful week!! I love you all and will talk to you on monday again!! Thank you for all of the support and love that you give me!! It truly helps!! Love you!!                   
                                                                                               Love, Sister Higgins
P.S. Happy 42 Birthday Daddy!!! :)  (nice joke from Jenna - he's not really 42!)

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