Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October 28....say what?! (Week 59)

Hello again!!

      Thanks for the emails...my inbox was just exploding with emails!! Crazy! I felt so popular...especially since I haven't gotten a ton of snail mail lately so I liked the emails! Mom- Thanks for the pictures! Crazy! You should make sweet potato fries when I get home! Yummy! :p That is so cool about the people you are helping come back to church! You are making such a difference in their lives! I have seen people out here who have had their lives changed.  Don't ever give up on them. Christ left the 99 and went for the 1. Even when it seems like we keep doing things and nothing is happening don't give up! You are making a difference even if it's small and it will affect them later on. Keep going!!! I am so happy for you! It made me so happy to hear that you get to have experiences like that because they help your testimony grow and it just makes you feel so good! Congrats on your white christmas for yourself and those people! Nice work! :) We'll see how long this email is cause I just spent time doing other things and we have a busy day but I will do what I can! Oh dad, the standard of excellence is .5 baptisms (per month), 2 baptismal dates, 2 at sacrament, 3 member presents, and 3 new investigators each week.We didn't get it this week, but maybe this week! 

       So, I don't even know where to begin...but basically this week was just as amazing as well and I just love it! This transfer has flown by so fast and it is not cool because I don't want it to go by this quickly, but it just seems to just speeding up! When I saw christmas things already starting to pop up around walmart last week I wanted to cry. I think when they start putting up valentine's things in the store I will probably just start crying and everything in the store. That may be a good tactic to get to talk to more people!! haha Got to think outside the box, right?! 

       Basically this week has just been cold. We go on our morning walks and about freeze because it is so cold! I finally figured it out because it wasn't this cold last year, but I was down in Covington which is south so of course it would be warmer. I am now just in like the coldest part of the mission...yay me! :p Lots of frost already and on tuesday it started snowing some!!!! ARGGG!!! Sister Richards and I had a little panic attack while we were driving because it cannot snow yet!! Lots of rain this week too though which was miserable but oh well. 

       We took the young women out with us on wednesday for their activity and they absolutely loved it!! The three girls that came are all thinking about going on missions but are kind of scared or didn't know exactly what we did. We only took them out for an hour or so, but they all loved it and thought that it was so much better than what they expected! They want to do it again because they liked it so much! It was cool to help them see that missionary work is fun and that you can help so many people in their lives even just by talking to them for a short time or getting to know them! I felt like I was back on temple square that one time when I was younger (14ish?) and I kept asking all the sister missionaries what they thought of their mission and if they liked it and if I should go, etc. In a way, the roles were now reversed and I was that sister missionary talking about my mission and how amazing it is and how it will help them so much and that they will love it! :) It was cool to realize that because it made me just so thankful that I talked to them and then actually decided to go on a mission because it truly is the best experience that I have ever had! It is amazing and I am just so grateful and humbled by it because I have learned so much from it! I love it so much!

        This week we had a lot of amazing lessons with different people and especially with Axxxx and Cxxxx!! I just can't say enough about them and how grateful I am to be a part of this! They are changing so much and are so much happier and at peace with life. Everything that we teach them they just soak up and want to know more and more! It seems like she is always asking what else can she read and study! I feel like she is studying way more than me cause she is just tearing through everything and wants to read it all! I love it because it makes me want to study more and increase my own testimony and knowledge! They are so, so excited for their baptisms on saturday and can't wait. We showed them the baptismal font yesterday and talked about baptism while we were in there with them. We had a member there with us who was baptized last year and she talked about her baptism some, and the spirit in there was so strong and so sweet. It was so cool! I couldn't stop smiling the entire time! It was like a smile was plastered on my face from ear to ear...attractive right?! :p I'm pretty sure I make Sister Richards laugh at me because I am just so excited about everything and am just amazed at how it is all working out! I just get so happy and excited about it! Such an amazing and beautiful thing! Oh, one cool thing, that I wanted to mention. I think in my last email I talked about how last sunday we ate with some members and the spirit there was soooo strong! Well we walked into church yesterday and there was their less active son sitting in the pew with them for church!!!! We talked to him and he said that our lesson was really good and it inspired him and made him want to come to church that day!!! :D AHHHH!!!! We were so happy! He said that he is not church going and doesn't know what to do about church and stuff, but he was happy to be there and he was grateful for us. It was such a cool experience because even though it was right after sacrament and it was kind of crazy we were in this little bubble cause we had the spirit there so strongly and were able to just testify to him of church and that we could help him in anyway!!! It was so neat and my smile just got even bigger with that!!! haha Gah, I just love missionary work!

      Can you guys believe that this week is Halloween and November???? What the heck?! It is going so fast!! I have a pretty good idea of what I am going to dress up as for Halloween. I've been thinking that I want to dress up as a mormon missionary! What do you think? :p We are supposed to have quite a few less actives and investigators come to our Halloween party this week, so I'm excited! Lots of things happening here! I feel like I have never been so busy on my mission cause we are always running, but I love it! Things are happening here and it is awesome! Well, I know that a lot of other things happened this week but I can't remember them! Sorry! Know that life here is good and that I am learning so much! I feel so blessed and watched over right now! I know that Heavenly Father is completely aware of each one of us and that He loves us so much!! I love you guys too!! Have a wonderful week!!

                                                                  Love, Sister Jenna Higgins!

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