Monday, October 21, 2013

So Happy :D (Week 58)

Well hello there family!!

     Ok, maybe it is just me but I do not feel like it is monday and that I should be here emailing again! This week has absolutely FLOWN by!! AhHHH!! Thanks for the emails. Mom- some of the things didn't come through though. (photos) Sorry! Dad- you broke your glasses!! hahaha I liked the tape! Hope you like the new ones! That's crazy about the travel documents that they sent to you. Are you sure that it wasn't for Elder Nelson? He is coming home the transfer after me I think. I haven't seen or heard anything yet. That's super weird to think about. I'm excited about the holidays because then we can go caroling or a lot of different things. But I'm not as excited because a lot of people say to come back after the holidays. Last year Sister Tuckett and I struggled around the holidays because no one wants to talk to you until after, but the work is hastening so we will see. It will be good though! What happened with that trial because you both kind of let the other one explain it and I didn't really get anything out of it. (Mom's work) Sounds like you had a good holiday (Columbus Day)...oh those days when you don't have to do anything! ha Mom- that is crazy about Sister Tuckett!! (Found a slightly distant work connection between Jenna's mom and Sis.Tuckett's dad) It's amazing how small of a world it is! I got the package and loved it! Thank you so much!! I hadn't gotten much mail so that was nice! Also, I loved Becky's picture and also Scott's. I need to write Grandma back! She sent me a letter just because she knows that I like getting mail! She is so cute!

     So, this week has been just absolutely wonderful and I am just feeling so humbled, blessed, and happy right now!! This week we were absolutely full and had so much that we had to do that we were constantly running and everywhere, everyday! It felt like we never got a break, but the days absolutely FLEW by!! When I thought it should be like wednesday or thursday it was actually sunday! AHHHHH!!! Time is going by even faster and it's crazy! My mission has definitely sped up and is going faster and faster and I feel like I can't do anything because it is going so fast! I don't even know where to begin to start telling you about this week. I should just say that it was awesome and then stop there! I guess the biggest thing though is that we are going to have a little thing called a baptism coming up!! Woot!! We were able to set Axxxx and Cxxxx on date for November 2 and they are super excited!!! We had an awesome lesson with them on tuesday about the plan of salvation and the spirit was there really strong! We got there and she had kept all of her commitments and read so much more in the book of mormon and done all the questions in the back of the pamphlet, and so much more!! She kept spouting things off about what she had done and it was amazing!! So cool! When we asked Axxxx to be baptized she immediately said YES, and then pulled out her notebook to know what they needed to do to be baptized! When they said yes, I almost started crying right in the lesson because I was so happy!! I know that the Lord really is aware of me and is watching out for me! I had been praying that I would be able to be a better instrument in the Lord's hands and that if it was His will to be able to bring another person into the gospel. Well, we are going to have two and I am just sooo happy!! When we patiently wait and do all we can through the experiences and trials that are placed before us the Lord will bless us richly because He knows that we are trying and continuing to work even when it is hard! It has been amazing because I have been able to see this from the beginning and it has just been a neat experience to see her progress so rapidly and to help her along the way. She is changing inside and out. She is soooo elect and ready for this gospel that it's not even funny! Something just clicked and she is just on fire now and is doing all she can now to learn and grow!! I love it! Just like with Dxxxx, when we were teaching her and helped her be baptized, I have seen a physical change in Axxxx as we've been meeting. She is brighter, happier, and so much more! You can tell that she is feeling the spirit and working to better her life and it shows in how she looks and what she is doing. She was like, 'ok, I'll just get rid of the coffee and I can substitute my tea for honey and lemon' and just things like that. Instantly! She wanted a soda one day with her husband but they gave her an iced tea accidentally, she took one sip, and gave it to her husband because she couldn't drink it. She came on saturday morning to a relief society thing and looked so tired. She apoligized for being late but said that she had just kind of sat there and didn't realize what time it was...why??? Because she didn't have her coffee in the morning to wake her up! She was happy though and knew that she would be blessed for it! It is just wonderful and Sister Richards and I are having so much fun teaching her!! I am so excited for their baptism because they are ready! Cxxxx is a genius and was contributing so much to gospel principles yesterday!! I feel blessed to be able to be a part of their conversion!!

     We have eight missionaries here and it is nuts but so much fun!! Some of our elders are crazy but I love them so much!! We are in the same district too and we all just have fun together! It is great to have lots of crazy, fun missionaries in the ward to help pump up the members and the work! :) We had a BBQ on saturday and it was so cold and rainy, but so much fun! Cold missionaries= lots of laughing and having a good time! haha I love serving in Bridgeport with Sister Richards and know it is where I need to be!! She has taught me so much in just this short time together!! Hopefully I have taught her something! It has been great though because we worked so hard this week and saw so many blessings because of it! Oh, we actually reached the Standard of Excellence that the mission has! I was so excited because I have never reached it before, so we were super happy last night when we added everything up...I may or may not have done a little happy dance! :p

     We had a lesson last night with some members and it was such a neat experience! We shared some scriptures and bore our testimonies and then watched the mormon message, 'Mountains to Climb.' If you haven't watched that yet, go watch it now because it is absolutely amazing and applies to each one of us!! The spirit in that lesson was so strong that it was literally tangible!! The parents were both crying and so touched and I was taught so much by the spirit during that lesson and felt so comforted and loved!! It was a wonderful lesson and was so neat! The Lord really knows us and is aware of us and each of our situations! It is so neat to me to see His hand everyday. To be able to be an instrument in His hand each day, to pray to know what His children need, and then to be able to know what to share by the spirit, and to see them so touched in the lesson is my favorite! I love being able to represent my Savior and helping His children! It's a testimony to me that God lives and knows us personally and that He is there for us every step of the way. So often prayers and questions are answered by other people. It has made me think more about what I am going to do everyday so that I can try to be an answer to one of those prayers!

     Life is just great right now and I couldn't be better!! We worked so hard last week and saw blessings, and I am just so happy right now!! Sister Richards and I get along so well and have way too much fun together! :) Last night we about died because we were laughing so hard! I love her so much and am learning so much from her! She is such a wonderful missionary that is changing so many lives!! I don't really have anything else to say right now, except that I am so excited for Axxxx and Cxxxx, and that I am happy to be serving here! Our area is starting to catch fire finally!! I love this work and know that it is true! Hope you have a wonderful week!!! Love you all!!!!                                           
                                                       Love, Sister Jenna Higgins  

     Oh, one thing I forgot to add onto the paragraph with Axxxx! Last week when they came to church they loved it so much and thought it was wonderful! Cxxxx said that he should just grow his hair out and become a hippie because he felt so peaceful at church! ha Then she texted us on monday afternoon asking how to become a member of the church and how she could be baptized!!! Awesome!!!! :) Alright, I have to finish writing president and we need to leave. Love you!!!

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