Tuesday, October 15, 2013

So grateful right now!! (Week 57)

Hello Family!! 

     It was good to hear how you guys are doing! I'm sorry that you are sick (Mom)..that's no bueno! I guess I passed it on to you. Hopefully it was not as bad as mine! Man, that was terrible and so annoying! At least it was only the second time that I have gotten sick while out here, so that's a plus! 13 months (two days ago!) and only the second time! Woot! Feel better!!  Pops!- I will try to answer your questions, but that was like an onslaught of questions! haha Yes, Sister Tuckett will die this coming transfer. So, weird to think of that! She will be back at BYU and I will most likely see her cause we are in either the same major or similar majors. We figured out that we had a class together and didn't even know it. We were able to pin point where we sat in the classroom and figured it out like that. It was awesome! No, we are not doing anything like just being at the church for tours, and we aren't doing electronic missionary work yet :( I know they are piloting it in different missions right now but we are just having to wait until we get ours. President got an ipad though a little bit ago and was told to just get the hang of it, so he would know more about it when we get ours. We won't get them though for a couple more months, so from the looks of it I will probably miss it! Arg! I think they said 4-5 months at the earliest. It will be close. That will help so much though because we need those because it will be so helpful! I am so glad that I have those mormon messages dvd mom! Thank you so much!!! They are wonderful and so helpful!! Mom- That makes me so happy about Sister Chaney (writing a note to us)! I absolutely love her!!! She is the best! (She loves me a lot too!!) She was so happy that I wasn't getting transferred! ha She told me on thursday that she had told her husband that she wasn't ready yet to say goodbye to me. haha  She is loaded up with callings right now. She is a substitute primary teacher, a counselor in the stake primary presidency, and just got called as a youth sunday school teacher. Her husband is the ward clerk :)

     Ok. So, this week has just been awesomely busy, crazy, uplifting, and wonderful!!!! I have learned so much and experienced so much this week that right now I just feel like I am on a high and I am just so happy!! Yay for happiness!! :) haha Monday and tuesday I went on exchanges with Sister Landrey in Morgantown and that was great because I learned so much from her! It was weird to be back in Morgantown again though. The oldies of the mission though are dwindling down though, and so it was fun to have another older sister around me cause we actually knew the missionaries that we talked about and things that we experienced! ha There are now only 4 sisters here that have been out longer than I have been. It's just weird to me to think that I used to be that brand new sister that was the youngest in the mission and now I am one of the older ones. Anyway, Sister Landrey was just amazing and helped me a lot with so many different things! It was a great exchange! 

     Wednesday was just madness because we were running around alllll day long!! When we finally crawled into bed I died! ha We got up at 6:30 and went hard the entire day because we had so much to do before Sister Peck left the next day! It really wasn't even a pday, but that's ok because it was still fun! Oh, I will have to send you a picture next week, but I did this wood burning thing and it turned out so cool! We have members here that let us do it! It was a learning experience and something completely different than I have ever done before! Be ready for next week! :) Thursday was transfers and that was just a crazy day like always, but this one was more crazy! So, we have 5 new missionaries in our ward and it is nuts! We have four sets now and it is just so crazy! We were like a little army walking into ward council yesterday! So, the Bridgeport Elders are walking and so they will just be more in the downtown and city-ish area, and then we cover the outlying areas of Bridgeport and then have everything else past that. We have a huge area, but that's ok. We have a lot to work with :) This is the most missionaries that we have had in the ward and so we are just trying to figure out how to work it all and get everyone situated. Thursday we were running around getting everything figured and then meeting with the elders here and getting areas and people all figured out. Everyone was so tired and falling asleep but we got a lot done though! It should be interesting for the next little while though. We have to figure out our new area too!

     My companion is Sister Richards and she is just so wonderful!! I love her so much! She has been out for almost 5 months and is a great missionary! She is from Boise, Idaho and is 21. She is so strong in her knowledge of the gospel and is very determined to reach her goals and to work hard as a missionary. She has already taught me so much in just these few days together! We get along well and it is fun to get to know her better, so I know that this companionship is great!! I know that we are going to see a lot of things happen this transfer and it is exciting! And....that leads me to the next thing....

     Axxxx and her son Cxxxx came to church yesterday!!!!! Oh my goodness, you don't know how happy I am!!! It was just so wonderful that they came cause we weren't sure if they would come yesterday but they got there half an hour early, and were excited to be there! We were able to show them around the church a little before (dad- there's your church tour!) and she was able to talk to some members that she needed to talk too! Everyone in sacrament seemed to hit on exact things that were a bit worrisome to her, and the whole meeting was just so wonderful and spiritual!! It was so neat to see her feel more and more comfortable because she started singing more and started saying louder amens as we went throughout sacrament meeting. She also kept commenting in gospel principles and in relief society. She wanted to participate! It was so cool because she wanted to soak everything up!! She noticed everything and asked questions about it and wanted to be a part of it. She felt bad because she hadn't come fasting, she wanted to know if she needed to feed us, she wants to volunteer throughout the week to do anything she can for the church, and the list just goes on! It was truly amazing and such a miracle to be a part of that!! She has been so prepared by the Lord and I think she definitely recognized throughout church that she really liked it and that it is things that she has known before and that she wants in her life. She said that with other churches she doesn't have a yearning to go to them, but with our church...there is something different...something that makes her want to learn, to be happy, and to come to church. She knows that we are so happy and she wants to know why because she wants it in her life. She truly has been such a blessing and miracle in our area, and it humbles me because I have been able to be a part of the entire thing so far!! I am so grateful for her and love her so much!! I have a good feeling about this transfer!! :) 

     In relief society we separated into groups and had discussions and then a spokesperson had to go up there and talk about it. I had been listening but was also helping Axxxx download the manual (she had all of our apps and gospel library already on her phone!) so I didn't hear all that they were talking about. It got to our turn and our group was like, go ahead Sister Higgins! Uhhhh...haha They had written some things down and so I looked over them and just prayed that the Lord would help me say what needed to be said to these women. The topic that I had to share was 'love your fellowman' and I just started talking. It was going well and then I hit a point where it just started surprising me because I wasn't even thinking about what I was saying, things were just coming out of my mouth. I also just felt so peaceful and calm and I knew that the Lord was with me and was using me right there! I just kept going and saying things and was learning a lot myself, and it was just amazing! When I finished there was complete silence, multiple women crying, and the spirit was just overwhelming to me. Then the teacher was just like 'Sister Higgins we are so grateful you are still here', someone else did a little clap/cheer and my group was giving me praises. Then Axxxx's hand shot up and said that she just wanted to say that she just loves me. As I have been coming over to teach her she said that she has learned so much from me and that she feels so much love from me and said that I am the nicest, sweetest, loving, and most caring person she has ever met! She said that she has felt so loved because of me and that she was just grateful that I show love so much love to everyone! It was absolutely amazing to me and humbled me so much! I had a member say on saturday that I am her favorite person ever and that I show the love of Christ to everyone and that I am such an amazing missionary! Holy moly, it has been an incredible week and has taught me a lot. I just try to love people, help them in anyway, and just make their day better. I didn't know that I impacted that many people and that I had done that much! I just try to be nice to everyone and give them a little bit of Christ's love. It has truly opened my eyes and humbled me because I know that it is not me. The Lord is molding me and using me in ways that I don't even realize I am doing. He knows that I am trying to help people and He is using me as His vessel, and it makes me so grateful that He trusts me and is using me to help His children, no matter who they are! I can't even explain how I feel and how much I have grown in the past few days! I have been taught so much by the Lord and I just feel so grateful, humble, and loved. I know that the Lord is watching out for each one of us and that He will truly use us and bless us in ways we don't even know if we just try to magnify what we have been given! No matter who we are and what we have been given, each one of us matters and is important to the Lord. He gave us special talents and abilities so that we can help each other grow. We are all different but we are all important and needed!! I just want you to know that I know that this gospel is true and that it can and will change our lives if we let it! Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer and loves us so much! We have been given tools in life to help us come back to our Heavenly Father- the Book of Mormon, prayer, church, modern day revelation, etc. This is a great and marvelous work and I know that it is true!! Go ask Heavenly Father to know for yourself that these things are true if you don't know it already! If you do know, go do it again! :) I am sooooo incredibly grateful for the opportunity that I have to be a servant and representative of the Lord at this time because I have learned so much from Him! He is our Father! I just love this church and my Savior so much, and I am so grateful that I am on a mission right now! It has changed my life! 
                                                     Lots of love, Sister Jenna Higgins
(thanks for letting me go on a little testimony run! I just feel so blessed right now!! I love you all!!! Have a wonderful week!!)

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