Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy December!! Ahhhh! :/ (Week 64)

Just so everyone knows, in November we got word from the Church offices of Jenna's return travel plans.  She will be coming home in the afternoon of February 14, 2014!!!!!!  We are SOO excited for that "sweet" day!  

Hello, hello!!

     It's your favorite ole missionary again, but this time she is not as cold as last week!! Thanks for all of the emails and pictures!!! I loved them so much!!! Those kids (nieces and nephews visiting for Thanksgiving) are just too darn cute!! I'm glad that you all had a wonderful thanksgiving together and that you were able to just relax and have fun!! I'm sure it wasn't quite as good though because I wasn't there! :p I didn't know that Emry kicked Steve though!!!! hahaha I laughed out loud at that one! So funny! That's cute that Asher loves Steve so much! I will just have to work hard on him when I get home so he likes me again! :p Holy moly, the tooth fairy must be loaded now for Kason to get a dollar for a tooth!! Goodness! Way to go Kason! haha Dad- Sister Richards is from Idaho and went to school in Rexburg and is used to the cold, but it's just a different cold here I feel like and it's just cold at times!! Yes, I also received a package this week from Sister Tobler from the ward with lots of notes in it and lots of little gifts!! That was soooo nice of them and made me so happy!!! I hadn't gotten mail in a while so getting that was awesome!!! Mom- I'm glad that you liked the phone call! That was so fun to hear your voice! (Jenna's landlord called to our house on Wednesday and had his speaker phone on while Jenna was in the room, and he and I talked so she could hear my voice)  Now you have met my crazy landlord, who is a character. haha But, I love him so much! He is awesome and just loves us a lot! He came up that morning with snowballs and threw them at us! haha He is actually not a member. He is a very strong methodist, but loves us! We'll get him though!! So, I don't know if you will send a little christmas package or not, but I don't really need like anything. I don't really want a lot of stuff either because then I am just going to have to find room for that stuff as well in my suitcase and I am already going to be over, I think. I will have to ship some stuff maybe. I need stamps though so you can get me that! :) Thanks! I know that you are having to support me on a mission and you are having to get a wedding ready, so the money that you would spend on me for christmas use it to help someone else out who is in need or use that money on Kellie and getting ready for the wedding. I know weddings are probably expensive, and it can be used for that. I'm good! :)

      So, this week was crazy busy and I don't even really remember all that we did because we were always running and trying to get everything done. We had a great thanksgiving though which made us happy!! :) It has been cold this past week and we had a fairly big snowstorm on tuesday I think where it snowed monday night and all day tuesday. That was miserable because it was really cold and snowing all day! We were running to and from the car and trying to do things so we didn't have to go tracting or be outside as much! ha I like the winter and deal with the cold, but when I have to be out in it all the time and wear a skirt then I don't like it so much, but oh well. You just suck it up! :p So thanksgiving we had a turkey bowl for the ward where all 8 missionaries, a couple other people, and then this one big family played football together. It was so much fun!!!! It was all guys and then basically just Sister Richards, me, and another woman. That's ok though. At first they weren't really passing to us, but then the quarterback on my team finally started passing it to me!! There were some throws that I may or may not have sacrificed my body for...I just jumped out sideways to get it. It was awesome though cause I caught most of them and they were surprised at that! Then there was one where I caught the kickoff and ran for quite a few yards kind of weaving and twirling so they couldn't get my flag! It was awesome! One time I was defending Sister Richards and my volleyball instinct just kicked in and I spiked the ball...but she didn't get it so it worked! ha And, one more last thing was that I caught the ball and ran in for a touchdown! Woot! I now have a huge bruise on my left arm of where I caught it because that pass was hard! We were running around so much, so we were already hurting when we got to the apartment! For the rest of that day and the next day we were just dying because we were so sore and tired! It didn't help that we had turkey that made us more tired! ha It was so much fun though and I'm glad we played. We had a district meeting on friday and the elders weren't that sore, and we were just like 'how are you not sore?!' They said that they liked the way we did companionship inventory though...just tackle, block,. or harrass your companion. That's the key to it! :p Thanksgiving was good though...we only had two dinners! One family smoked the turkey and it was sooooo good!! It was by far the best turkey that I have had!!! Yummy!!! 

      Mxxx, who is the woman that we are teaching that we tracted into and cried, wasn't able to come to church yesterday :( She was sick, but wants to come next week! We had another lesson with her and it was awesome cause the spirit was really strong again and she was crying. She had family that has tried to persuade her away from it because they knew we were there, but she said that she will do whatever she wants. She knows that she feels so happy and good when we are there and that we help her so much, and she likes that. She really wants to try it out and do what is best for her no matter what her family says so that was good to hear. It's cool though to see that she really recognizes the spirit and that when we come that she feels differently in a positive way. One problem though is that she is still on parole, so she can't get baptized just yet if she wants to. We can teach her and help her have good experiences, but she can't get baptized until she is off parole. But no matter what, she has already had a positive experience with the church and has been impacted by it, so that seed is planted now and it will grow! 

      On saturday we had a meeting for all of the sisters in the north part of the mission and that was soooo wonderful!!! It was weird though because we came in and there were maybe 30 or so sisters there and I only knew a few of them. Of course, it doesn't help that I haven't been to transfers since July and that I am just a really old missionary now!! haha They had all the missionaries raise their hands if they had been out for 8 months or longer and there were only like 6 or 7 of us. So crazy!!! Our mission is sooo young and so we are having to go through a lot of things to get them up to speed and to help them understand more about how we do different things and stuff. It's cool though to see how so many sisters answered the call of coming out earlier! They are definitely prepared!  In the meeting , President has never done this before but talked about how important the role of women are and that we as sisters have a huge impact! It was just an awesome meeting and it was so cool all that President was talking about and bringing up about the role of women. I am looking at some things now in a new perspective because of what he said. It was a great meeting!! We had the Chaney's drive us down and that was so fun to be with them! I love them! We listened to a cd called Lower Lights which is like bluegrass hymns and it was awesome! Listen to it!    

      I know this isn't the longest and most informative email but life here is just wonderful and I am loving serving here and with Sister Richards!!! She is so awesome and I feel like I am having way too much fun with missionary work! :p We had a musical fireside yesterday for the stake that we had to sing in and that was really neat and there were some amazing singers there! I have MLC (Mission Leader Council) in Charleston tomorrow cause I'm an STL so we will see how that goes! It should be good though! I'm excited!!! Well, I hope that you all are doing just great and that you have a wonderful and warm week!! I love you all!!!         

       Love, Sister Higgins

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