Monday, December 9, 2013

Hi family!

I am going to be emailing Tuesday morning. Things have been changed around and we have meetings tomorrow. Just wanted to let you know! Also, can you please say some very fervent prayers for us right now! We just had a short sacrament and then they canceled church because it is snowing so badly here right now! It just started like two hours ago maybe and there is already a lot on the ground and it looks like there isn't an end right now. It is supposed to get worse and it's coming down really hard. So, it should be interesting! haha Some people are having to camp out at the church right now. We are still here and trying to figure out how to get home. Our car is all wheel and we just watched a truck slide all the way around in the parking lot! I'm driving!!! AHHH!!! Love you!!! 

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