Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It's snowing!!! :( :( (Week 66)

Hello family!!

     Thanks for all of the wonderful emails!! Wow, my inbox was full and was a nice surprise!! It made me happy...that probably could also be cause I haven't gotten a letter in a while...hint hint! :p Sounds like the ward party and ambulance party went well!! Great job!! So...almond roca huh.... :)  Sorry that it's so cold and snowy there. Stay warm!! This may be a shorter email..sorry!

      So, this week went by super fast because we were so busy that we were running around everywhere!! We had exchanges and I went down to Buckhannon, WV and it was really good! We had some awesome experiences and we both learned a lot on that exchange! Since I'm an STL I need to give advice to my sisters if they are struggling and help them out and be an example for them. Hopefully I'm not messing them up too much! ha I don't feel like that much of a leader because there are so many wonderful sisters that could be an STL, so it's just humbling to know that the Lord needed me in this position and that He trusts me doing this work! :)

      On, wednesday we were in an apartment complex before we exchanged back, talking to a lot of different people and this family let us in. It was interesting because the woman was interested and super nice, but was quiet because the husband was doing all of the talking. He kept throwing out all of these questions that I hadn't heard before (combining some polygamy stuff in with it and stuff), but it was a really cool experience because the Lord was with us. We were able to just bear our testimonies and he really liked what we said and that we were really great. It's just an awesome thing to have the Lord put words in your mouth when you need it because He knows what each one of His children need and will help us to say the things that they need! I love having the gift of the spirit because it is just so amazing and it is such a help! To know that we have the help of the Lord right with us is wonderful! We exchanged back and Sister Richards and I had a great talk on the way back about our exchange and how we can help these sisters! It's just a very humbling responsibility to know that we are taking care of these sisters and that we need to help them in any way and that they look up to us for guidance and direction. To know that the Lord trusts us to know how to guide them makes me feel very loved and that I need to continue to step up to what the Lord wants me to do! I loved the exchange though because the sister I was with was just so incredibly grateful for me because of all that I have already done for her, and then on the exchange she just said that she learned so much from me!! That was so nice of her to tell me that! After that, we had a lesson with a part member family (Sister Bxxx) and that was wonderful!! The spirit was super strong and we were able to talk about Jesus Christ and His atonement, and the husband was so interested, interactive, and loved what we were talking about. I love him so much and think that he is just the sweetest man! He in a way is like one of my adopted grandpas because he just loves us so much! I know that he will become a member of the church, but as for when I don't know. I think it will take time but he is learning a lot already! I met him in July when I got here and he wasn't that nice to us and just walked away when we came in. He now said we are the first missionaries that he has ever sat down with and talked with because he feels so comfortable with us and likes us. He said that he feels like he can actually talk and doesn't feel super pressured or forced into anything, but he just feels like we can talk and that we are here cause we care about him. That was really cool and made me so happy! You have to love people and let them know that they are important and that we are friends before you can tell them all that we know. He also said that he has started reading the book of mormon and will read it all the way through. This is coming from a man that has never been religious his whole life! Every little thing counts and adds to that seed of faith!! We also played volleyball that night and it was awesome!!! I went on a streak of like 10 points while I was serving!! I only have one bruise from that night from sliding and diving, but I did tear a hole in my pants when I dove. NO!!!! haha Oh well. It was fun!!!

      Friday was an interesting day for us because a lot of things happened that day. We met with Bxxx and Gxxx (our older couple) and they just love us so much!! It was a good visit, but we didn't know that we had to do service in our dresses when we came over as well. So, there we were in our dresses hauling a huge dresser outside, across the mud, into the camper, and then moving another dresser in. It was quite the experience but still so fun! We had a lesson with a man that was interesting but also so frustrating and bad. We met him a week or so ago, and heard some bad things about him and that he had tried to pull away people from the church. So, we were careful when we went in and we thought it was going well.... I was watching him really closely trying to figure things out and to read him, and then he kept asking really innocent questions that helped us clue into things. We knew he had a greater knowledge than what he was asking. Then he kept asking all these different questions that were super deep and were just really bad. He asked me, 'Who is Jesus Christ and how do I know Him?' I answered and it was really good because the spirit was helping me. After that, I had the thought that I needed to ask him, "Who is Jesus Christ to you", but I couldn't get it in because he kept going on. Finally, I asked it and he couldn't answer it. He kept saying these different answers that came directly out of the bible but nothing about how he knew Christ - meaning prayer, study, church, experiences, nothing of that sort. Things were just interesting and he kept going into deeper and deeper doctrine that he knew and the spirit was gone because he had alterior motives for things. Like, how do I get into the temple because I need to get in there as fast as I can.' That's where I drew the line. We finished up and left and we were both so glad to be out of there. It's sad because he is a child of God as well and we need to love him and teach him too but he needs to be a little more prepared by the Lord before we go back there again. It was a good experience though because Sister Richards and I both were able to bear really strong testimonies while there and while we answered questions. We felt the spirit so strongly and it was neat to just know that wherever you are, you can stand in holy places and do what you can to testify of the Lord. It amazed me yet again to hear some of the things that came out of my mouth in that lesson because it was not me but the Lord directing me. We were very bold and just testified about the gospel and of Christ!! It was a hard but good experience for us!!!

      On Saturday we had an awesome lesson with one of our investigators, Bxxx, and the spirit was there so strong teaching all of us! We were able to commit her to baptism and now we are going to pick a date in the next little bit! She is so elect though and is so prepared to receive the gospel! She is hungry for it and wants to know the truth and how she can become stronger and come closer to Christ!! It was an amazing lesson though and to see how she reacted to things in such a positive way was so neat! She loved it and latched onto everything and said it all made sense! It is just amazing to see how the Lord really does prepare people and how He is so in the details of our lives!!! He knows what we need at the right times!!

     I don't have any more time though cause we've got to go but things are going well here!! It is snowy and cold but oh well!! Oh, and our heater in our apartment isn't working!! Yeah buddy- we are living in the 50's and 60's! ha Hopefully we will get that worked out soon! Last night was super hard because we were going for four hours with nothing!! So sad and frustrating but we are planting seeds! :) I'm still not sure what time I will call on Christmas, but maybe 7 or something!? I don't know! I will know for sure though by next monday. Sorry!! Love you all!!! The church is true!!                                 
                   Love, Sister Higgins

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