Monday, November 5, 2012

Hi! (Week 8)

Hello family!!
So this week was great with so many things happening that I really needed! I loved all the pictures dad! Although most were sideways so I now have a kink in my neck...thanks! That shed is nice and blue! haha Kellie-I loved your outfit at the temple and you looked so good!! Mom is that a new jacket? I loved the picture of you guys with shelby too, although um, mom...who said you could wear my shirt huh??? ;) Glad you got lots of shopping done for Lindsey's kids as usual! Dad- don't deny it. You loved it instead of just tagging along! And ya, as for the storm we just got some rain but that's about it. A member showed us some pictures on her phone of some of the damage and it's crazy! Didn't like 40 people die or something? Some of our mission got hit. President Pitt lost power for a few days and stuff. Our phone was constantly going from district leader, zone leader, AP's, and sister Pitt. Is there snow, is it snowing, raining, windy, etc. We were always like no, no,'s not even wet here.  :P  Thanks for the morning cookies and fruit leathers!! I love it! Also, if you get a prompting to do something for your Visiting Teachers's just do it. You can't just sit around and wait for things to happen. That reminds me of Pres. Eyring's talk at the RS broadcast about VT's. You don't really need to send the weather report cause it's just cold here. Thanks though! We don't really have a time limit on the computer  although I do have to leave in just a few minutes though cause we have to meet our district up in white sulphur springs, WV soon. I was writing other emails and I had a lot of emails in my inbox! That's so exciting for Nathan and Liz (mission calls of friends)! Ahhh! Tell them and Matt Erickson congrats!! And let me know of other calls!
This week has been such a growing experience and so many little things have stuck out to me that have really helped me grow!! First, 2 Nephi 4:16-35. I don't need to doubt myself at all!! I have the ability and gifts to succeed and I don't need to worry!! I can do it! Also, I was in a lesson when someone prayed for the first time ever. It was simple yet from them, and it was such an amazing experience! We have been given so much and can always rely and communicate with the Lord through prayer! Also, sis. little and I watched the testaments this morning and it hit me so hard! The Savior gave so much for me and suffered so much!! We are soooo blessed to have this gospel and a knowledge of Him! He knows each one of us and can heal all of us in different ways!! Church is the hospital for sinners!! Faith is a wonderful thing as well as scriptures and preach my gospel!! I am learning so much and am loving it! Shoot, um I have to go. I'm so sorry that this is so short. I will make up for it next week I promise!! Just know that I am doing great and am learning so much!! Each day is a new experience and oppportunity to learn so much!! I love it!! Take care and I hope all is going well!! I love you so much!!!!!! Love, Jenna

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