Monday, October 15, 2012

Hello! (Week 5)

Hi, hi, hi!!
I can't believe another week has gone by! Time seems to be going so quickly these days because a few days ago I hit my 'click day!' That is the day that marks you've been here another month and I guess some missionaries really get into it, but for me it was just like yay...back to work. It's true what they say though, that the days are foreverly long, but the weeks fly by! There are some days that I think are never going to end because they go on and on and on. Life is good here though and all the trees are changing now which makes everything so colorful! I love it because it's so beautiful, and there are so many trees!!!  It's so cool to hear that so many kids are answering the call of the new mission age. In PEC yesterday, (yes, church is at 9:30) one man was saying his daughter was at BYU-I, and that 6,000 people were putting their papers in because of the change! 6,000!!! AHHH, it gives me the chills, and that's just from one school! Crazy! (I think that was elders and sisters.)
The shift key on my keyboard is slow and it's really annoying me. Anyways, yes, I've gone tracting and it's awesome! I have a love/hate relationship with it, but I also love doing it just to see all the different people we'll encounter! ha It's hard because yes, people aren't as nice here, but they also just don't really like mormons. Some of them see our nametags and book of mormons and go running the other way, or shut that door faster than you can say anything! It's sad because so many people see us and they already have a preconceived notion of who we are, what we believe, and what we do, and they don't want any part of it. The problem is that everything they know that we believe is outlandish and just funny sometimes, so it's hard to get over that when they're already judging us, shutting the door, and saying they're a Presbyterian. They try and tell me what I believe and say it's not for them, and it's like well actually, that's not what I believe- do you believe that? Someone was saying we should try the tactic of saying "if you're so rooted in your faith then why should you be so afraid to listen to what I believe? I'm not going to convert you if you have such a hold to your church." haha I thought that was awesome! Some of the best ones I've heard so far- we still believe in Polygamy and Mitt Romney probably has like 5 wives that he's just hiding from us, and his dad and grandpa do it too. We worship the sun, and believe that we are going to live on it some day in actual castles that we build. I'm assuming that was the plan of salvation, and the lady just didn't understand it very well?!? And we worship Joseph Smith as our Savior and don't even believe in Christ or, what? Did you see what is written on my nametag? I felt bad for that lady cause she was trying to be really nice while closing the door, but we stopped her and cleared that up cause she thought we only believed in him and what not. It's quite interesting and sad because they don't know us. We had an interesting and long discussion with a Jehovah's Witness who said we just need to stick with the Bible and we'd be fine. She wouldn't tell us her religion, but we figured it out by how she talked about God and Christ. Another older lady who goes to Grace Brethern Church (?) tried to pick a fight with us and tell us we were wrong, and needed a Savior, and what not, and Sister Little was awesome with her! I just nodded and smiled because I was nervous, but on some things I was like oh heck no, and talked about what we believed. She shut the door in our faces then proceeded to watch us through the door while we went down the whole street, then opened the door and yelled at us when we were farther down. I love being a missionary! People know us but either don't want to talk to us or are just too scared to. Sister Little hates tracting because of stuff like that, but one reason why I know I'm with her is because I just say we have to give everyone an equal chance to hear the gospel and expose them to it. Let's go to the next house, yay! Sis. Little was going to skip this one house and I was following and then just stopped, and said we need to knock this house. I did the door approach, and the couple who is retired let us in and we had an awesome conversation. They live across from the church and know missionaries, but have never learned about it before. They are Methodist. While we were talking 3 things popped into my head- we have the true priesthood, eternal families, and the 2nd coming. I couldn't decide if it was me or the Spirit, and I was afraid I would offend them so I didn't say any of those outright, but just skirted around it. When we left I was so mad at myself, because we needed to talk to them and I didn't say what I should have. We are going back though and I'm going to listen a lot more to the Spirit. I think they have potential though!
At church we had two high councilors speak and one did a short talk, and felt prompted that the elders and I (all new) needed to bear our testimonies. He said that when he got to Covington and the church building he had a distinct expression that this area was going to start exploding sometime soon and that there would be more than one church building here! Ahhh! I got chills to think that I would lend a hand in helping that come to pass!! People do receive inspiration because why would Pres. Pitt send a pair of elders to join a branch that had sisters already, and is pretty small? People are ready here to receive the gospel they just don't know it yet. It's my job to go out and find them though. So, I was first for the testimonies and obviously started crying (thanks mom), and then the elders went (one of them cried too. It was so sweet.) After sacrament, one of the high councilors came up to me and said thank you so much for your testimony. I really enjoyed it! That was cool. The elders are already finding people and we are pretty booked this week to visit LA's (mom's edit: Less Actives) and to go tracting all over our area. It's a huge area for the branch. We're excited. Mom, thanks for at the end of your email saying to not stress- I really needed that! I think I've been too uptight about everything and that Sis. Little doesn't follow every rule to the T, but I don't need to worry about that. Don't stress because we're doing missionary work and we need to have a tri companionship with the Spirit! We learn things every day and I'm grateful for that! I love being a missionary and seeing the happiness that people have when they follow it. It is hard work, and I'm exhausted every day but it's so worth it. I love studying the scriptures, standing up for what I believe, and being a witness and representative of Christ!
Oh, are we by chance related to a Mike Higgins who is married to a Barbara Higgins, and they live in Clifton Forge, Virginia? She's a member, but he's not and I want to know if we're related because I will find him if we are!!! :) Also, I'm not sure what's happening next week because we have President Interviews next monday in Buena Vista. Then tuesday is p-day, but that night and the next day we will be in Roanoke because Pres. Whiting, who spoke at conference, is coming to do a mission tour or something like that. I guess he speaks and does interviews? So, look for an email probably next tuesday.
Lots of love, Jenna

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