Monday, February 18, 2013

Hello again! (Week 23)

Well hello family!!
I feel like it has been a while since last pday! Yesterday was a struggle to get out of bed because I was just so exhausted and today was the same day! At least it's getting lighter when we wake up so that makes it a bit more pleasant to wake up, but I still don't like getting up so early, but oh well. I'm getting used to it and you just keep going along. So, last tuesday I clicked 5 months!!! Can you believe that?! Wow, so crazy! I feel like those first couple of months went on forever and seemed to never end, but once I hit 4 months it got a little faster, and then this 5th one just came so fast. Time is definitely speeding up even though some days seem to still go on forever. Church flew by yesterday. I felt like I was just sitting down for sacrament and then bam it was time to go home! Anywho, I'm doing well. Dad- I got your letter last monday, and loved it. Thanks! Mom- thanks for the facebook info! Tell Jaclyn and Shannon congrats, and if you can I want to see a picture of Jaclyn's man :P Thanks for the shampoo! That's not what I was expecting but I've never tried the shampoo, so I'm excited to try it when I'm done with my other shampoo! :) I still haven't found the it's a ten miracle leave in product but that's ok, hopefully the shampoo will do the same thing! :) Thanks for the package! I really loved it!! Also, did you say you got all those cute notecards at walmart? I'm going to look for those today!
Dublin's doing fairly well I'd say. We don't have the best numbers each week cause none of our investigators are progressing but we're trying. We're just getting out there and trying to help people in anyway we can. Even if people don't want to listen to us I still feel like I am helping their day be better because I smile and wave at them and try to talk to them. If I can't help them any other way than just making their day a little brighter then that's what I will do. We're trying to just build and uplift the area and help others realize that they are loved and valued. Sis. Davis and I were talking when she was here and she told me that sometimes she heart attacks people's houses (active, LA(less active), and investigators) with notes and scriptures. I absolutely loved that idea and have started to do that and it is awesome! People love finding it on their door and I just think it's fun to serve in that kind of way. One woman said that her day hadn't been the best but she came home with her husband and they found all of our sticky notes on the door and it just made their day! She said none of the stuff (compliments) on the door were true but it really brightened her day and made her feel loved. That made me happy because it's a different way to serve others and it helps them remember that they are needed. 
We moved D*** into her new apartment on saturday so that was good cause she is finally out of the shelter and away from some of the women who don't like the church. We went to check up on her yesterday cause she and her son were sick and we heard this noise at the bottom of the steps and we didn't know what it was. As we walked to the third floor it got louder and louder and more clear as well. As we came to the foot of the last staircase to the floor we stopped, listened, and smiled because coming from her apartment was the song "I am a Child of God" with two voices singing along with it. That made me so happy and I almost started crying because she is really trying and is becoming more converted to the gospel. I feel so blessed to have been/am being a part of her baptism and learning more about the gospel. She had such a light about her yesterday even though she was sick and felt miserable. Sis. VanOrman wasn't so affected by it but for me it was just a wonderful experience!
Let's see, I've come to the conclusion that either I don't have a good relationship with my car right now or that I should just be put in a walking area. Friday night we were driving back home and there was this noise that we kept hearing that I knew was not right. I was just trying to drive carefully though to get home. Then we heard a popping noise and on our car screen there was a countdown from 4 to 0. When it hit 0 all of a sudden the car jerked to the right and then we heard this weird noise and felt like we were off balance. I pulled to the side and we inspected the car and found that the front right tire was really flat, so I guess we blew a tire somehow. haha We tried to call a member cause it was 9:25 and we were still 2 miles out from our apartment, but they didn't answer. So we decided that we were just going to have to walk home! Yay! We were getting all of our stuff ready and were just getting out of the car when a van pulled up in front of us and an older couple got out and offered to give us a ride home. They were super nice! So, then the next morning we went with a member and his daughter and he showed us all how to change a tire!! So, I now know how to change a tire! It was crazy and scary, but the Lord definitely was watching out for us and kept us safe! Other than that, not too much else is happening around here. haha We are working together though and trying to help each other improve and trying to be on the same page, and have success. It's a struggle, but I've found that when you love people no matter who they are and what they do that annoys you, you see them in a greater light and can get past all the other stuff. It's definitely a learning process and a humbling journey right now with its ups and down's for me as I keep learning about myself, but it's all good! :) I'm surviving! haha I love you all lots! Happy Presidents Day!
                                                                                  Love, Sister Higgins

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