Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hi (Week 22)

Well, this may not be the longest email today cause we have a lot to do today and we are running behind cause the maintinence man finally came and fixed our sink! Yay! We couldn't use our bathroom sink at all because both of the handles had fallen off and didn't work. So we were using the tub as our sink! So Sis Vanorman is here! Right now I am in a trio though, so that has been a good breaking in process for me. Sis Davis is here with us from Bedford, VA cause she is supposed to be training but her baby (junior companion) was sick with the stomach flu or appendicitis in the library (MTC??). She should be flying out to Charleston today and when we go to Pembroke tomorrow she will pick her up. I love Sis Davis cause she is so fun and we connect really well. She is a great missionary and has taught me so much since thursday. It has been great cause Sis Davis has helped a lot and she doesn't even know the area. I will be sad to see her go, but at the same time it will then be time to really get down to business cause it will just be me and Sis Vanorman. Dad- did you ever get that letter from stake conference sent out? Hopefully it will come this week! :) Oops, sorry I missed your bday Isaac!! Totally blanked that. Hope it was great though! Also, Lindsey thank you for your email last week. I will try to write you guys a letter soon! Mom- will you tell camille congrats! That's the same mission that Boyd Monson is in. Thanks for the tips about the yogurt. I have actually been eating chobani when I can! Sis Tuckett thinks I'm to addicted to it! ha I've also been eating an apple almost every day!
Nothing too exciting really happened this week at all except that I was kind of astonished at how much of a leader I am already. Sis. Tuckett left and in the car I had already switched into like a leader mode. I am really trying to figure everything out and build up our area. I am trying to take charge and get what needs to be done and make sure that Sis. Vanorman is getting what we say and that we're not going too fast for her. It's amazing how the Lord is blessing me with more patience and is helping me with how to be a leader and confidence. I feel so great right now. I feel like when I will be asked to really train I can do it. haha  I feel so much more confident in myself though and who I am, and that in turn is helping me just go out and be more bold with others. Our area is still kind of coming to a standstill and is frustrating me cause we've lost a couple of investigators, and some of them are not really getting back to us or making progress at all, but I'm trying. I feel like though as long as I am trying to just help make someone's day be better then I'm doing my job and the rest of the blessings will come! I'm learning so much and can feel the prayers! Sorry this is so short. I will try to send pictures next week! Love ya!
Love, Sister Higgins

*Words in italics are inserted by Jenna's mom for clarification.

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