Thursday, January 2, 2014

Super Short this week! (Week 68)

Hello, hello!

      Alright this is going to be super, super short today so I am sorry about that!! (She raided Sis. Richards' memory card and sent lots of photos though!) I didn't realize that Kellie and Steve would be coming to see Grandma and everyone! That is awesome! I'm glad that they all liked him and everything! Aunt Linda and family are coming to the wedding?!?!?! Holy moly, that is so exciting to hear!!! I never would have guessed that so that is super cool!!! 

     So, transfers are tomorrow and I am not to excited for them cause Sister Richards and I are being split apart! :( We talked to President yesterday and it was so funny. He was just like, "I know this is hard for you two because you love each other so much and have such a good relationship, but we need to share the wealth with the rest of the mission." hahaha I love it! People are so sad here that they are splitting us up because they all think that we are just the power companionship. Someone was like 'you're just beasts in your area!' ha It's kind of true though because I think that we really do have a lot of power in our companionship, but now after two transfers they are splitting us up :( So.....Sister Richards is going down to Blacksburg, VA to greenie break a girl that just got trained. She will be a solo STL down there. I will be staying here in Bridgeport and will be companions with Sister Searle who was an STL down in Roanoke. I am excited but so sad to see Sister Richards go. We have had so much fun together and so many amazing experiences that I will never forget!!! I will be starting my fifth transfer here in Bridgeport which is so weird! I have been here since July! It will be so hard to leave here cause I love the people so much! I really thought I was leaving so I was preparing myself, but the Lord still needs me here in Bridgeport. It should be good though! Super weird and sad though to think I am starting my last transfer tomorrow! AHHHH!!!!! 

     Anyways, I don't really have like anymore time to write cause I did all the pictures and we don't have a ton of time cause we have SOOO much to do today. I will try to write a better email next time! We had an amazing week though and I absolutely loved it!!! :) Love you lots!!!
                                                       Love, Sister Higgins  

 Jenna has not changed!!  Very expressive face still!  This is in their apartment, I believe.

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