Monday, January 6, 2014

Why is it still snowing??? (Week 69)

Hello, hello!!

      So this may be another short email again :( The elders were determined to get us to go out with them today for lunch and that is at 12, so I will try to type fast. Mom- glad you got my package (of excess mission stuff that won't fit in the suitcases). I may be sending another one sometime. I am fine wherever I sleep (when everyone is here for her sister's wedding) as long as I can just crash and get sleep. If I have to sleep in your room then I have to go to bed before dad so that I can get to sleep before he starts snoring!! ha but really! I need my beauty sleep for the wedding! :p  Who are your RS Counselors? No worries. I have already been thinking of things that I can try to help you with so don't stress about it. I will help you! That's so exciting about the Panters! Yay missions! If you could get those quotes from Bro Christensen I would love that! There are some people here that could benefit from it and I would love them too! Thanks! 

      As for sleep, I am getting eight hours a night and I have never been more tired in my life! I am just so exhausted right now (hope I don't get sick!), but that's ok. I am pushing through to the end because that's what I need to do! It's amazing though to see how the Lord really does sustain us and how He gives us energy and keeps us going even when we don't think we can. Sometimes I think my eyes are just being held open but it works!!! haha I love it though and this is the best work that I have ever done and I am just so, so grateful for the opportunity to be out here!!! 

      So, it has been so cold here lately and it is snowing so much!!! Since thursday we have had two big snow storms...lame! I thought I was going to get transferred, but Sister Richards went to Virginia and has like no snow and we are just getting so much! I want to get transferred so I wouldn't have to be up here for all the storms! ha Tonight it is supposed to get down to like -20 or -30 with the cold and wind chill, and we are supposed to get ice and snow. This is the coldest it has been here in like 20 years...yay!!! Of course that happens the winter that I am here! I thought I was going to miss it, but I'm not! It should be interesting. A member was showing us the forecast yesterday and they said not to be out longer than like ten minutes or you could get frostbite or hypothermia or even die...tomorrow should be awesome!!! Just pray for our safety and that we will be ok! Thanks!

    Transfers happened on thursday and Sister Searle got up here in the snow from sunny and warm Roanoke, VA and she was soooo cold!! haha She is from the thriving metropolis of Spanish Fork, Utah (next door to Mapleton, UT). haha She has been out 10 months but has only been in our mission for three months. She is serving in the Nauvoo Illinois Mission and is just on her outbound here for 6 months. She serves in the city of Nauvoo and at Carthage Jail as well. They are just there for the summer and then go somewhere else until the next summer. She is really cool, and is now starting to open up a little more since we have been together a few days. She is pretty quiet though and I have taught most of the lessons because of that. It will be ok though because I have learned a lot from her and I think she is just trying to get used to everything. She didn't want to get transferred here so she is trying to love it. She is great though and I love her a lot! I will learn a lot from her and know that she will keep me going this last transfer!

      I just want to share my great appreciation and gratitude to the pioneers, especially the Martin and Willie Handcart Companies. On friday, when there was a ton of snow and it was really cold, I found out that in one pair of my boots both of the feet had holes in them... So, I then soaked up a lot of water and snow in my shoe and had to go the entire day like that with cold, wet feet. It sucked, but I learned a lesson of humility. Think of the pioneers who had to travel across the plains in the snow with maybe no shoes at all, with their feet bleeding and numb, but they kept going. They kept going because they knew that what they were walking towards was Zion, safety, peace, and what they knew was true. They knew the Lord would provide a way for them and was watching out for them even though they were going through trials. For me, I was walking because I know the message that I bear is true and that it will bring us to an everlasting happiness with a strong faith in our Savior. I know that it will help these people come to their own Zion because they will have the restored gospel in their lives. So I kept walking because I want to find these people who need the truth! It was a hard and cold day but such a good experience because it taught me even more about the pioneers and how I am so grateful for them and all that they did for us!! 

     Thanks for all that you do!! I love you all and hope that you have a wonderful week!!! Stay warm and keep your feet dry! :)   

                                               Love, Sister Higgins

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