Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I officially hate snow! (Week 73)

Hello family!!

       So, let me just tell you that it is a very weird feeling that I have right now knowing that this is my very last pday that is a monday. I remember when I first came out into the field and had my monday pday and it was so exciting. 
      This week was a kind of crazy week and I don't even know what all happened because it went by soooo fast. We had President interviews and that was super great! I love President so much and he is just so wonderful! Our interview wasn't very long because he said that we would just have our longer interview in a short time. As I was coming to shake his hand he was like, 'how's my short timer??' So sad! 

      Well, we had quite the interesting lesson with one of our investigators this week and I'm pretty sure that it will be our last lesson with him. We were on the porch because the member that we had canceled on us. So it just kept getting weirder and then it was just awkward. He basically then just proposed to me while in the lesson and it was super weird. Then he kept referencing to it the entire rest of the lesson and I just felt so awkward. At the end of the lesson, I bore my testimony and he was just like, 'oh, you've got to do better than that if you want me to say yes.' Uh...yeah. Then as we were leaving he asked if we were coming back, we said ok, and Sister Searle was like, 'she only has two weeks left..' Then he was like, 'what? You can't leave me, we're practically engaged. I need to hire a lawyer or something so you can't leave.' So bad! He also said earlier on that I could still be a missionary but just had to be home by dark so I could cook him food! haha Oh my goodness, one of the most awkwardest and weirdest moments of my life!! It's a good thing that I will be leaving this area soon! 

      So, best miracle of the week!!!! Sister Richards and I had been trying to get a hold of a less active and he was super excited and happy to see us but we could never get a set time to see him. We went by this week to see if we could meet with him and we talked to him and set up a lesson on sunday. His dad is active in the ward so we went to his house to meet Pxxx Pxxx and his wife Gxxx!! They are amazing and I love them so much!! He said that he has been less active for a while but has felt the Lord knocking on his door and that he has been feeling the Lord lately. His wife is catholic but is not practicing either, but she is SO elect!! Oh my heavens, it was just like the best lesson that we had. We got to know them, talked about their life and what they are thinking, and then we showed them the mormon message, Lifting Burdens- The Atonement of Jesus Christ. The spirit in the room was so strong and it was so amazing!! Pxxx was crying and everything and Gxxx loved it! That is one of my favorite mormon messages because it talks all about how through this gospel we can become better and overcome all of our trials! I felt so much peace and the feeling that it was all going to be ok. And, I felt so much love for both of them! It was the best feeling ever because the entire time that we were talking with them I just felt so many emotions from our Heavenly Father for them. He wants to come back to church but doesn't quite feel ready, his wife really wants to learn more, and says she will go with whatever her husband wants....and they have two boys!!! They are such a great family and we both really feel that she will get baptized soon!! Such an amazing miracle!!!! I love being a missionary!!!

     Well, so much is happening here and I feel like time is going by so quickly! Yesterday we finally had church and it was the best! I bore my testimony and I hope that it was good! The Lord helped me through it and I didn't really cry at all...just at the beginning! I can't even tell you how many emotions I was feeling as I was up there! I love you all so much and hope that you have a wonderful week!!! Talk to you on wednesday!!
                                         Love, Sister Higgins

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