Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Happy August! (Week 47)

Hello there,
Wow, can you believe that it is already august 5th?! Crazy!! That means that my birthday is less than a month away and then I will be 22!!! Holy Cow!! Weird! Mom- Um, I have no idea about birthday gifts at all. More sleep? I will ponder that!
This will be a shorter email and I am trying to even remember what all has happened this week. Rain, rain, and more rain. It is driving me nuts! It is nice, then, humid, then rains a ton, stops for a bit, and then rains some more. It makes it so much fun to go out tracting and walking!! One awesome thing that I did today that made this email come late is that I went turtle hunting today with the elders and a member!!! It was so much fun!!! We didn't catch any turtles, although we kept hooking them and then they got away. It was great to just get out there though onto a farm and nature and to just take some time to enjoy what God has created and to have fun with everyone. Our elders are crazy but so much fun! We went hiking some too, but mostly I think the thorns just found me, so now I am all scratched up but that's ok. It was a lot of fun!
We ended up not having president interviews this past week because we had an unplanned event happen. We got there and were just starting our meeting and then president would come interview us after he had made some phone calls. A few minutes in his wife (who was sitting next to me) kind of made some noises. Then she got off her chair and turned around so she was like kneeling with her head on the chair, I was wondering if she had dropped something and was going to get it or something like that. Then all of a sudden her body just locked up and she like shot into the air and flew backward and landed on her head. It was so loud! The elders were all kind of like, uh... the zone leaders went to go get president and one kid then called 911, so I just got down there and tried to help her, talk to her and 'assess the situation.' I felt like an emt! haha President came in and I think the look that he had on his face will forever be ingrained in my mind because it was just so filled with emotion. She had gotten knocked out but finally came to, and was so embarrassed. They spent some time together alone and we all were waiting in the hallway and then finished our meeting in a different room. So, we are supposed to have our interviews this week.
We found a family that is from Syria and speak Arabic and some English, that are interested in learning more. We were able to get them Arabic book of Mormons and they want to come to church with us this week, so that's exciting. It should be interesting to teach them since they don't know a ton of English, but if they are ready the spirit will teach them more than we can and that's what matters most, because we aren't the converter. The real converter is the holy ghost and we are just instruments in the Lord's hands that try to just get the environment right for them to feel the spirit.
It has been a long and exhausting week cause we are just trying to find people, so we are tracting and 2x2ing and trying to find less actives all the time. It is hard to stay all the way positive when you have to do that all day long, but oh well. The Lord knows what I need to learn right now, so I am trying my best. Look for the tender little mercies everyday!!! I still feel like I am in a funk with a lot of different things and Sister Jang and I have different ways of doing things, but oh well. We are making it work. I love you all and hope that you are doing well!!    
                       Love, Sister Higgins 

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