Monday, August 12, 2013

Happy Click Day! (Week 48)

Hello, hello!
       Thanks for the emails! Lots of exciting things happening! Thanks for all of the info! I like feeling somewhat in touch with everything but basically don't feel like I know about anything. It's so funny how people talk about things now and I have absolutely no idea what they are talking about!! I am in such a bubble...but it's a good bubble! I don't like it when I hear some types of regular music because it kills the spirit and it's not church music! I'm going to be so awkward when I get home! haha It's just interesting though because there is SUCH a difference when you completely immerse yourself in church music and then when you hear not church music!Being out here I have come to appreciate church and uplifting music even more! Thanks for always playing it on sunday mom! Gold star for you! We are still teaching our Syrian family, but haven't seen them in a couple of days. It's good! They are so cute! There is no flooding for us here. That is so awesome about Elizabeth Harrison! What an experience!  Also, when did aunt linda and uncle ray decide to move to Idaho?!?! Crazy! How does Grandma feel about that?
       So, this is going to be a shorter email but I will get in what I can! This is basically a rundown of how our whole week went. Hot and humid, tracting, rain, door slamming, hot and humid, more tracting, eat, someone took a book of Mormon!, RAIN, door slamming, hot and humid, more tracting, more RAIN!!! haha And, now I can close my email! I have never been so hot in my life I feel like! This week was miserable because it was so hot and humid and so bright! I got sunburned and I also am developing some good tan lines! I have a nice one that is from my sandal! There was so much rain this week too!! All the time it seemed like and it just dumped it! We only got caught in it a couple of times but got drenched! It just comes down so quickly though! We did a lot of tracting and trying formers and it's all coming but very slowly! I am learning so much diligence, patience, and hard work. I know that you just have to keep working hard and keep trying! I may not see the benefits of it all right now but it will come later. Down the road, the long term things will be so worth it because I keep going now even though it is hard. The Lord will bless us as we keep working hard!
        I had interviews with President and it was amazing!!!! I love that man soooo much! He is incredible and I am so grateful to have him as my mission president! He knows how to help me exactly the way that I need help! Oh, one downer though. I found out that Sister Patchett was still really struggling in Parkersburg, and she finally decided to go home :( She flew out today to go home. It makes me so sad, but right now that is maybe what she needs? I know that we needed to be together though and that I needed to help her. He said again that I was the only one in the mission that she could be with. So amazing!!! I love her so much and will be forever grateful to her because she taught me so much!!!!!
       So, I know this is really short but I have to go. The librarian here is meanish and I have to write President still. Pictures are in the mail coming to you. Sorry!!! I love you!!!!
                                           Love, Sister Higgins

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