Friday, August 23, 2013

hello! (Week 49)

Well hello again!
        Another week has come and gone. Crazy how fast time is going! Thanks for all of the emails! I opened up my inbox and had so many! Mom- tell Sister Neilsen I say hi! She is just wonderful and I love her so much! No, I didn't buy any sandals cause we are not allowed to wear sandals here. I was talking about my danskos. Sorry! Yeah, I did buy some new clothes. Goodwill and Salvation Army seem to have a lot! ha I don't need any new clothes though unless you want to send me like a cardigan or something! Dad- like president would give me a cupcake! haha He is so busy already! For my (birthday) package, I would say it would be easiest to send it to me before transfers, so that means I would need to get it by the 28th cause transfers are the 29th. Sounds like you guys have been busy!
       This week was another interesting week. Sister Jang has been having some health problems this week with her shoulders and back so we have actually had to stay inside a lot. She has just been so exhausted and in so much pain this week and I feel so bad for her. She takes ibruprofin but I guess it really doesn't do anything to help her. I keep telling her that she needs to do something to help her feel better or to get it checked out, but she won't do anything. So, we're just going along doing what we can. I have had a lot of time to study and read while she has been sleeping and it has been wonderful! I just love my study time soooo much because I always learn so much and it makes me feel so much better! The Book of Mormon is truly so powerful and inspired and it was saved for our time because we need it to help us get through all of our hard times and struggles, and because we can come so much closer to Heavenly Father because of it. It is an inspired and powerful book!
         We came in contact with a former investigator this week and that was a really cool experience. We knocked on her door and she came out and was all defensive to us. She said that she knows about our church, has never read the Book of Mormon because she has been told that it has crazy and bad things in it, and that she has been told that we are a cult. Wonderful! We started talking to her and eventually she had to sit down so she told us to sit down too. We ended up talking to her for like an hour and a half and taught her the restoration. It was cool because you could literally see her walls coming down and her whole attitude changed as we talked to her. We told her things and she was just like I didn't know that or things like that. It was just such a cool experience to see her at the beginning be so annoyed and defensive to us, and then as we talked to her see those walls come down in a way. Bearing testimony works! We have a couple new families moving into the ward, so now our ward is getting really big. It's so different to be in a big ward now! I am getting used to it though and liking more as I get to know everyone better. Our area is still so hard though!!  Haha
         We had a relief society bbq on Friday and that was wonderful. Our president is from either samoa or tonga, so it was soooo good. There was so much food and it was all really good! Then they sent us home with leftovers! She is so funny and loves us! They haven't had sisters here in a couple years, so it was interesting at first. But they are liking us more and more and so that is great to see.  Life here has still been rough because sometimes Sister Jang does things that I just don't understand or that are frustrating, but I'm sure I annoy her at times too. That's life though. She is so funny though and loves people, and we have fun together! Things are slowly progressing here so that's good. It's just taking a long time though!
          Well, I know this isn't the longest email, but we've got to head out, and get some other things done today! I love being a missionary though because I am learning so much!! It is such a wonderful experience and I love it! It is so hard but so worth it! I love you all!!
                                       Love, Sister Higgins

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