Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I'm getting old!!! (Week 50)

Hello again my dear family!
     I can't tell you how happy I was to get your emails and to hear all that is happening with you!! I love getting letters and emails! Thanks for the pictures! I loved seeing Rachel! Also, I already told Estee in my letter that I wrote to her that you will be taking pictures at her reception so that I can see take pictures please! Thanks! I can't believe that she is getting married tomorrow. That's so weird! Do you know where Austin Arts is going on his mission? That's great for him though! Dad- you said the apples and peaches/pears will be coming in soon and you are going to give them all away?? You do know there is such a thing called mail, or drying them and then sending them in the mail...right?? Yes! :) Mom - I got the package and loved it and Kellie I got your letter as well!! I am so excited to open all of them on sunday! Thanks!
     I feel like there is so much that I want to say, but I don't have a ton of time to write it all, so I will try to at least get the highlights and hopefully that will be good! First, I am on such a streak of getting mail and I love it! I got a letter friday, package and letter saturday, letter on monday, and two letters yesterday! Woot! I love it! haha Getting mail is the best and something that I took for granted before I came out here! ha 
     Last week, I had to make two calls to less actives who are around here to get some more information from them. Sister Jang made me call them...arg. The first one I had to call at work cause that was the only number I was given and it was one of the most awkward phone calls of my life. She was like 'how did you get my number?' It was so weird and I felt so bad but had to do it, so I just tried to be really nice. I got a phone number out of her! Then I called another woman, she answered, and I told her my name, who I was, and I was just telling her that we were new to the area, and she said something and hung up on me! The nerve! It was just so rude of her and not classy at all. At least she could have just said no. I feel bad for her though and hope that everything will be good. 
     The past few days have been super hot and super humid!!! Today is just miserable!! I hate it! We decided to walk to the library yesterday which is about three miles one way and we about died. Worst idea ever! haha I will be glad when it starts to cool off! Last night there was a huge thunderstorm with lightening and everything, and now the river around here is super high and flooding a street that is right next to it. It is crazy cause we were just down there last night!
     So, as far as transfers go...Sister Jang is getting transferred down to Blacksburg Virginia to open up a new area for sisters. This will be her last transfer so she will die there. I will be staying here in Bridgeport and getting Sister Peck as my new companion. She has been out for l think five or six months. I don't really know her but I think that she is really nice.  We were super surprised though. They told us last night, and there was just silence, and then we were just like what?! haha I guess there a lot of Koreans down in Blacksburg and President wants her to be a good influence on them down there. Crazy! WE were not expecting that! So, it should be interesting!
     I am excited for my birthday although it will be really weird! Celebrate for me there! ha Can you believe that it will also be my year mark of when I went through the temple? Go to the temple for me since I can't! I love the temple! I hope that you all are doing well and that you are enjoying life! I feel like this transfer is going to be another big refiner's fire for me and so I am just trying to prep myself for it. Start praying for me! :D Love you all!!! Next time I will write you I will be 22! Ah!
                                             Love, Sister Higgins

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