Thursday, July 18, 2013

Moving, moving, moving... (Week 44)

Hello all!!
Sorry I am later today with my email but it has just been crazy around here for the past few days! Thanks for the emails and pictures! I loved them!! Although, it did make me somewhat homesick when I saw you all together and having so much fun! Lame! Lindsey- you need to just make your kids stop growing ok? Thanks! Also, what happened to your car? You have a dent in the back of it :( The tramp place looked fun! I think my favorite picture was when Lindsey was on the motorcycle and everyone was watching her. Kason was crying and Asher was eating. hahaha Mom- I got your package and I loved it!! Thank you so much! The cookies were so good! I have contacts til like October I think but I will keep you posted. Also, what are you talking about we are on the downhill side now?... we've been on that for like a month and a half already. ha I actually have less than 7 months left if I still take the early transfer. Crazy! I'm glad you guys got the pictures on your phone from Bro. Ott; he was excited to send them. That's what I sacrificed part of my thumb for :) That is crazy about Estee being engaged!  I loved what Kason said about missionaries and being hero's! yes!! Oh, if I want to send a letter to them what address should I send it to? Sorry if this email is shorter- it is crazy here! you can tell by my title, I'm packing up and moving out. We've had an interesting time here for the past like 2 weeks. Since I don't have much time I will give you the short version. Sister Patchett has been really, really struggling the past little while and did just not want to be here. She had no desire to be out here, find people, teach them, etc. She decided to go home and was set on it. Lucky me, I had experience with this already so I talked with her a lot, and listened a lot and let her talk through things and then asked questions. I did what I could though but she didn't want to stay, so we went through the process of talking to President and her parents and she still wanted to leave. It wasn't til Monday night that her bishop actually called her and talked with her for a while and gave her some council. Even though she doesn't want to stay she is taking the council of those that she has talked to and is going to try out one more transfer to see if she can get her answer. Blind faith right now. So, we thought I would leave and she would stay. We got a call Saturday and found out that we were both leaving...uh, what? So, even though Sister Gubler and I only got doubled in like 4 1/2 months ago, they are doubling Sister Patchett and me out and putting elders back in here. Dumb. The ward is soooo much more receptive to sisters. So, we have been going crazy trying to pack, say goodbye, and getting everything ready for us to leave. AhHHhh!! Sister Patchett is headed to Parkersburg, WV to be in a trio in one of the most successful and happy areas of the mission now. She is like 'you are sending the most depressed missionary to the happiest area...dumb.' haha As for me, I am headed to Bridgeport, WV near Clarksburg. It is like half an hour or so away from Morgantown. ha I just go back and forth. I'm not training but will be with Sister Jung (spelling?) who is from Korea and is going home in October. We are getting doubled in and opening up the area for sisters, so neither of us are going to know anything about it. We are going to be sharing a ward with 2 sets of elders. Crazy! I am excited, nervous, and happy, but at the same time dreading it and am not happy to leave here.
Even though this has been my hardest area I have been here the longest, grown the most, learned so much, and just love the people here! Our ward is so sad and upset that they are taking us away. I felt prompted that we needed to sing a song in sacrament on sunday and then a little later we found out we were leaving, so it was perfect. We sounded so good together and it was great. I introduced it and explained that this was our farewell in a way and got a little teary. I told myself to suck it up though and we started singing 'Be Still My Soul' and it was going well. Then we hit the third verse and so many emotions overcame me. Knowing I was leaving the area, Sister Patchett, personal answers, and just peace all hit me and I just started crying and couldn't sing anymore. So there we were, Sister Patchett with her arm around me singing alone and me crying with my tissues! haha But...I made like the whole ward cry!! Success!! The spirit was so strong there and everyone loved it. So many people came up to us after and talked to us. They love us so much!! I was mad that I was leaving because I don't want to because we finally have golden and elect investigators, the ward is more missionary minded, and I feel like the area is turning a corner for good and then I leave. Arg!!! I was so frustrated with it, but I talked to President on Tuesday and I am more at peace with it all now. I can't tell you exactly what he said because it's packed, but basically that I needed to be here. He felt very strongly that Sister Patchett needed to be with me when she came in and now after two transfers that is confirmed and he knows that she needed to be with me. He said I am the strongest missionary with love, that I exude it and that it shows or something like that and that she needed to be with me during this hard time because I was the one that needed to get her through it with my love that I show. Also, I was the only one that could be here and get the area to where it is at. He said to count these two transfers as a success because they are! That's not how he worded it, but I was just very grateful for that! I love President! I have loved, loved, loved serving with Sister Patchett and hate to see us be split apart. Neither of us are thinking about it.
Wow, so much for a short email. We still have so much to do so I will close. I am doing better though and would appreciate many prayers in the next little while. Ahhh!! And, it is super, super hot and humid here! I'm dying and sweating all the time! This is the first time that I have hated the summer out here and we are half way through it. Yay! I love you all and hope you are doing well!!
 Love, Sister Higgins
 Photos sent by Bro. Ott of the food they helped prepare for a graduation party:

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