Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hello from Bridgeport! (Week 45)

Wow, I feel like the past couple of days have gone by soooo slowly! Ugh...it sucks! Thanks for the emails! I didn't get many emails today and haven't gotten mail in a while so it was nice to hear from you. Mom-I meant to tell you thank you so much for the letter you sent before I got your package. You will never know how much I needed that and how much it helped me! And, it broke a 3 week drought of no mail! ha but thank you! Yes, accept Sister Shelton (as a facebook friend)! She is from my last area and I love her! Sister Patchett and I were able to help her a lot. She was a reason that I was there in WSS (White Sulphur Springs) cause she needed someone specific to talk to and it was us! I've seen those PMG (Preach My Gospel) clips too. They are good. Why are you guys going to San Fransisco? Sounds like you guys will have a fun 24th of July! I don't think we do anything here for the 24th so it should just be another day. Thanks for the fb updates. Crazy! That's weird that Estee is getting married. I don't know if you told her last time, but tell her congrats for me and that I an excited for her.
So, welcome to the Bridgeport area Sister Higgins! I got a little freaked out a little when I first started driving cause there were so many cars and the roads were crazy and the freeways were just huge! We are right outside of Clarksburg and it is a fairly big city so lots of people. Apparently Bridgeport is a very rich area in West Virginia and Some people have called others the Bridgeport Snobs. ha There are some huge houses here! It should be interesting. I've already had some quite rude run ins and just now in the library this lady was talking so badly about the church and it was so annoying. The elders and we are here so we are using some of the computers and so, 'the Mormons are just taking over the computers' and the librarian was joking with her. Oh, it made me so irritated to hear that. Christ like love was very hard to have at that time. ha I know she is a child of God, but when you do that to what I know is true and that I love it just irritates me. Oh well. I like this area but at the same time I don't. There are lots of people to talk to and some people are nice and our ward is big, but we are in the city now and people are just mean. They are set in their ways as well, and I don't know. I just don't know what to think right now. but, I have an Asian companion!! haha My companion Sister Jang is from South Korea and is so cute! She has been out for 14 months and is teaching me a lot. She is so sweet and has a hilarious sense of humor so we laugh a lot, but I don't know. I just loved serving with Sister Patchett in White Sulphur and this is so different and our companionship is not as good so it's been a struggle for me. So, you combine all that with the fact that we came into the area and the elders didn't give us much info on it and we don't have any investigators and it is just hard. The days have gone by so slowly and my mind seems to wander a lot then. I love our bishop and some of the other members, but then some of them have that stuck up kind of mentality and I just have a hard time loving them. I don't know. I think it will be good, but right now it's trying to get everything going and it is just hard. I only have like 5 transfers though, so not too much longer. I will be training next transfer guaranteed. haha President called me to talk about this transfer, and said we were both coming off training and to just have fun with Sister Jang and to rest. Cause we have a lot of sisters still coming in so I won't get any more rests. I am glad that I am not training this transfer though because I have been training for the last three and I think I got the sisters that were struggling the most, so it was hard, but fun. 
Since I have gotten here I have been sooo tired and I don't know why!! It's so frustrating cause we have to get this area going and are trying to figure it all out, but I just am tired and want to sleep. Hopefully that will go away so that I can focus more soon and tune in even more to what the spirit is telling me.
Sorry this comes across as a downer. I really am doing well and loving being on a mission but the past little bit has just been a huge change and I don't know if I really like it. But, that is no excuse. I know that the Lord has a certain and specific plan for each one of us and that He loves us all very much!! I am here in Bridgeport for a reason even if I never find out why. I questioned why I was going to white sulphur but looking back on it I KNOW that I needed to be there because I helped so many people there. Lots of struggling people that I helped by loving them and taking time for them.  It will all work out here though, I am just going through another challenge that the Lord needs me to go through!
I love you all!!! Have a wonderful week and have fun together!!! Oh, my address is 215 Main Street Apt. A Bridgeport, WV 26330. Did I mention I live above a funeral home?!?! haha More next time! Love you!

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