Monday, July 8, 2013

HI! (Week 43)

Well hello!

Thanks for the emails! Sounds like you guys had a rather boring week in a way :P I liked reading about it though because it's always good to hear how you all are doing! I've also been in a mail drought for like 2 1/2 weeks so it's just good to hear anything from people that I know! Kellie your letter was the last one I got. Thank you!! So, mom I will be awaiting that package anxiously! Also, I love raspberries! :) Mom, I know I need to clean my room just please do not do it while I am gone. I promise that we can do it together when I get home though so that I know what happens to my stuff! Thanks! Also, I love, love, love the picture of Kellie and Steve!! So cute! I almost had a heart attack though because I saw the pictures and just scanned the words at first and all that popped out to me were your sister and engaged! Needless to say I about died, so I had to reread it all and then it made sense, so I'm glad I didn't miss it yet! You look so good Kellie and you guys look so happy too...along with the wind! Sister Patchett says that you guys are definitlely going to get married! haha 
Let's see, this week what happened? Well, happy 4th of July! I didn't get to see any fireworks but we went out to a parade in Alderson which supposedly has the biggest 4th of July celebration in all of WV. The parade was interesting- so many firetrucks from towns I have never even heard of, sooooo much candy, and so many royalty from random days they have (e.g. Miss Sparkler, Miss Fireworks, Miss Dandelion, Mr Fireworks, etc. I think the best one though was Miss Roadkill!!! hahaha Oh, I love West Virginia!). So that was the parade but I'm glad I went to just have the experience! We had the Greenbrier Classic here all week as well, but all the traffic wasn't as bad as I heard that it was going to be. Lots of chartered buses taking fans from the parking lot to the tournament and lots of policemen. Other than that, nothing else except they did have a big blimpie in the air! This week has just been kind of slow for us as well and a little difficult. We had 60 people at church last week and like 52 yesterday. So sad. This is what happens when you lose all the med students and everyone goes on vacation! Hopefully it will start getting bigger again soon. We had to teach relief society and young women's yesterday because they were combined, and it went well. With us, the relief society, and young women I think we had 8 or 9 there. So sad! 
Life has been really good for me this week but has also been challenging. Sister Patchett has been really struggling the past little while with a lot of things.  She has some interesting family things going on right now, and so she is having a hard time dealing with all of that while out here. She just wants to be back home to help her family out, but knows that being on a mission is the best thing for them so they can get blessings. So, it's been a challenge. I feel so bad for her and am trying to help in anyway, but it kind of just has to come from within her. She also has been down cause she got a ticket last week! :( Such a bad day for her cause she killed a bird as well! ha
I received a lot of different answers for myself this week and that was wonderful because I had been struggling with them for the past little while. The elders down in the Covington branch had an investigator that they had taught all the lessons to and didn't know what else to do cause he wasn't making progress. So, we went down there and had a lesson with Brittney (the girl who I have helped).  That lesson was so amazing and completely directed by the spirit. Then we had a lesson with this kid and we had never met him before and had no clue who he was, so we just went with it and relied on the spirit to know what to say. It was amazing because we were so in unison and we were so on fire. I felt the spirit so much in that lesson and Sister Patchett did amazing! I had no idea what I was going to say at times but then it would just come, or I would just start talking and things would be coming out that would just astonish me, so I know the Lord was there with us in that lesson because it was awesome! We are still teaching that family who is catholic, but they are so excited to see us and just love us! They are so open to what we have to say and want to learn all that they can from us! I love us! It was such a good lesson with them yesterday and I just love them so much already! She said the only reason why she is scared to read the book of mormon is because she feels like she is going to want to be baptized again. She is just awesome and we have such a good relationship with them. Her husband just loves to tease me, Ms. Higgins, haha but he is wonderful! I can totally see them joining and I really feel like they will...but it will probably be after I leave because transfers are coming again!!
Transfers are next week so p-day is not til wednesday again. I really don't want to leave here but we are finishing training and lately I just feel like I will be the one leaving. I feel like I haven't finished my work here yet, but if the Lord needs me elsewhere then I will do it! Also, things members said yesterday just kind of confirmed it to me because there are people here who Sister Patchett needs to learn from. I will just see though! I bore my testimony yesterday and it was really neat. Other than that, nothing that exciting I feel like has happened here. I am just loving serving with Sister Patchett though because she is so amazing and is teaching me so much! I love her!! I am doing well! I love you and miss you all! Until next week,
                                                 Love, Sister Higgins

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