Monday, May 13, 2013

Yay for Technology!! :) (Week 35)

Well hello again!
 Long time no see! :) Oh my goodness, I can't even tell you how absolutely wonderful it was to be able to see you all yesterday! That was just so great and it made my day! I'm with you mom- I wasn't sure if I wanted to face time because it might be harder to say goodbye, but it was exactly what I needed. To be able to see all of your faces and know that you are still there (!) and to be able to just see you after 8 months was just awesome! I am so glad that we did that! Whoever created that I owe a lot to now! haha I never loved facetime as much as I did last night, even though we were stressing out and were trying to get a connection and it took us 15 minutes, but hey, it worked. That's all that matters! Thank you guys for being so great and for lifting my spirits and for talking! You all look great and seem like you are all doing well! I cannot believe how big Emry is!!  She looks so different from when I left and I was not expecting her to be so big! She is so cute though and I love her walking and her animal sounds! The boys look so good and big too and are so cute! I'm glad they still know my name and haven't forgotten me yet! :D
So, what to say, what to say. As we were facetiming our cell phone died, so we lost communication to our missionary world, and then on the way home we got lost for a little bit :/ Even though I have been there multiple times it just looked so different for some reason. I can't thank you enough for sending me a gps for christmas though because that reaffirmed that we were still on the right road, and we were going in the right direction. It was just weird though, so that put us home a lot later than we thought we would be home, but that's ok. We got home and our district leader said that 'he was so glad to know that his sisters were safe and talking to him again.' It was so funny! As I was writing that a thought came into my head that I thought was cool, so I will share it with you. We go on our road of life just chugging along and trying to do our best and looking for the signs and houses or people that are familiar to us and get us through the day. But in this life we can't do it by ourselves. We have to have Heavenly Father's help to get us through this life because He knows where we need to go (just like the gps will get you to the right road.) So, anyways, I don't know if that made sense but it did in my head :) If it didn't make sense then I'm sorry and you can take it off before you put this on the blog! ha
I think this week should be a good week because both Sister Patchett and I have a good feeling about it. We are laying that foundation and helping others in anyway that we can. I just know that we are going to have a breakthrough sometime and that we are going to see success here, but we just have to keep trying and working and it will come. Often times the Lord doesn't bless us with miracles until after we do our part and show Him that we are willing to let Him in and that we will keep working towards getting better. I don't know what else to tell you because I told you a lot yesterday and nothing is coming to my head right now, so I guess I will close. Sorry this isn't the longest email. I will have more to say next week to you guys! I hope that you guys are doing well and that you have a wonderful week! I love you all and it was so, so, so wonderful to talk to you and see you all in person! Only like 8 more months now! ha Have a safe trip to TN mom and dad, and tell grandma hello for me and that I love her! I need to write her again :) Take care everyone and know that I love you!!
                                                     Love, Sister Higgins!
P.S. Jenna sent over 20 pictures today!!!  They will be posted tomorrow.  I'm still on a learning curve with posting photos on the blog!  Excited to share them with you though.  Gail

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