Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday again! (Week 36)

Hi, hi!

Well, we'll see how long this email is cause I think there is a waiting list and I had to send some other emails before this. Thanks for the emails and pictures. You guys look good. Are you thinking of giving grandma my email address or this email? I am fine with whatever! Tell her happy birthday for me! Thanks. Shelby looks so pretty. No, I don't need the umbrella, the one I have is good. It just downpours for a bit and then it stops. It's crazy rain though here. I bought some black boots out here and they are the ones that have holes in them. Lame! They were good quality though. Oh well. My danskos are doing well. I like them! This week was good- no new investigators though. It will come though!
So, it this week went by really quickly for me cause here I am again writing to you. Next week I won't be writing til tuesday cause monday is a holiday. I am excited for monday though cause we are going up farther into our area with some members to have a picnic and fhe (family home evening) at a state park, and to go see a family cemetary or something. It should be fun. We are doing a lot of service this week. Part of thursday and friday we are going to a troubled girls school and helping a member who works there get ready for their graduation. I could do that in my major. We are making this big pineapple thing and I don't know what else. I'm excited! Some of the med school wives want us to do some type of 5k run with them on the 1st so we may do that. I don't know. We may play laser tag with our district sometime as well at the Greenbrier so that should be fun! They'll never know what hit them when I start playing! haha jk

I got my haircut this week and that was interesting but good. I just wanted a trim and a little bit of tapering around my face. The lady that cut it hit it off with me right away so that was a good thing. She loved to talk so we just went on and on. She had a ton of questions about the gospel, missionary work, and how I find peace/happiness in the world today, so I answered a lot of them for her. She was just cutting and cutting though, and my hair was about dry in the front when she finally stopped cutting! ha I was getting so nervous that I might be bald by the time that I left that shop. I would be a new missionary for sure. But, I got over it. I figured that I love the gospel so much and it has truly changed my life and means so much to me. So, I would be glad to sacrifice my hair to share the gospel with someone to help their faith be strengthened in Christ! My hair will always grow back right?! It was really neat though, because when I went to leave she called me a 'sweetheart', gave me a big ole hug, and slapped me on the shoulder and said, 'go get em tiger.' haha Yes!! The next day I came back and left a book of mormon on her chair with a note in it explaining that this was how I found so much of my peace and happiness in the world today, and that she should read it. I felt really good about it and I hope she takes the time to read it because I know that it will really bless her life.
This morning Sister Patchett and I did our own workout in the morning and then later we went to the park with a track on it and met four of the med school wives to work out with them. They all either walked or ran on the track together, so we did it with them. I ran for parts and walked for parts and it was really fun. The humidity when we were out there though sucked! I HATE HUMIDITY! ha We didn't realize though that they went for so long. They just kept going and going and going. We thought we were going to die...or maybe just fall onto the grass next to the track! We ended up going for 5 miles!!! It was awesome but I am already hurting from it! :) I was already sore cause we played ultimate frisbee again on saturday and I was running all around for that. I had some awesome catches with that though and some not so awesome ones as well! I had a really cool diving catch which earned me lots of high fives and mud stains all over! Success! One of the games my team was playing a man down, but one of the nonmember students was like, 'that's ok cause we have the scoring machine on our team' and then he looked at me! So fun!

We had a great lesson with our one and only investigator that will meet with us consistently and it went well. We still can't get him to come to church though. It was all about prayer and how prayer is so, so crucial to each one of us. It is our connection to our Heavenly Father and we need it for guidance! I bore my testimony to him a couple times, but there was one time that is was really neat. I was just talking and not really thinking all the way about what I would say, but everything that was coming out was powerful and what he needed. I definitley felt the spirit. The member was going to talk after that and she was just like 'uh, it's really hard to say anything after that. Maybe I should just say the prayer now.' It was neat. And...we kept talking with him, and helped him to recognize that he was feeling the spirit. He said he felt calm, peaceful, and relaxed. He loves when we come cause it's his one spiritual time in the week. It was really neat to be a part of that and to help him see that. So, it's all coming slowly but surely.

All right well this has become really long and I don't know what else to say. Oh, exept one woman who talked to us for a while was grilling us on when we would get married and if we would do it soon because we get married young. I just smiled and talked. Then she was wondering when we would have kids, if we would have them soon, and how many we would have. She said we were just 'baby makers!' ha I almost just busted up laughing at that. Gotta love West Virginia! I'm doing well and just chugging along! Learning a lot about myself, prayer, faith, humility, and trust. It will all work out though! I love it. I love being a missionary and I love this gospel, and I absolutely love the book of mormon!! It is true and there is a power in there for each one of us to feel as we just read it and apply its teachings in our lives! I love you all! Have a wonderful week!
                                                                  Love, Sister Higgins 


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