Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Here you go!!

                                                  Our fast way of melting butter!

The butter mints we made (my red dyed hand) for a member's wedding reception coming up.

These things are everywhere here!!!

Massive rainstorm!!! We braved it and went tracting in it, which was so fun but miserable! I also learned that I had holes in both feet, so my tights and feet were soaking wet for the rest of the day! I was pruny when I got home! ha

                                             I built a porch and made it into the newspaper!

writing notes to the ward roster because of inspiration= time consuming, hand cramps, and ink marks, but fun! 
                                               We just love our companionship!

                                        Happy Mother's Day since I'm a mom x2 now! :P

Playing with my camera while Sister Patchett talked to her family! I love my camera, and that scarf!

  I love this house!

 I built a bike trail with this! It was awesome but made us so sore! :) 

Sister Coleman on exchanges at SVU! So fun and the apartment was so nice!

 Running the chocolate race- 6.2 miles!

building the porch! 

Our district went caving and got dirty, but it was really fun!! 

Awesome owl!! We were so close to it as we were going by and watched it for a little while! It was so cool, but I thought he was going to fly straight towards me cause he was eying me with his beady eyes! The members that were with us were laughing because I was freaking our but was also so excited and fascinated to see it!

Tornado warning! 

I ate pollon! A member keeps bee's and was showing us a thing of honey and made me eat the pollon. It was sick, but I did it! 

The Greenbrier hotel which is super nice and all the rich people come to it! It was awesome!

I ate liquid gold at the greenbrier! It was delicious! :) 

Part of a golf course there (they are famous for that). 

So cool and pretty!! 

Alright, that's all that I've got for today. We need to go, but hopefully that suffices for the pictures that you have been wanting! It's a little bit of everything that I have been experiencing here! I really do the area even if it is slow. It's fun! I love you all!! :)

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