Monday, May 6, 2013

May!! (Week 34)

Hello again!
Can you guys believe that it is already May?!  I feel like this week went by really fast but also really slow. Crazy! I am just losing all track of time here, but that's ok, because I just do what I'm told in the same area until I get told otherwise! Thanks for your emails. I loved them. Mom- thanks for sending pictures although I didn't get to see any of them :( I think it may be the computer. I will try next time though. I am so excited for Jordan Foster! Helsinki Finland sounds awesome! I was wondering if she would go so I'm glad that she is out on a mission! She will do great. Also, did you know that Mary did have a mission call! What is the name of her fiance? That's great about Sis Fisher, yay Montana! Also, Jacob Coakwell is in Ukraine so, close to Russia. If you see Chanel tell her hi for me. I am so happy for her. Let me know about Estee too. She wrote me and I wrote her back and haven't heard anything since. My back is still really hurting but oh well. I'll see what I can do. Also, how do you all like the missionary email from President? Dad- thanks for the offer of paying for extra miles but they are cracking down on it for everyone. No going over. Once you hit your limit you turn off your car whereever it is. I've never gone over but these elders do all the time! ARg!
Today it has been really rainy, cold, and windy and yesterday was the same. It is forecasted to be like this for the next couple of days. Boo! Church was good yesterday. Sis Patchett and I said the opening and closing prayers and we both bore our testimonies and people really liked it. I didn't cry much either! The ward I think is definitely starting to see the love that we have been showing and they are starting to warm up to us more I think. Yesterday it seemed like they were all talking about us and praising us and I don't know what else. My bishop was talking to us a lot as well and even joked with me! Yes! Also, we had a ward party on saturday and I said hi to a woman that has not talked to me the entire time I've been here and has just ignored us and she said hi back! Winner!! I was so excited even though it wasn't the best hi it was progress. I think that foundation and trust is definitley coming and it is making me so happy to see it! I'm doing something right. ha We got a new ward mission leader yesterday since our other one got called as the 2nd councilor. I think he will be really good and is super funny. I think we will definitely help him with his missionary work as well, so it was definitely inspired! We played frisbee on saturday and it was awesome. I was on exchanges with Sis Tuckett and that was fun but I think we both died a little. It was 4 on 4 and she was like 'you can tell I've been out for a year' and I was like 'well, you can tell I've been out for 8 months.' Isn't that crazy!! My 8 month click day is on mother's day! So, we ran a lot during the frisbee games and it felt so good, but at the end I was dying. I need to workout more! But, I totally dominated! One game my team lost 7 to 4 and I had all 4 touchdowns!!! One I caught the frisbee on my head and just held onto it as I slide on the ground. It was awesome! They called me the touchdown queen!
We have had some amazing lessons this week, and a couple were with some of our active members. We were all crying and the spirit was just overpowering there. They were like you guys always know exactly what we need to hear every time. It was neat because I had the thought that we needed to show them a certain video and that was exactly what they needed. It was so neat to be a part of that. That happened multiple times this week and we also had an amazing lesson with our recent convert. The elders never taught him after baptism lessons. The lesson went way off what we planned but it was exactly what he needed to hear. The spirit there was so strong and I have never felt so powerful as I promised him blessings and certain things to protect him. It was crazy but amazing! I love this gospel. We are praying to find a solid and prepared investigator because right now the few we have are not progressing at all. Prayers would be appreciated :) I am so excited for this transfer though because we are going to be able to do amazing things together! I am not even training sis Patchett because she is training me!! She is so prepared and amazing it is not even funny. I love it! The church is true and I can say that with all I know. I love being a missionary even though it is super hard and stretches me every day. I am so blessed because of it though. I am so excited to talk to you all on sunday!!! AHHHHH! Love you all so much!!!! Have a wonderful week!  
Lots of love, Sister Higgins

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