Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hello! (Week 37)

Hello again!! 
Thanks for the emails! It was good to read them and to hear what all has been happening with you guys this past week. This week went by pretty quickly again although some of the days were horribly long. Oh the life of a missionary! ha It's been good though and I have learned a lot! This may not be the longest email because we got to the library late and we have to go to dinner in a bit, but at least it is something for now! Dad- I best be getting some fruit leathers!!!! Yummy!! That's awesome that we have 3 missionaries going out! Who is this Jake kid? Where do they live? When did they come in? etc. When does Cassie leave again?  Let her know that I love her and am so excited for her! Sounds like you all had a fun trip back from Memphis! (weather delays, etc.) I'm glad that everything worked out! The Lord always is in the details! 
As for things here they are just going right along! Today was super hot!!! I thought I was going to die, and am pretty sure that I got sunburned! We are in the middle of a weird transition for our ward because some of the med school students have graduated and then the rest are going back home (utah!) for a lot of the summer. So, we will go down to a very small ward just trying to limp through til august. It should be fun! ha We had a ton of people at church on sunday because of all the families coming in as well as some other members. One woman talked to us and says she has a sister in our area who is already converted. She has read through the book of mormon, pearl of great price, and doctrine and covenants, and is now going through the book of mormon again with a study guide thing from byu. This week she is with her sister at the sacred grove and a lot of the other church history sites. She knows the church is true, and wants to come, but we have to get her husband to know it now too. She was so happy that sisters were here and said it would be perfect. We will hopefully meet her next week??? We were so excited though because it just like fell into our laps. We have been finding no success at all, so this was such a tender mercy from the Lord. Amazing!! I really hope that things work out there!
We did some service on thursday and friday at a school for troubled girls and it was awesome. A lot of our members work there, and one of them was in charge of food for their graduation so we helped prepare it. There was really only six of us, and we were running around like crazy but we got it done and it was super good! One exciting thing that happened there was that I was slicing cucumber and totally sliced my thumb as well!!! It was awesome especially the blood that was going everywhere but it was all good. I just silently went to the sink and took care of it. It's better now though. I always took for granted how much I use my thumb until I couldn't use it anymore! Thumbs are so important! haha
We had a zone meeting on thursday and that was absolutely amazing! Sister Patchett and I had to do a role play where the whole lesson was guided by the spirit, but we were both really nervous cause we didn't really know exactly what we wanted to do because they gave us only a few minutes to prepare it. The first few minutes were a little awkward, but after that things just clicked and it was amazing! The spirit came in so overwhelmingly strong that we knew exactly what to say. I was talking about prayer to the other sister we were teaching and things were just coming and I was saying them and they were exactly what she needed to hear and what I needed to hear as well. We worked so well and we both just knew what to say and how to teach it. It was completely by the spirit, and was just wonderful. I have never had that good of a role play before. The sister that we were teaching was just so amazed and had no critiques at all and didn't even know where to start if she had one because it was totally with the spirit. She said that some of the things we said she had not even thought of, but was now going to take that and tell it to the girl that she was portraying. It was cool to be a part of that. I also was doing a different role play with sister patchett and we were talking about trusting in the Lord, and I saw a picture behind her of Christ standing there with His arms outstretched and it was my answer. In that moment I knew that I could trust the Lord and that everything was going to be ok. He is watching out for me and knows what I need to reach my potential and He is there with me every step of the way here. It was like He was saying, 'It's ok, you can come into my reach and trust me.' Awesome! 
We've just had a good week filled with lots of little answers here and there and lots of laughter and fun as well. Even though we aren't finding really anyone to teach we are still helping less actives, members, and others in just how we act. Life is good and we are just working hard. Oh, the early transfer is still feeling right to me right now, and so that means that today is my half way point. So, now I'll be on the downhill. That is so weird and scary! Have I done enough and learned everything??? Ahhhh!!! Anyways, I love you all and hope that you are doing well! P-day is wednesday next week because of transfers (we should both be here) so I will talk to you on wednesday! I love you!
                                                   Love, Sister Higgins

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