Monday, March 4, 2013

I have no creative title for today. My brain hurts! (Week 25)

Hello Family!!

 Wow, is it just me or do the weeks seem to be going by a lot faster?? Either way, I get to talk to ya'll again! :) Thanks for the emails. I loved reading them and hearing about what all is happening with you. Sorry you are working so much mom, and Lindsey, I'm sorry to hear that you are sick!! No fun at all! I guess my blessings of being a missionary need to step it up because I don't want you all to fall apart! Feel better! The miracles and blessings come after our trial of faith! You guys will be blessed so much because of all the craziness that you are having right now. Keep going! I'm praying for ya! Thanks for the daylight savings reminder. Meh...lose another hour of sleep...who needs sleep? It's not like I'm tired all the time! ha oh well, it's all good! Mom- please tell Korinne congrats and that I'm excited for her! I'm glad I didn't have to wait that long to leave! Sounds like you had an awesome RS (Relief Society meeting) as well! I am thinking of beatitude stuff. I will let you know lindsey if I come up with anything brilliant! :) I didn't get the picture that came with the bike/car quote, but that was really funny! Also, dad, I think I will start to get travel stuff around september or october. They usually ask you a few months in advance what transfer you'll be taking. I'm expiring (ha) in either february or march, still undecided on which I will take. I don't know if a lot of families come pick their missionary up. It would be fun to go see everyone, but would I still have to follow all the mission rules (skirt, badge, time, etc) when we go see them? That wouldn't be too fun. Something to think about.

 As for Dublin, everyone is freaking out right now. We are supposed to get a massive snow storm on tuesday/wednesday, but we'll see what happens. Some are treating it like the apocalypse again. haha It has been really cold here and snowing on and off all the time, but it doesn't stick. Yesterday was miserable. Snowing and 26 degrees. Party. Lately, we've been struggling to find people who are interested, and some of our investigators are just frustrating, so it's been an interesting week to say the least. I have a good feeling about this week though and think it will be great. We have some good lessons set and I'm hoping some referrals turn into something.

 Fast and Testimony meeting yesterday was awesome! I felt the spirit so strongly and felt so loved by my Heavenly Father. A couple people actually got up and bore their testimonies about how wonderful the sisters were and that we have a really sweet spirit about us. It was neat. I was fighting going up the whole time, but finally gave in and went up. When I got up the whole bishopric were smiling cause they all just love me! :P Seriously though. My mind was so jumbled though on what to say, so I got up there, took a deep breath, and looked out at the ward, and what do you think...I started crying! haha It hit me how much I love these people and how they are my family! I don't want to be transferred out of here yet, and the thought of leaving them just made me cry. I can't even remember really what I said, but (not to boast) basically it was amazing and powerful! Soooo many people came up to me throughout the day and told me how much they loved my testimony and how wonderful it was, and how it had touched them. I felt very loved yesterday! A very less active woman came yesterday and just broke down as she started talking to me right before relief society and just asked if she could talk to me. We went into a room with Sister VanOrman and she just told us so much about everything. She was holding it all in and finally had to just let it out. We tried to give her the best advice we could, but really we can't fix it. The whole time we were talking I had a feeling/thought that she needed to receive a priesthood blessing. I brought it up and just asked her if she had had one and if she would like one. She didn't think she had, but decided why not. I got our bishop and he gave her one of the most powerful blessings I have ever heard. It was so neat to be in that room and feel of the spirit that was bearing testimony to what he was saying to her from her loving Heavenly Father! After he left she kind of thought it was weird. I asked her why? Did she feel anything though? She said she felt better, calmer. I know that she felt the spirit though and that she felt something different when she came to church. Whether she chooses to act on the blessing or not is up to her, but I know that I had a prompting which I acted on that needed to happen. I talked to Bishop later on and he said that the promptings he was receiving and the spirit he felt in saying the blessing was the most powerful spirit he has ever felt in giving a blessing. He was just in awe of the blessing. It made me so happy, and I hope it helped her! :)

 Sister VanOrman had an awesome bonding experience on saturday that helped us understand each other better. It was so cool and I know that things that I told her to help build her back up were not my words but from Heavenly Father. We were both crying and afterwards she said that she knows Heavenly Father answers prayers through other people- me. Wow! It's just amazing how the Lord has us help others. I may not be finding and teaching a lot of people here, but I know for a fact that I am helping my companion. My ward family. And myself.  I do love Sister VanOrman and want to truly help her.  Transfers are next week and I honestly have no idea what is going to happen. We will find out saturday if we need a ride, and around then as well if we have any special assignments or training. From the beginning of this transfer I thought I was going to leave, but now I'm not so sure. I don't know. We have a long haul now cause p day isn't til wednesday, so that's when I'll let you know what all is happening. Ahhhh! Keep praying for me! I'm praying for you! I love you so much! This gospel is true, don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise. I know it, believe, and have seen it change lives including mine. The Lord loves each of us so very much and is there to help us whenever we need Him. I just love it! 
                                                                                   Love, Sister Higgins
P.S. I'll try to send some pictures off today. We'll see.  

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