Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ahhhhhhh!!!!!! (Week 26)

Hello all!!!
Well that's about how I feel right now! ha The bikes look great and it sounds like you guys are having fun with them. Mom-you look good. And you guys look so dashing in your helmets! Thanks for all the news and updates! So many things are happening it seems like. Lindsey and Isaac- congrats!! That is great that you guys were able to finally make a decision and can now focus on that. Glad you feel good about it and that you took time to weigh everything out. That was a big decision that you made! As for the massive snow storm that they were forecasting, yeah, it was a bright sunny day! ha Those weather forecasters. Mom- I knew Cassie was working on her papers but didn't know she had her call yet! Wow, that is so exciting! Her family I think went there when she was 8 or something like that. I knew she would probably go foreign. That's cool about Lexi too. I have a friend serving there. I guess my foreign mission was to West Virginia. I am so glad to hear that Saira is having such a good time and is learning so much! Holy cow-4 baptisms! Wow. Um, I think my ego of finally having one 5 months in just took a hit! ha Good for her though! I am so glad that she decided to serve a mission.  I need to write her again! This email may be short though because guess what...I'm hitting the road again!!!
So, transfers are tomorrow and I am not ready for them- packing and leaving the area! Even though Dublin was so hard and frustrating at times, and can really get you down, I absolutely LOVED it!!! The ward that we have here is sooooo amazing and I love the people! They are just so fun and want to help us missionaries in any way! I have gotten close to some of them and was of course crying when I had to say goodbye! I've come to the conclusion that saying goodbye just sucks, so we should all just stay in the same place our whole lives so we never have to say goodbye! Sound good?? I love some of the investigators that we have as well, and just hope that I was able to help touch them and make their life better in the time that I was given to be here with them. I had a feeling at the beginning of this transfer that it would be my last one here and I was right. It is bittersweet because I am excited for my next adventure, but am sad to leave here. My district here has been my favorite one because we had way too much fun together but we also taught each other a lot. Half of our district is getting transferred though, so it won't be the same. So, are you ready for the news though?? I am going to finally become a mom out here and I get to meet my baby tomorrow!! ha Since we welcome someone into the mission and help get them used to everything and train them, they are like our babies and we are the moms cause we take care of them! I told my favorite investigator as we were saying goodbye that I was going to be a mom and you should have seen their faces! ha Priceless!! They were like 'what!' haha I got a call from President on Sunday night and he said it was always a pleasure to talk to me and asked if I was sitting down. I told him I was, and then he proceeded to tell me that I was going to be training this transfer, but he was not worried at all because I have been prepared and will do a wonderful job as a trainer! He may not be worried at all, but I am!! Then he told me that I would be getting doubled in to White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia!!! Uhhhhh.....I'm not nervous at all!!!! haha Not only am I coming into an area having no clue about any of it and trying to pick up where the elders left off, I am going to have to do it while training someone who doesn't know what they are doing!!! The Lord must know that it will be ok and that I will do alright because I have no clue what I am doing! I feel like I am getting a double whammie! But, I am so incredibly excited because I know that this is where I need to go and what I need to do. I know that the Lord doesn't give us things that we can't handle as long as we turn to Him, and that is exactly what I will be doing more and more. It is humbling to think that the Lord trusts me so much to have me do both of these things at the same time because I don't think I'm ready to do both of them, but He does, so I'll do it. We sang the hymn 'I'll go where you want me to go' in sacrament and I figured I would be leaving and then the waterworks started. Even though I was so sad singing the song, I felt so much peace, comfort, and love about me and I knew that I needed to go somewhere else to help other people improve their relationship with their Savior! Whatever He wants me to say or do, I will say or do it, because that's what He wants from me and I am going to do my best at it! I was really surprised when I found out I was going to White Sulphur though because that is only like 13 miles away from Covington, where I started my mission. It's the next area over and is in the same district. So weird to be going to almost the same place, but I kind of know why. There is a girl in Covington who I have helped a lot through letters, but now to be close to her and maybe see her at times is exactly what she needs! Amazing how the Lord works and is in the details of our lives! So, yep that's what's happening here. Sis. VanOrman is staying and Sis. Grey is replacing me, and she is an awesome missionary! She came out a transfer behind us so Sis. VanOrman will be the senior companion.  Anyway, I've got to run cause I still have to write President, finish packing, do laundry, the list goes on. I will probably not get much sleep tonight.
Oh, yesterday I hit 6 months!! Is that not crazy?? 1/3 of the mission in the books already! AHHH! I love it and am trying my best out here although sometimes it seems like I am not making a difference at all. But that's ok though because I am learning and am planting seeds and am making someone's day better with a smile! :) Pray for me cause I am going to need it!! And we see Elder Oaks on saturday! So Exciting!! I love you all! Take care and much love!!
                                                                               Love, Sister Higgins 

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