Monday, March 25, 2013

HI! (Week 28)

Well hello again!
Wow, those emails were jam packed with stuff. It was awesome! I loved reading about everything that you guys are doing, although it seems like everything is going to be completely different when I get home. Just don't touch my room! haha I'm excited about the garage door opener. Dad- be careful with the trailer hitch (stay away from missionary cars ok?!) We won't get more miles either. They won't give anymore out because the church is getting more cars, so we just have to not go as far into our area. It takes about two hours to get to one end of the area to the other. Why do you start doing march madness when I'm not there? Arg! What's happening with it? Who's predicted to win? This sucks! What do you mean a carbon of my calling? I'm excited for Erin. Our ward attendance is not that great. Our ward roster is 15 pages long!!!! I'm not sure what the right numbers are, but I would say (since I've only been twice) that maybe we have like 80-100 come? Not a ton. We are close to a med school and they let in a few mormon families each year and that keeps the ward young and with a primary. We went over the ward roster yesterday and I was just amazed at it. It is so sad to see so many people who have just forgotten their testimony, what they have felt, and all they have done at church. We got our car fixed today- some purge valve or something like that, that had to be fixed I guess. Mom- thanks for the fbook news! I was wondering about Ellen and if she would be engaged but this answers my question. ha Tell her congrats. Sad to hear about Natalie, but I'm happy for Tom! I didn't know he was in school. What's his address? I've been meaning to write him a letter. I didn't know about Kim, but that's cool.  I'm fine on contacts- we got the bigger supply. Meals are pretty sparse here which can be hard. In Dublin we had meals everyday, but last week we only had two, so it's interesting. I'm keeping the sleeping rules mom, but you still are just exhausted! I'm not a morning person, and you do so much that you are just tired. I never feel like I get enough sleep. Ask Isaac! He should back me up on this, right Isaac?!! haha
So, this week has been full of up's and down's but we have survived and are trying to just do our best here. Right now we are in the middle of a snowstorm. We got a couple inches yesterday and it's been on and off today. It's snowing right now. Sis. Gubler is taking pictures and is freezing cold! We were able to meet a lot of our investigators from the elders this past week and feel them out and see how we can help them. We are really excited for one couple because I think if we can work with them and help them they have a lot of potential. There is another couple who i guess is really solid, but the elders left really crappy directions and no address for them, so we weren't able to find them when we went out there. Hopefully we can figure it out. Lame elders! We had an awesome lesson with a less active woman though and I thought that she would for sure come to church on Sunday, but she didn't. One night nothing was working out so we were going down the roster and we both were like, we need to go here. So we drove there and it was like this mansion of a house that is so pretty! They welcomed us in (the husband is active, the wife is not cause she was offended :/ ). We talked for a little bit and then I was going to share a scripture, but couldn't find the one I wanted, but the pages kept turning to a different one, so I said fine and went with that one and I'm glad I did. It was exactly what they needed (especially her) and she started crying and knows that she needs to come to church. She thanked me for sharing that one and reminding her that Christ is always there to help us and to remind her that we as missionaries care about her. Oh, by the way, she is going to adopt both of us, and wants to take us to a cool park and have us for dinner and come over whenever. It was so amazing and the spirit was definitely there. On Saturday in companionship study I asked Sis. Gubler how she was doing and she cracked. I had seen it coming for the past few days and was waiting for it all to just overflow. We talked for a good hour or so about being a missionary and overcoming things, and how strong she is. She is having a hard time keeping her faith and trying to do all that she can in this area. She is frustrated with it, and misses her family a lot. (cough by the way, her mom is rocking the letters. She gets one like every day from her! cough haha It helps her though) I felt like I really helped her though and had a couple different things come to mind to share with her and all of them she loved. I'm trying! She said that she couldn't have asked for a better trainer! Yay! We get along great and have too much fun when we're both really tired. We studied yesterday and I thought I smelled burritos and spanish rice (figures, we live in between two hispanic families), and she made a face which was so funny and I just started laughing which made her start laughing. We laughed so hard for a good five minutes and by the end of that time we were dying and our abs hurt, but it was just what we needed. I don't even know why it was so funny, but it was, and it helped us to be in a better mood, and to forget all the hard moments and days that we had this past week. It seemed like a long one, but I have learned so much from it.  
Wow, that's a long paragraph. I have learned about how much I can handle, what I can do, and that the Lord really does have a plan for each one of us. He knows exactly what we need and at the right timing. I just have to trust in that and know that everything will work out how it should here. I have to do my part though and work hard and try to help others all that I can. I love you all!!! You're amazing!!!
                   Love, Sister Higgins

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