Monday, March 18, 2013

AHHHHH!!!! (Week 27)

Hi, hi!
 Sorry this is a later email. The library here doesn't open until 1 and then we got here later, so that's why it's later. Thanks for the emails and the pictures! Yes, I finished the E!(on her "called to serve" chart here at home) Dad- that's cool about Nathan Priest although I can't remember where he is going. He will do well though. We can't do skype in our mission, just phone calls although I wish we could skype! I'm so excited for all the girls in our ward to come out! Mom- please tell Lynn and Sarie congrats on their calls! I was wondering when Sarie would get hers. Yesterday at church a girl said that either her niece/sister-in-law/cousin (can't remember) got their call to Jacksonville, FL. Wonder if it was Sarie? Is Rachel Wirthlin still planning on serving? She wrote me a letter and I wrote her back, but then I haven't heard anything else from her :( That's crazy that Elise and Shannon are engaged at the same time! What a busy time for their family! I don't know about the emailing friends. I haven't heard that we can do that, and it seems weird because in the white handbook I think it specifically says not to email friends. I don't know. I'll have to check on that. (Other missionary moms were posting on facebook that their missionary had received permission to email any and all contacts.) That's interesting about Saira too. Glad I was able to help her! Yeah, I know of the Elder Nelson from Mapleton.  I'm pretty sure that he was the one in Morgantown before we got doubled in. He came out with Sister Little, so he's been out a year and a few months. That's really cool Elder Perry came to Mapleton!! That doesn't happen too often. Maybe that ward really needed it though. My new address is HC 81, Box 70 G, Apt. 7 Lewisburg, WV 24901.
So, since last p-day I feel like everything has happened! Oh my goodness, it has been absolutely crazy and right now I don't even really know how I feel! There are so many emotions! So, saying goodbye last week was so sad, but also helped me to know that I did help in Dublin, and that I brought more happiness to the area. I woke up at the grand ole' time of 4:30 on thursday to finish packing, tidy up the apartment a bit, get ready, and be at the wal-mart down the road by 6. It was crazy but we made it. The group going home- 6 elders, the group coming in- 20 (14 elders and 6 sisters). Wow! The biggest group they have had yet. It just shows that people are answering the call to serve and now they are coming. It's so exciting to be a part of, but so crazy! I got to see Sis. Little at transfers and talked with her for a while. She is training again for her last transfer in the mission (she has a visa waiter to australia). That means that I'm not the baby anymore, but the middle child!! (sorry Kellie! lol) She's still in Morgantown and she told me that one of the girls that we had found and that I was able to teach a little bit before I had gotten transferred had been baptized!!!!! I was so excited for her because I wanted her to be baptized to find a greater happiness for herself and to realize that she has so much more to do and reach for in her life than what she was doing. I wish that I could have been there and that I could have helped teach her more, but the Lord needed me elsewhere, and I guess I had done my part with her. That was cool though. 
Then I met my baby!!! She was the last sister to be called, so I was just sitting there trying to figure out who I would train. Her name is Sister Gubler from Tucson, Arizona, and she is 19 and so great!! I can't tell you how nervous I was to start training because I set the tone for her, and will shape her and how she will do for her whole mission by how I help her. Ahhhh! No pressure right? ha We got dropped off in Beckley, WV and got picked up by some members who crammed all of our stuff into their tiny car. We had suitcases piled all over us in the back but it was fun. The apartment though was terrible! Trash overflowing, dirty dishes everywhere, dust, etc. I don't think the elders really cleaned it. We turned the car on (dad close your eyes! ha) and the check engine light came on! Arg!!! We think we may have figured it out though. The gas cap is completely gone and with this car the light will come on when it isn't exactly right, so that might be the problem. Hopefully. Basically in this area I have been dished a massive piece of humble pie!! Our area is the 2nd largest in the mission and it is massive. We can't even really get out to parts of our area because we don't have enough miles! The ward roster is huge, but only because I'd say between 1/2 - 3/4 are either less active or inactive. And the more populated parts around us have basically all been tracted out. Awesome. So, between training, getting doubled in to a huge area, with literally not much help from the elders at all, I have felt so inadequate, humbled, scared, overwhelmed, frustrated, confused, the list goes on. It has been so freaking hard, and I just wonder why me? ha But I know why. I know that President Pitt and the Lord know I can do this. I know the Lord trusts me! He wouldn't have put me in this situation if He didn't know that I could do it. That I had the gifts and talents to be able to overcome this challenge and to help this area to see more success and help build those who are needing love and help. This has definitely tested my faith and what I am doing and how I react to situations, but it's ok. It's been doubly hard because Sis. Gubler has no clue what is going on and has been really discouraged, but it is amazing already to see what humility, fervent prayer, and support can do. I have been able to help her already. 
We have a time limit and I'm about done, so I've got to go, but I will tell you more later. Elder Oaks was absolutely amazing! I loved it. Please pray for me!! I need all the help, support, and guidance that I can get! ha I love you all! I'll get through this, just wait and see! :)
Love, Sister Higgins

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