Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ola Familia! (Week 16)

First off, it was so good to talk to all of you guys!! I was so happy and just loved it!! Only five more months to go! ha
That is so exciting for Erin!! (friend called to Uruguay Montevideo mission) Wow! Tell her congrats as well! There are like 5 people here in the ward that served in that mission. I'm so excited for her. I will have to write her. Dad- the money I spent was for black boots so I wouldn't kill my brown ones in the first few months! ha They were $90 then they were on sale for $45 and then the cashier had a coupon so I got them for $33!! Score!!
So, this week has seemed to just drag on because everyone just wants us to come back after the holidays. So it has been really hard finding people and tracting and whatnot. Everyone is either gone or has family over so it has been challenging. Then the past few days I have just been reading on the couch because Sis. Tuckett was sick. Not sure what she had but she was down and out for like 2 days. So I almost finished a book in that time! She seems to be doing somewhat doing better though so that's good! I am pumping vitamins and hoping I don't get sick. I feel like I have already had my share for the next little while though! The flu is going around here so we'll see what happens i guess. Also, did you know they have something called 'the crud' here? I guess it's something that makes you feel somewhat sick with a runny nose, but you're not all the way sick? I don't know. Weird. Right now I just have a little tiny sore throat so that's a good thing right now compared to all the other stuff going around right now! haha Christmas was really different though this year cause it really didn't feel like Christmas at all. We both loved talking to our families though and were just so happy! We both cried though when we got off cause saying goodbye just sucked. But the members here are great and took good care of us. And I guess everyone knows here that my hands are just feeling really dry because I got like 5 things of lotion, so I am now set for quite awhile! ha
As for the drive to Dublin, I meant to tell you on the phone but then I just forgot. So, we got on the 'south transfer train' which takes all the missionaries that were at the transfer church in Charleston and drops us off in the southern part of the mission. We pick up other missionaries and drop off. Luckily I had one other sister with me though so that was good. We got to Beckley, WV around 11:30 AM and dropped some missionaries off. Then the truck with all the luggage in it would not start. So we had to wait a few hours until a guy from the truck rental place could get to us. He worked on it for awhile and couldn't figure out what was wrong, so then he called a tow truck. So, we had to wait another few hours until the tow truck got there and then they had to hook everything up. We finally got on the road at about 7 pm! Yay! We had about 3 more stops until it was my turn in Blacksburg, so we got there at about 9:30. Then we had to wait for our ride to get there and pick us up. Then we had to get our car in Radford and then drive to Dublin. We got in about 10 and were so exhausted that we just went right to bed because we both had gotten up at about 4:45 in order to get everything together and get on the road. That was a fun day!! haha The tow truck driver was so funny! He said he has done a ton of stuff but has never done something as crazy as dropping/picking people up as he was taking something to its destination.
We went tracting today and talked to a lady who didn't want to learn more, but invited us inside to get warm for a bit. We talked to her for a bit and she was so nice. While talking she said she might be related to Brigham Young but wasn't sure. I had the thought to tell her about our family history centers and how much information we have there that she could use and find out. She was so excited and interested and I think she will definitely use it. That was just an awesome experience.
Well that's about it today. I hope you all have a happy new year!!! We will definitely be partying tonight!! haha Love you all so much and hope you're doing well!!
Love, Sister Higgins

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