Monday, January 21, 2013

Hello! (Week 19)

Hello Family!
Well another pday has rolled around. Crazy how fast time is flying although the days take forever! haha This will probably be a shorter email cause we are headed to Blacksburg with our district in a bit. Yes, we did get snow this week! Thursday was crazy and we ended up calling it a day at like 2 cause the weather was just going crazy! There were huge snowflakes and it just covered everything! We ended up getting like 9 inches of snow or something like that. We wanted to go out and shovel for people the next day but we didn't have any shovels, but we did have two brush/scraper car things so we went around our parking lot and cleaned off everyones car. It was hard, but really fun. It felt good to do that! The snow is still here but melting although now we have to watch out for black ice. We've been safe for the most part though! But on saturday we found out in the morning that all the water in Pulaski County (our whole area) was contaminated! Yay!!! haha We had both drunk the water that morning but seemed fine. I've heard lots of different stories of what happened, but something like 2 plants had problems with the storm and the water got contaminated. I don't know. All I know is to drink bottled water until we hear anything different and that people still don't like us here. ha! People though were freaking out about the water like it was the end of the world, and it was so funny to watch everyone. Lots of restaurants have closed and everything because there is no water.
So, we have a baptism coming up on February 2!! Sister Tuckett and Edwards (who I replaced) found her through a media referral and were teaching her. We have been teaching her this whole time and she is so excited! She is in her 30's and has a 7 year old son who has lots of energy. She has gone through a lot in her life but knows what she feels when she reads the bom (Book of Mormon) and comes to church. She absolutely loves it and loves feeling peace and happiness. She is giving out so many bom's and talking to like all her friends! It's been so neat to watch her change and have a greater light come around her just since I've been here. She truly wants to change her life and do all that is asked of her and keep learning about the church.
You know how last week I was complaining about myself a lot - well this week was awesome! It was really hard in the work aspect because we didn't have much success and we were both just like ok, when is pday?? It was a struggle to get through yesterday because nothing was working out right. Usually when bad things happen though then something good will happen after to build us back up! :) Anyways, I read my patriarchal blessing each morning before personal study and then just really said more diligent and personal prayers. I just kind of laid it all out on the line and asked for help. This week I wasn't phased about anything. I just knew that I could do it and that I needed to do it and I just didn't look back. I realized that I can be that awesome missionary and that girl who is strong. It was really cool and I'm so glad that happened. I feel more confident in myself and that I can be a good missionary. Sis. Tuckett said I had a cocky attitude this week! ha! For me, it was a good thing and she said it jokingly! We had one lesson and there were two times that just blew me away because when I was talking, immediantly the Spirit just flooded into the room and I just felt so much peace and love. It was a wonderful experience to know that I could do that and bring that much power into the room by what I said!! No one can stop me now!!! Muhahaha! Ok, yep, that's about it. Crazy week with lots of ups and downs, but it's a good thing and a learning experience! I love it! sorry this is short but today is kind of packed! So much for a restfull pday! I hope you all are staying safe and warm and doing well! I love you all!!!
Love, Jenna


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