Monday, January 7, 2013

Amazing!!! (Week 17)

Well hello there family!!
Thanks for all the news and updates! I loved reading the emails. Daddio!- thanks for your long email. I loved reading it and hearing about all that's going on with you. Take a pic of the stalactite, I want to see it! Sorry it's so cold there...just be grateful that you don't have to wear a skirt in that everyday! ha That's so sad about the older man that fell. Fill me in on what happened cause I think I just got the overview. Stake conference sounded awesome, and I am eagerly waiting for your letter because it sounds really good and will definitely help me. So many meetings, but it just shows that the Lord trusts you and is so grateful for all that you do. You are an example to the stake because you are always willing to help others, and that's why you're so busy and why so many people come and thank you. Keep up the good work! And, I'm glad President Pitt said that about me cause sometimes I feel like he may just shake his head and laugh when he reads some of my emails; so glad I have him on board with me! :P Mom- Sounds like you had a fun and good trip. Thanks for the pictures of Devery! I've now decided to go to the Jerusalem Center when I get back because it seems like the rumor is true that everyone meets their husband/wife there! haha I have heard of that a lot and Devery is now another one to add! ha That's exciting for Casey as well! (Friend who recieved his mission call) My coat is black. (Mom had asked) Sorry, you all got a second email from me last week. That's weird. When I tried to send the first one on monday it would not go. It would just freeze or say that it was still processing, and it never said that it sent. So that's weird. Isaac and Lindsey- I hope everything went well for you guys and that you survived there! (job interviews) I was thinking of you and praying that things would be good for you! Kellie- How is school and the job going?
So, right now it's supposed to be in like the 50'/60's but yesterday it was definitely not! We really haven't gotten any snow here either because we are in the New River Valley between the Appalachian Mountains and some other mountain range and we are at a lower elevation, so we don't get as much bad weather here I guess. That's fine with me right now because just the wind and cold air we get is enough for me. Life here has just been chuggin' along filled with studies, walking, knocking, more walking and knocking, some dinners, and exhaustion...but it's awesome!! These past few days we have both been soooo tired but we are doing our best and just rolling out of bed and doing what we are supposed to. One day I could barely force myself to get out of my warm comfortable bed to go work out cause I was so tired, but then a few hours later in studies I forgot how tired I was. It's crazy! If you do what you're supposed to and keep moving the Lord definitely sustains you and gives you energy until it comes to bed time again and you realize just how tired you are. Everyday is so full and we tract a lot here especially because these past few weeks and the holidays. A lot of people are gone still or didn't want to talk till after, so that forced us to go out everyday and just tract. That was exciting! ha But, it's good here. I am learning lots and getting into the rythym of everything and am getting used to the schedule and how to do everything. Can you believe that this week I am going to hit my four month mark!?! Crazy!
I titled this email amazing because these past two days really have had some amazing moments that I've experienced! I've also had some really crappy experiences too, but that's ok. Two of the bad ones that I want to share before the good came yesterday when we were tracting. One lady came onto her porch and talked to us for a bit, and had heard about us. She didn't think we were Christian. She wanted to know if we even believed in a heaven or a hell. Then she kept saying that we believed in manmade beliefs because the book of mormon was written by a man and what he believed. She said the bible was the only true word of God and that she believed that, and if you go by that then you're ok. She kept shrugging and doing this annoying face the whole time that kept putting me off, but we kept being nice. She kept bashing what we believed, but we didn't want to teach her that the bible was added to as well, and about the book of mormon because she wouldn't listen to us. She just kept on going, so we were being polite and doing our best. Then in a round about way she pretty much damned us to hell. It was so funny. We said bye and left, and I felt so bad for her.  She said I have a lot of repenting to do though right now or else I may not even get in to hell.  :)  Then, a few doors down we knocked on a door and the people didn't answer although we knew they were in there. We left and as we were walking to the next house they opened their door and let out a huge dog that was barking at us. Then a bit later they let out an even bigger dog who was barking at us as well. This time I made eye contact with the guy and he promptly shut the door. But then one of their dogs got out of their broken fence and started chasing us down. That pushed both of us over the edge. We had finished the street but weren't doing another because we were both so mad about that. Yes, you don't have to answer the door, but then when you blatantly let your dogs out right as we are leaving knowing they can get out of the fence was just mean.  Ah, so that was fun and exciting! That was one of the worst and mean streets I have tracted so far! At least they could have been nice about saying no. But, oh well, I've moved on because that's not my problem anymore.
We have an investigator named R*** who has been meeting with missionaries for eight years now. Sis Tuckett didn't know what to do with him because she had tried so many things with him but nothing has worked. I had met him before but this time we wanted to teach him and she wanted me to get a feel for him and see if I could figure him out to know what to do with him. I was already thinking of asking about a testimony and truly doing what he has been taught, then mom you sent that amazing talk by Sis Graves and that did it. I felt like we needed to take that in and read him some of the things from it, and talk about it. Because I knew that something wasn't clicking with what he had been taught; he wasn't progressing because he wasn't taking action; so he hadn't received an answer for himself. We talked for a little bit, and then finally we got into it and things just came out and we learned so many things about why he wasn't doing things and what he needed. It was so neat to be a part of that. I was talking sometimes and was kind of surprised at how bold I sounded at times and different thoughts that I had. But then he would make like an ahhh face because that answered something for him. He has been taught everything, but it hadn't been applied to him and he hasn't been able to build upon each little thing for himself because it has all just kind of been thrown at him. We helped him see some of his issues and he sees it now and wants to do something. He wants our help and is willing to work through things. It is going to take time, but we can definitely help him. I said the closing prayer, and when I opened my eyes his face was just kind of in shock. He looked at me and then sis Tuckett, and said 'she needs to open her mouth more.' It was so cool because I guess he was thinking that since I am more quiet (sis tuckett is very red personality wise so she likes to talk and have control) maybe I didn't have as much to offer, or I was just there. But it showed me/him that I do have a lot to offer and that I can really help him learn. It was cool!
Church was also just so amazing! The spirit in all the meetings was so strong and I felt so good! I learned so much and was glad to be here because church was awesome! I love the spirit! Then we visited an active woman so I could meet her and because she has a non-member husband. I didn't know anything about him going in except that he was a non-member and that he was really nice. I shared a scripture that was pretty out there and about Christ, and the woman started crying. In the car I learned that he isn't really religious, so my scripture was there, but he turned down the tv and listened. We just need to keep visiting! It was so cool!
I keep having breakthroughs all the time now with myself and teaching and I absolutely love it! I feel more confident and strong and happy! It's an amazing feeling! :) I have to go though but hopefully this email has been good! Will try to send pictures today at the member's house. I hate not having it at the library. HOpe you all are doing well! I love you and miss you all!!!
Love, Jenna

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