Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hello!!!! (mid-week)

(Confusion abounds - this email is very similar to the previous post - the days must be blurring together and Jenna forgot she already wrote us.  Got some more details in this post though, so it was nice - we'll take all we can get!)
Well hello again!!
Sorry I didn't email on monday. The library was closed, and the member we usually ask was gone with their laptop and we couldn't get any other members, so that's why we are emailing today. Hope you haven't been freaking out about it. Mom! :P It was so wonderful to talk to you all on Christmas!! I absolutely loved it and wish it could have been longer!! To hear how you all are doing made me so happy even though you all were together and I wasn't there. But, just to hear your voices was so comforting and just put me at ease, and made me feel like I was with you! Only 5 more months til mother's day and we can do it again!!! haha Thank you so much for the christmas presents as well! I love them! Mom- I'm looking out for that package. Also, could you tell Devery congrats for me if you haven't already!? And, if it's not to much trouble could you maybe send me a picture so I can see what he looks like? Looks like her missionary didn't make the cut! ha That's so exciting for Erin Elmont!! We have like 5 people here who went to that same mission and they loved it! Could you possibly get me her address as well? I would like to write her a letter! :) Tell her congrats though and that I'm so excited for her! I love missionaries!!! Dad- the $33 charge was for some black boots that I got. I was wearing my brown ones every day and didn't want to kill them off already, so I finally found some boots I liked. They were $90, then on sale for like $45-50, then the lady pulled out a coupon so I got them for $33!! Score!! So, I guess it comes out of my money? I don't know. Also, pictures will hopefully be coming on monday! The library here is very small, and doesn't allow you to hook up to the computer I guess to prevent viruses?? I don't know. annoying though! We do laundry at a member;s because we don't have our own machine, so when we do that on monday, I should be able to use their computer to send pictures. If not, we might be able to go to Pulaski or Radford to try and send pictures. Just keep your fingers crossed! I am excited to share some of them with you guys!! :)
As for the way I got to Dublin, that is a crazy story! We were in Charleston at the 'transfer church' and I got onto the 15 seater van which is essentially the 'south train.' You have a north train and a south train, and these are just vans that take the missionaries who are farther away in the mission to their area or closer to their area. I thought I was going to have to be the only sister on the train, but found out there was one other sister coming with me!! She is with Sis. Kimber (one of my mtc buddies) and they are kind of close to us. They are actually in our zone so there are two sets of sisters in the zone!! I am excited cause I have never had two sets of sisters in a zone before. It's always just been me. So, we got to Beckley, WV at 11:30 AM to drop off some missionaries and pick up a few more, and then we were going to keep going. But the truck with all of our luggage in it wouldn't start. So, we ate lunch there and waited for a guy to come from the truck place to try and fix it. We waited a few hours and finally he came, worked on it for a while, and was doing all sorts of stuff, but didn't know what was wrong. So, he called a tow truck so we had to wait another few hours before a tow truck became available for us. Then he got there and had to hook everything up, and we were finally ready to get on our way, and it was only 7 pm at that time! haha I was supposed to be in my area at 2:30. We started driving, but I had about 2-3 more stops before me. Finally at about 8:30ish, we got to Blacksburg where I was assigned to get off. Since the tow truck and the truck were about 75 feet in total length we couldn't go through the streets, so I ended up just getting dropped off on the side of the interstate! Sis Tuckett and Sis Kimber were there as well as the zone leaders and we piled our luggage in and were off. The tow truck driver said he has done a lot of crazy things, but never has he dropped people off as he's gone to the destination. We got to the chapel, and then had to wait for our ride to come and take us to Radford. She finally got there, took us to Radford, and then we had to get everything in our car and drive to Dublin. We ended up getting home at about 10 and were so tired that we went straight to bed. We had both gotten up around 4:45ish to get everything ready and make the rides that we needed to make, so we were exhausted! I went from like the very top of the mission to almost the very bottom, so it was an exciting day to say the least but we made it!! At least, we were all safe though and no one was hurt.
These past few weeks though have been pretty hard because noone has wanted to talk to us because of the holidays and say come back after the holidays, so it's been rough. We have just been trying to do service, plan things out, tract, visit members and less actives, and just find random things to do. Then from about friday nightish to monday morning I basically sat on the couch and read a book because Sis Tuckett got sick. She was in bed all day because when she would get up, she felt like her head was going to explode and she just felt terrible. So, those were exciting times, but I got a lot read and learned a lot, so that was good! On sunday they had all the missionaries speak, so I finally had to give a talk :/ It went well though I think. We weren't sure we would make it to church becuase of sis tuckett, but that morning she felt ok and took some medicine that helped too, so we went. She gave an awesome talk that needed to be said about member misionary work. Then by the 3rd hour she felt terrible again, so we went back and she went to bed. Someone must have needed to hear that though! I went first and talked about why missionary work is so important and our purpose. I wasn't sure how it was, but reading it saturday night Sis tuckett said it was a dynamite talk!! She said if her talk could be that good, then she would be so excited, so that made me feel good.
New Years was crazy. We went out in the afternoon some and then called it a day cause everyone was going to different parties. So we went to Applebee's for dinner cause we didn't have an appointment and it was good. I got some chicken/shrimp/veggie thing. Then we just went to the apartment, planned some, and just wrote letters. Lots of hard partying! haha I can't believe it's already January and 2013! Crazy how fast time goes! Although I feel like I have been in this third month for forever!!! I say I've been out for 3 1/2 months cause those 1/2s are important right now. Mom- you asked what Sis Tuckett has taught me? I guess just following all the missionary rules and being diligent. We have seen some miracles happening because of that. And, she loves tracting so we tract all the time. I still don't like tracting, but this is really teaching me to get a lot better at it and is improving how I talk to people at the door. Just as a whole it's great. This will be a good transfer I think. President is excited to have us together and thinks it will be good for me. In his past few emails he has called me a special missionary and is saying that he always feels my power when I'm around. He also said that I was marvelous this past week! Woot!!! It just makes me feel so good and boosts my confidence and helps me know that I'm doing alright out here! :)
Anyways, I've got to go, but I love you all! Hopefully I'll be able to send pictures on monday!! I hope you all are doing well, staying safe from the weather, and enjoying the new year. Mom, have a safe flight and don't go too crazy having the kids and being able to do whatever with them :P Isaac- GOOD LUCK!!!!! You are going to do great!!! You have so much going for you and I know you will impress the interviewers! I'm praying for you!
                 Love, Sister Higgins

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