Saturday, September 7, 2013

Photos that Jenna sent home - in totally random order (sorry)

 We took care of the Bikman's avocado plant while they were gone from the end of May to the end of July (we kept him till we got transferred). Meet "Avi" He grew SO much with us!  :)
 Buffalo!  We went to a restaurant that served buffalo and then you could go see the buffalo farm!
 Not a good picture of me, but this is Judy! - one of the main reasons why I was in White Sulphur Springs.  She loves us and knows we were sent from God.  We're "her angels"! It was so neat to see the spirit work on her even though she didn't join!
Purple wall that Sister Patchett was obsessed with.  I let her take pictures of it on our last day in that city!
 We are only a little crazy!  I love her! She's so funny!  (Sister Jang)
 Matching!  This is when we had to sing our song at zone conference! ha
 This basically sums up our companionship :) We love each other!
 Country!  At Pearl S. Buck's museum & birthplace (she's an author and I love some of her books).
 Just a little companion bonding in the middle of nowhere! It took forever to get pictures of us both in the air!
 On the Greenbrier River Trail!  So pretty, but not a very successful proselyting place. :/
 Beekeeping!  I got to extinguish the "smoker". You had to pump it till flames were coming out & then throw the flame ball on the ground!  It was awesome!
 Uh...we found goats instead of turtles when turtle hunting!  They surrounded us 'cause we had bread & they would get so close to you!  Sis Jang was freaking out!  haha
 Hmmm... we just thought this was funny!  Notice our "" sign on the back windshield.  Sister Patchett made it!
 I'm missing the state fair!  Aurgh! It's in Fairlea which is near Lewisburg. Lame!  Next year!
We went Turtle hunting!!  It was so fun even though we didn't catch any.  The elders were so excited!

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