Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hello!! (Week 51, part B)

Hi everyone!!!
     Holy moly thanks for all of the emails!!! I had soooo many when I opened up my inbox...and I loved it!! Sounds like you all have been busy and that life is just marching on,and going crazy there! I heard a bit about the byu game. Dumb! Sounds like you had a good trip too! Thank you sooo much for all of the birthday presents and cards!!! I loved them so much!! I love the sister missionary post it notes. That is brilliant! I love the cardigan too!! It is so cute! I already had a white one, but I like this one a lot better! :) I love everything that I got! THank you!!
     Let's see. My birthday was awesome, but so different out here! I loved it though because I wanted to focus more on other people instead of myself, and that made me even more happy! Saturday a member (our relief society pres) called and took us out to dinner since we didn't have a dinner appointment. She took us out to a mexican place and it was really good. Then as we were finishing up some of the workers came out and threw a huge, heavy sombraro on my head, gave me a bowl of fried ice cream, and sang to me! As they were singing one of the workers took a big spoonful of the whipped cream and put it on my nose and cheek!! It was awesome and so funny!!! Sis. Hamrick was laughing so hard and was enjoying the whole thing. It was totally unexpected, but so great! I have no idea how she found out because no one knew except for Sis. Jang. She's a sneaky one! That was so nice of her and made my day! On sunday, the relief society gave me a candy bar and little note pad, Sis. Peck sang to me and decorated our apratment, and Sis Hamrick brought me flowers, a card, and made me a big red velvet cake. Yummy!! Another member came by and brought us brownies and a card. It was a wonderful day and made me feel so loved!! :) I have pictures but probably won't be able to send them until next week. Sorry!!
     Sister Peck is great and is teaching me a lot of things. She is 19 and from Riverton, Utah and has been out for 6 months. She has gone through some similar experiences of what I've gone through and has struggled with it. I really thought I was going to train this transfer and was confused why I was not, but now I know exactly why. I am here to teach her, love her and get her back on her feet again. We have already had some really good conversations about what we've gone through and I've been able to give her insight about getting through things. I love how the Lord really does work in mysterious ways. I didn't know why I went through so many different challenges on my mission, but when we started talking I know more now. I am here to help her right now. The Lord doesn't need my ability to train a new missionary right now, but He needs me to use my strength of loving people and helping them to remember that they have power. President knew that she needed some love, and so he knew where to turn. That made me feel good. (I definitely see things we can work on though, but I will tell you more about that later.)
     We went to an italian festival and that was fun! There were tons of people, food, beer, and music! It was cool to be able to just go around and talk to people, and to get our faces out in that way. We talked to a Catholic Priest forever and that was fun. I asked him what catholics believed because I wanted him to start talking and I was curious. I ended up just getting a ton of different pamphlets on what catholics believe. haha Awesome! It was really fun though and a good experience. Oh, for some reason up here I have gotten like eaten  alive up there lately. My legs are covered in bites. It sucks!
     We've had some really cool, spiritual experiences lately and it has strengthened my testimony. The Lord is really in control. When we don't focus on the numbers they just start to come. Things are starting to pick up here more, and it is exciting! I know this area has potential and we are starting to see  bits and pieces of it every now and then. We have some really good potential investigators that I am really excited about. Keep us in your prayers! Also, our ward had a ward labor day fun run yesterday! Running a 5K yesterday was not that fun for me since I am in such awesome shape, but that's ok. It was nice to just get out there and do that with our ward and to have a fun time. I finished at least!! :) I was able to talk to some of our less actives and a part member family, so no complaints. Hope you had a good holiday!! I love you all and am doing well!! Have a wonderful week!!!!   
   Love, Sister Higgins

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