Monday, September 30, 2013

Happy October!! (Week 55)

Well hello family!!

     Can you believe that it is almost October??!! Holy moly!! So, first off, Happy Birthday Mom!!!! Yay!!! You are what now? 30? :p Thanks for the emails!! It was good to read and hear about how you guys are doing! This week went by super fast but at the same time I feel like I haven't heard from you guys in a while! I didn't know that Lindsey got a new car! It sounds good! Mom- I remember our fhe's. I loved that game! Now I want to do it here! Also, that is so cool about you and Kellie going to Women's conference and that you were so close!! I love conference and am so excited for it!! Woot! What were your favorite talks? (Mom, Kellie, Lindsey) I loved Sister Reese and President Monson's talk! I really liked the conference but I agree, I felt like it was really short. Dad- I hope you do know that I am working hard out here and doing all I can. I have learned soooo much out here and will never be able to replace this experience because I am so much more bold. *****Oh also, mom, I need more contacts please!!! My last pair I will put in tomorrow for october! It's the O2 Optix with my left eye at -1.50 and my right eye at -2.25. Thank you!!!******

     So, this is going to be shorter. Today is crazy. Yes, transfers are next week on October 10th (thursday) so no email until wednesday. Long haul week. This past week was really good and we saw so many different miracles and blessings come and it was just a testament to me that the Lord is mindful of us right now! Last transfer Sister Jang and I got into a less active home and it was good, but the wife was not the most warm to us. We then were never able to get into their home  again, but then towards the end of last week they were really on my mind. Then we saw them in walmart last monday and we talked again. They were on my mind even more. So, one night we planned that the next day we would go over at 5 pm to their house. We went at 5 pm and the husband was home and we were able to talk for 45 minutes with him. They invited to have dinner so friday we went over for dinner and it was amazing!! They were wonderful and wouldn't let us leave because they kept talking to us. We were even able to show them a mormon message and the spirit was there so strong. They talked about church as well. He walked us outside, told us they would have us over again, and said we were welcome to come over anytime. We have an open invitation over there!!! It was amazing and such a miracle!! It was awesome!! I loved it!!

     Also, forgot to tell you about our lesson in gospel principles. It was wonderful!!! People commented, and really loved it!! Sister Peck didn't really have a lot to say and so she just didn't talk that much. I just kept having things come to my mind and I was able to teach the entire time! It was so cool! I love it because when you prepare and try to do what the Lord wants you to He will put things into your mouth at the right time! :)

     We played basketball again this week and it was awesome!!! I was making some awesome plays and shots! I made this really cool steal by jumping into the air and grabbing the ball and making a layup on the other side. It was neat. And I swished the game winning shot in one of our games! yay! We have also been running in the mornings and it has been great! 

     So, I know this is a very short and lame email, but we have got to get headed out. I love you all though and am just so happy to be a missionary!! I am learning so much and know that this is where I need to be!! The Lord is in control and knows what I need!! Thank you all for being so much and for supporting me! I can't believe that time is going by so quickly!! I love you all!!!

                                                           Love, Sister Higgins

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