Monday, April 15, 2013

Hi! (Week 31)

Well today will definitely be a shorter email, sorry! We are at a member's right now doing emails because we are headed down to Covington for a district p-day soon. It's raining here though! Thanks for the emails! Mom- please tell Kim and Kaylie congrats, and also Shybree that I'm so happy and excited for her. That's awesome about Kenzie too! Dad- if you could send a paper copy of the 21 day that would be helpful! As for B*** in Covington (she's 16) we are seeing her today! She almost had a heart attack yesterday when I texted her about it! haha She wrote me a letter last week and it was so amazing!! She said in there that she wants to be like me when she grows up because I am so amazing!! Holy Moly! That made my day and almost made me cry! ha 
This week has been crazy! We had president interviews on Thursday which were good! They always are because we get to see President and Sister Pitt! yay! I love them! We got prizes because our zone won the bowling challenge! And they gave me an extra prize cause I almost had the high score for the sisters! ha It was a necklace which is pretty! Then I went on exchanges with the sisters from Southern Virginia University and I got to go there so I was a YSA missionary for two days!! It was so much fun! Ah!! I absolutely loved it! Their apartment is soooo nice, we were in a walking area, I got to see the campus, go to a forum, go to a mission prep class, and help students strengthen their testimony. There were a couple girls that I was able to really help after the mission prep class, so that was really awesome to be there! I was with Sister Coleman and she is just amazing! We didn't know each other that much before we started but holy cow we clicked so well! We had so much fun and by the end we had determined that we were going to serve together somehow before she goes home! haha I love her! She was amazed by me and couldn't stop giving me compliments. She said that she has never met someone so full of the Spirit and it is so strong and to never doubt that because I have it with me. It was so cool and we were able to be very unified during that time. It was such a good time to just talk through so much with her, get advice, and have fun!
On Saturday, Lewisburg had a chocolate festival!! Our ward mission leader wanted us to run in a 10k for it with them so that we could get our faces out there and talk to people! It was super cold and so hilly! Sis. Gubler's legs were cramping so we walked a lot but that was perfect because we got to talk with a girl for like 3 miles all about the church and she loved it! Then we got to have all sorts of chocolate! Yum!! It was cool! Then we helped build a porch! Yeah!
Yesterday was a hard day though cause we were both really having a bad day. Sis Gubler has been doing great but yesterday she was really homesick and I was just frustrated with everything! I was frustrated with myself, the area, things not working out, and all that! It seems like no matter how much we do nothing happens. But it's our test of faith and we are trying to serve the ward. It will get better though! I love you all!! Sorry this is so short!                       
Love, Sister Higgins!

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